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Middle Class Warrior Obama’s $900 Valentine’s Day Dinner

President Obama took First Lady Michelle out for dinner Thursday night to the restaurant Minibar, possibly the most exclusive joint in Washington.

It’s almost impossible to get a reservation – the place seats 12. The dining room includes an open kitchen where you gaze in awe as famed chef Jose Andres cooks you dinner as if you were in his home.

“Each bite is an experience to be savored, pondered, and sometimes puzzled over,” asserts the website for the restaurant.

Which is nice, since each bite probably costs about $10.

That is, the price for tasting approximately 20 small dishes is $225, not including tax and tip, while wine pairings will set you back $75, $120, or $200. If we assume a mid-range $120 for wine, the total comes to $345 per person, or $690 for two. Add in Washington’s 10 percent restaurant dining tax and a 20 percent tip and we’re at $910.80 for dinner.

Surprisingly, the Obamas did not go out for any $900 dinners during the presidential campaign.

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      1. Anything is considered “news” now provided it divert everyone’s attention from the truth leaking out about the real Obama cover up, the Coup, the media blackouts, and the “elections.” Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the biggest cover up in history. You’ll also learn why Washington is running the online conversation.

        1. Do you just troll any site linked from drudge to post this crap constantly? I know you’re living in a room surrounded by tin foil so “they” can’t find you, but really… get a life. I’m sure you’ll blame this meteor that hit Russia and the passing asteroid today as some huge cover-up, too. After all, only “they” can calculate orbits so “they” are hiding the truth. Today the world ends, and Palin becomes Supreme Leader of the bit of rock were left on after the world explodes. Because “they” probably lied to us about gravity, too..


          1. I read the site. It’s obvious you’re part of the cover up. Why else would you attack, discredit, and divert attention from their post if you haven’t something to hide….

          2. Well lets just blame it on Bush! and you need to move back to Russia where you belong, oh I forgot that’s what you have plan for U.S to transform us to mirror image of the socialist party.

  1. What the front door? who in their right mind wants to ponder or puzzle their food? If I went to a restaurant and had to ponder or puzzle the food I ordered, I’d probably call the Health Department. GordonRamsey showcases restaurants like that all the time.

    It sounds like a scheme to fleece the newly rich by offering foodstuffs for a ridiculous price. But, hey,, if the Mrs is happy, then it’s worth it, I guess.

    1. By choosing to go to these elite restaurants, the Obama’s are under the impression it shows the world they have the “class” they do not possess. There has never been a more classless couple in the White House in modern times. They think extravagance equates to class–it does not.

    1. If the public knew the truth about Obama he would be resigning and we could have a real election where our votes were actually counted.

      Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn the real Obama cover up that the media is blacked out from reporting on. Exercise your First Amendment right before it’s gone forever. Share the truth about Obama.

  2. A couple of questions.

    1. Do the Secret Service agents get to/have to eat while the President and Mrs. Obama dine?
    2. If so, who pays for that? (At these prices, I hope the taxpaters do, for the sake of the agents and their families.)
    3. Why would you spend $1000 on a Valentines dinner and spend the upcoming weekend without your wife (as it appears will happen)?

    1. mo1 –

      From my years of past experience in working in executive protection (mayors, governors, senators, visiting heads of state, etc.), I would say that no the security detail did not get a chance to share in the “feast.” When you are working any type of security detail you have to stay focused on your primary. I’ve worked a few banquet situations, and you might be able to get a cup of coffee and a piece of cake but that is usually about it. Generally, when you do get some coffee it is gratis by the business. So, that answers questions one and two.

      As to question three, I really don’t have a problem with a $1000 dinner IF you are the one paying for it. I would love to see the expense reports for the WH. Obama has an expense stipend for the WH, but I would love to see exactly for what and where OUR money is spent.

      Why he is going to West Palm without the missus? I know that during my several marriages I enjoyed weekends away from the wife. It was a time for myself and peace and quiet, and they enjoyed not having to put up with my crap for a few days. It was always funny, because if I was gone due to work it wasn’t the same as if it was just a mini-vaca.

      I am NOT defending the Obamas in any way shape or form. I think their lifestyle could be featured on the Rich and Shameless. A lady friend treated me last night to a dinner out, and I caught a glimpse of the check, it was a $100 for the two of us, drinks, tax and tip included (it is nice having someone else pay) and I thought it ridiculous, so $1000 for a dinner for two would totally blow my mind. This pair has no concept of what it is to be middle-class or even poor any longer. Both grew up in the middle to lower socioeconomic strata, and quickly forgot their roots. This happens many times with the nouveau riche, they “get theirs” and immediately forget those that are left behind.

