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Middle Class Warrior Obama’s $900 Valentine’s Day Dinner

President Obama took First Lady Michelle out for dinner Thursday night to the restaurant Minibar, possibly the most exclusive joint in Washington.

It’s almost impossible to get a reservation – the place seats 12. The dining room includes an open kitchen where you gaze in awe as famed chef Jose Andres cooks you dinner as if you were in his home.

“Each bite is an experience to be savored, pondered, and sometimes puzzled over,” asserts the website for the restaurant.

Which is nice, since each bite probably costs about $10.

That is, the price for tasting approximately 20 small dishes is $225, not including tax and tip, while wine pairings will set you back $75, $120, or $200. If we assume a mid-range $120 for wine, the total comes to $345 per person, or $690 for two. Add in Washington’s 10 percent restaurant dining tax and a 20 percent tip and we’re at $910.80 for dinner.

Surprisingly, the Obamas did not go out for any $900 dinners during the presidential campaign.

244 Responses to Middle Class Warrior Obama’s $900 Valentine’s Day Dinner

  1. “Surprisingly, the Obamas did not go out for any $900 dinners during the presidential campaign”

    And neither did Moochelle go on any lavish vacations, but the campaign is over, the fools on the left put him back into office and now the fun begins all over again. Obama flys off to Florida for a few golf lessons and Moochelle jets off to Aspen, CO for another of her lavish week-ends, probably dragging along a bunch of her mooching friends. There will be more lavish vacations for Moochelle and more golf trips for Obumbler, just wait and see.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  2. If it’s paid for out of his pocket I couldn’t really care. BUT, if not then yes it’s wrong. In either case it doesn’t really send a message of fiscal responsibility.

    • let’s assume he paid for it himself…so now millionaires shouldn’t go out for lavish dinners because they are being responsible? That sounds awful communist of you.

      • Why in the hell would we assume he paid for his extravagant meal when he has not paid for any of his hundreds if mini vacations and holidays

  3. During the first 4 years of Obama’s Presidency, he told middleclassers to toughen up, we need to eat our peas.
    How the Potus,and Fotus , in their first election photo op, came to a soup kitchen (only once) with Fotus carrying a $2000 designer purse.
    Michelle told us to not over eat, and eat more veggies.
    Obama told wealthy folks that they in essences don’t need all their money to share it .
    Does anyone see any contradictions in this and this article.

      • Even if they paid, it’s a really bad signal to send to to those are experiencing hard times during the sequester when he cancels WH tours for lack of money. Does he ever consider the image they both send to the world as that of an entitled King that answers to no one?

  4. Good for him. The guy goes to Harvard Law School and instead of going on to become a typical Wall Street crook, he raises his family modestly and helps to organize communities conveniently forgotten by “the system”. No, not just black communities. All communities. No, he wasn’t just degreed due to the color of his skin; He was elected editor of the Harvard Law Review, due to his thoughtfulness and intelligence. I am out of work as well. It’s understandable to become angry at the chief. Only difference between this chief, and the one who lied us into this mess, is he actually listens to our bitching while we disparage him publicly with racial slurs (both coded and not-so eloquently coded) and simultaneously fixes this country of ours, and inspires millions with a smile on his face. So yeah, I think he’s earned a nice night out on the town with his special gal. If he took as much vacation time as George W. Bush took, would you all be screaming, “Fuckin-A! That’s one motherfucker I’d love to have a beer with!” Oh, I forgot. George W. doesn’t drink beer anymore.

  5. Obama you throw away the peoples money. You’re nothing better than a pig! Walk/run away, get lost so the nation can finally unite & real recovery can begin from your lack of leadership. You’re just a sad joke!

    • Yes…that was a good one. If you really want a chuckle check out Barry’s alter ego on Facebook….it’s under his “other name” Harrison J. Bounel (the dead guy whose SS # Barry used). It is a hoot. He calls Mooch “RuChelle”. Bwhahahahahaa.

      And speaking of using fake SS #’s….anybody see that he used yet another one? I think this story just broke a few days ago (of course not reported in Pravda/MSM)….he used another dead person’s SS#….and what a coincidence! It is the SS# of the dead mother of the Chief Actuary at the Social Sec Admin. This is starting to feel like we are all trapped in a Tom Wolfe novel, it is so absurd. AND THE MEDIA STILL PROPS HIM UP AND TAMPS DOWN INFO. We are so far down the rabbit hole, I won’t be surprised if that little fat North Korean does nuke Austin.

  6. Did our tax money pay for their $900 dinner? Why don*t they do what is best for the U.S. instead of what is only for them? What a waste to our country they are anyway.

  7. Why do we have to continue picking up the tab for the people in Washington. Give some of our money back and maybe we wouldn’t be in the fix we are right now. OWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Did they close the restaurant therefore not allowing other Valentine Day diners to celebrate? I’m REALLY beyond tired of these two celebrities dining on lobster and fine wine while we eat beans and drink water. And did Oblamer take Moochelle out to dinner (pay for it) or did the taxpayers take both of them out to dinner? Either way, it’s a terrible signal during a sequester where he closed WH tours and said he can’t find anything to cut. How about he start with his transportation and partying and vacations?

  9. WOW! So, on the other side of your one sided coin, anyone who approves of him is also racists, because logic has flown out the window here – and would only approve of him because he’s partial black? I don’t hate having a black man as a president. I hate having any president who has forgotten that I/WE are the boss. he works for us. If I go out and have a $900 meal on my company credit card, I have some explaining to do to my boss.

  10. WORST ARTICLE EVER WRITTEN. Hahaha. Thats like me, from a far, watching somebody walk into a clothing store and me saying,

    Pants there cost 200 dollars.
    Shirts cost 80 dollars
    Shoes 120

    That means the person MUST have spent 400 dollars, without tax.

    Hahaha. Mahybe the person bought a shirt? Maybe they had a drink and a little snack? OH MY GOD, FOOD THERE COSTS AS MUCH AS $10 a plate. THIS MUST BE TEH MOST EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD>


    Oh, and I’m almost certain that the dinner was on the house. I’m not sure most places charge the president. Just sayin’

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