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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 15, 2013

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:00 am || Meets with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano
11:10 am || Welcomes the 18 recipients of the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal; East Room
12:10 pm || Departs White House
1:10 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
2:45 pm CT || Delivers remarks discussing economic proposals in his State of the Union address; Hyde Park Academy, Chicago
4:30 pm CT || Departs Chicago
8:00 pm CT || Arrives West Palm Beach

All times Eastern

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, February 15, 2013”

    1. He has a modern relative perspective on truth, pervasive and part and parcel with modern culture.

      In other words being a cynical liar with a low opinion of the intelligence of most people is a national trait now? And even if it’s a trend, that makes it OK for our leader to persisently and constantly slide over the truth and the facts?

  1. One frigging hour with the Italian president? One hour? The EU is on the brink of collapse, the Muslims are invading Europe, the North Koreans and the Iranians are on the brink of starting a nuclear war, and he gives him ONE hour? That’s assuming he’s not late and keeps him waiting. Why the heck do we even pay this man a salary?

    1. Exactly! There’s no reason to stop in Chicago first before flying to a mini vacation in Florida. As soon as I saw that on his schedule, I knew he was picking up his golf buddies and Moochelle would be going with their wives on her usual ski vacation.

      1. His ‘in your face’, ‘catch me if you can’ attitude is going to be his downfall. Abuse of power, dereliction of duty, and just plain incompetence are all grounds for impeachment. He’s guilty on all three counts It’s just a matter of time….

  2. Now that there are no more election campaigns for him, guess that means we the taxpayer are picking up the entire tab for his daily jaunts around the country on AF1. At least we don’t have to wonder if his campaign is picking up any of the expense – it’s all on us. Can’t imagine his security team is allowing just any Chicago street urchin to come in contact with their messiah, so my guess is the Hyde Park demagoguery session will be by invitation only.

  3. Oh that’s gonna mess up the Chicago rush hour and air traffic, especially for the 3-day weekend. Does he ever consider the timing of these schedules ?

    Having experienced Obama’s magic while I was visiting NYC, miles and miles of roads are closed (in and out of the city), take offs and landings are cancelled at all 3 major airports (LGA, JFK and NWK) when AF1 comes within a certain range.

    For yet another campaign speech :(

  4. I read that on his Google conversation with his other drones Obama answered someone that “the problem is I’m President . . . not Emperor”. How telling that he considers that his ‘problem’.

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