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The Obama Morning News || February 14, 2013

Napolitano: Decouple amnesty, border . . . Washington Times
Obama agenda easier said than done . . . Politico
Senate Dems try to force Hagel vote
. . . New York Times
Lew faces questions about $1M bonus . . . Fox News
Free pass for Lew on Cayman investments . . . Katie Pavlich
Why Ben Carson should run for president . . . Charles Hurt
SOTU lowest rated since 2000 . . . Politico

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 14, 2013

  1. SOTU:
    Don’t care, don’t want to, can’t stand his voice, heard it all before, are the most popular reasons for not tuning in to listen to what turned out to be a tiresome and boring speech that consisted of a wish-list that will never happen.

    As a former Governor of Arizona, MsNapolitano knows as well as the residents of Arizona that our border with Mexico is not secure. Not in the least.

    • Have you noticed that a good many of our politicians tend to forget where they came from when they relocate to Babylon on the Potomac? Must be something in the water.

  2. You missed one, Keith. Panetta wants to institute medals for drone operators back in the states. Not to disparage anyone in the service, but are these people really at risk?

    • what bothers me even more is it’s ranking ABOVE the Bronze Star, which is awarded for heroism in battle. With all due respect to my brother and sister service members who have been awarded the Bronze Star this is a slap in the face that someone 3000 miles away can get a more senior award for sitting at a console with a joystick firing a Hellfire missile at a terrorist who poked his head out of a hole or someone at a desk who at the punch of a button just put up a firewall to block incoming cyber porn to the pentagon. (I do know it’s for more than that but you can see my point). This is more what they devised the DSM for, but that too is now a gimme medal.

  3. It’s official: Breitbart counted the words in the SOTU to see which word Obama used the most, and as many of here have guessed correctly, it was the personal pronoun I.