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School Forced Back Into Session for Obama

In an apparent planning snafu, President Obama today will visit an early learning school in Decatur, Georgia that happens to be in recess this week.

But no problem: According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, staff and bus drivers will be summoned back to work for the day to accomodate Obama’s appearance.

College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center Principle Suzanne Kennedy alerted parents that the staff will interrupt their vacations for the “amazing opportunity” for students to “expand their worlds” by seeing the president:

President Obama’s visit is an honor for College Heights and the City Schools of Decatur. Since the school system is on winter break, we are offering a one-day experience for pre-K and Head Start students on the day of his visit- Thursday, February 14, 2013. This day would resemble a normal school day: same bus routes and times, same school beginning and end times, regular instructional day with the same staff, and breakfast and lunch offerings.

The district apparently has an unusual system that includes more breaks during the year and a shorter summer vacation, accounting for the mid-February recess.

Obama will be on hand to promote his State of the Union suggestion that early childhood education be made a new entitlement “available to every single child in America.”

47 thoughts on “School Forced Back Into Session for Obama”

    1. It must just kill some of you that many folks, probably like 99.9 %, would happily take a day off or burn up a PTO day to visit with the President – even those who may have voted for the other guy…

      No surprise, a did not vote for Bush 43 in 2004. If I had a chance to meet him, I would fly 5,000 miles in a heartbeat. Wonder ’bout the lot on this blog. I bet there would be takers… Be honest… ;)

  1. Lots of schools are in session. Why did his staff pick this one? Someone didn’t do their homework with regard to the school calendar. Send Skeeter the bill for the teachers and bus drivers pay (was a day off) and the associated fees for the buses..they aren’t free, folks.
    This trip is completely ridiculous! On the ground 3 hrs, 10 min…for what?!?

    1. From the Decatur Patch:
      On Tuesday, workers prepared the rec center by rolling blue tarps across the gym floor, according to 11Alive television. Active Living Director Greg White said, “I’ve been in the building 19 years and never had a President in this building. We’re excited about the opportunity.”

      On South McDonough Street, city workers nailed “No Parking” signs to utility poles and street sweepers cleaned the roadway. At the ECLC, school workers spread pine straw around the school grounds.

      ECLC parent April Hartle plans to arrive a little early on Thursday with her 3-year-old to beat the traffic. “Drop off could be a little crazy,” she said.

      The White House isn’t saying why Obama chose to visit the ECLC two days after his Tuesday state of the union address, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported he wants to use “Decatur as a backdrop to promote an education initiative to give low-income preschoolers an earlier start on their schooling.”

      The ECLC serves about 350 children 6 weeks to pre-kindergarten, with nine pre-K classes comprising about 200 students. The programs for the youngest children are running as usual this week. But the pre-K students are on spring break and have been invited back Thursday for Obama’s visit.

  2. What a pompous ass; it really is all about him, isn’t it?
    It is also Valentines Day. Will Michelle take away their chocolate if they bring some to school?

  3. There are no other schools on the east coast that are in session?

    How about FL ? Could have combined a little business/campaigning with his vacay and saved us a few bucks.

    Or how about a school in Chicago? He’ll be there tomorrow?

    What a mish-mash schedule, and none of it has to do with jobs or the economy. His staff must be a bunch of morons.

  4. The early childhood education that MrO is hoping for has been in place since Adam and Eve’s day. The educational system is called “Mom and Dad”.

    They have a BUS for infants and toddlers? Good Grief.

    1. This is nothing but free babysitting for the parents, whether both work or not, and an indoctrination opportunity for the Democrats. The love of mom and dad is more important at this stage of life than so-called education, and the mental development of very young children is fabulously exponential, no help needed from the outside. BTW, this proposal fits in with Obama’s Julia schematic, cradle to grave control by the government.

      1. Julie, spot on, except he doesn’t give a damn about the “grave” part.

        Hospices—health care facilities for the terminally ill—along with other Medicare providers are facing Medicare pay cuts. Of the $716 billion in payment reductions, hospice care was hit by a $17 billion payment cut from 2013 to 2022.

  5. Yippee! Free baby-sitting services to accommodate the infants and toddlers of millions of illegals who will soon be bona fide legal residents.
    All aboard – the gravy train is leaving the station!

  6. So he’s wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to visit a glorified day care center so he can demagogue about spending more taxpayer dollars to create more glorified day care centers. Ain’t tyranny grand.

      1. Me thinks the opposite: it proves they love babies. You’re right though. This is how the Democrats and MSM will spin it when it goes nowhere.

      1. barry doesn’t care about what he can do for his country. He cares only about what can his country do for him. I think the drugs he took arrested his development.

  7. If there really is a God, the entire College Heights population will show up thirty minutes late, and “school” our President on what a clock is for.

  8. Sure….he flies to NC, a right to work state with no unions yesterday to bolster his agenda, flies back to Washington last night and now takes AF1 back out today. What a fortune this is costing us. Why doesn’t anyone on the left care? Why?

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  13. I just figured something out and it’s as clear as the nose on my face. The reason barry is always in campaign mode is because he needs the constant praise, clapping and adulation. He only travels to barry friendly places and what does he receive? Praise, clapping, approval, acceptance! He’s allergic to work and he craves approval and praise. He’s going to be doing this until his reign is over.

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  15. “The district apparently has an unusual system that includes more breaks during the year and a shorter summer vacation, accounting for the mid-February recess.”

    Dude, it’s called year-round schooling. It’s not “unusual.” Thousands of school districts across the country use it. Do a little research next time.

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  17. College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center Principle/ PRINCIPAL Suzanne Kennedy alerted parents that the staff will interrupt their vacations for the “amazing opportunity” for students to “expand their worlds” by seeing the president:

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