      1. Obummer is po half-white trash and never will be anything else. They both are jokes (except his position is so serious.) This is a case of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Ain’t gonna happen!

      2. One problem with that – Michelle may have married up some, but by all accounts Obama wasn’t middle class, he was upper white class. All the money fueled into him, a private school most of us can only dream about, prestigious company as the legal “child” of the grandma bank VP who was worth quite a bit of money.

        1. Obama’s grandmother was a VP at one of Hawaii’s banks. It’s neither a highly paid nor unusual/difficult position to achieve. He lived with his grandparents in a modest apartment building a few blocks from Punahou School. Though he’s forbidden us (through Executive Order) to view his school records, it’s my guess his education there was provided in large part by the school’s very generous scholarships, perhaps as a “foreign” student. The annual Punahou Carnival just concluded another very successful year of fundraising (the million dollar mark was crossed some 20 years ago) for scholarships, etc.

  3. ‘Middle Class Warrior’??? Obama continues to ‘evolve’ since his humble beginnings as a lowly community organizer when he could barely afford a Big Mac or a new suit:

    Obama 1990:
    “I’m not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me. And I’m not interested in isolating myself. I feel good when I’m engaged in what I think are the core issues of the society, and those core issues to me are what’s happening to poor folks in this society. ”

    1. I want to know…do the Blacks who voted for him really approve of this guy showcasing and grand standing, spending “his” money while so many of them are out of work, on welfare & food stamps, getting free stuff from their fellow citizens who are barely getting by too? When was the last time he ever went into the poor areas of Chicago, D.C.? If it is OK with them, then to me it looks like they have accepted being on the new Obama plantation.Obama, the Plantation master. The brother from another mother is keeping you down, Bro. If I were Black, I would sure be ashamed and pissed.

      1. Yes, they live in the ghetto but get off vicariously on the Barry and the Mooch sticking it to Whitey. They live under the delusion that no one other than them ever had hardship or discrimination. The difference is that the rest of us learned to speak correctly, lived well on very little and moved on. Blacks are stuck in the resentment and revenge rut. Until they begin to think past Sharpton, Jackson, and Clyburn, they will stay there.

        1. So true. A great many black voters care only that Obummer is “black” and a Democrat. That’s all that matters. They imagine that they are empowered just by seeing someone with (half his) ancestors from the same continent as their ancestors lording it over people with ancestors from Europe.

          There’s an intense emotionalism in the way that many black people defend Obama — as though their whole sense of self hangs on him being president and being regarded as a great, brilliant, exceptional president.

          Black person who is emotionally secure and confident and self-respecting (Allen West, Bob Parks, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, the Mass. education leader who spoke for Romney, etc.) understand that their own moral worth has nothing at all to do with Obama occupying the White House (even if their financial worth may be lower because of it …).

  4. Read he bragged about plucking some flowers from the Rose Garden for the ‘little lady’ too. What’s a thousand bucks for a foo foo dinner, and probably many thousands more for their entourage of security personnel when the royals want to spend a night out on the town? They deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, and we unworthy plebes must get back to work to pay for it.

    1. 1) A man of the earth, carefully selecting flowers and, by his mere presence, providing nutrients to the soil. (Barf)

      2) Imagine the other patrons, Susan? A Secret Service agent addressing the room “:Ladies and Gentlemen, please surrender your utensils…..NOW!”

      1. Was a place with only 12 seats, so not too bad for protection. And no you do not surrender your eating utensils.. lol Just no sudden moves is all or you will have a uninvited guest standing next to you asking if you need some assistance ;-)

    1. You’ve got to be shameless bordering on socio, for you to be cheering when the taxpayers are being treated like feudal serfs whose every labor belongs to the manor lord.

  5. I don’t care how much money a person has, $900 for dinner is appalling. There are much better uses for that money especially when we have so many homeless and hungry in our country.

    1. How many meals could the Capital Area Food Bank have served for $900? To feed the hungry right in Obeyme’s backyard?

      We have elected ourselves a king.


    2. Hey, you sound like a liberal. It is his money, supposedly. He can do what he wants to with it. Too bad he doesn’t put his money where is mouth is in regards to being, oh, I don’t know, transparent, showing concern for the underdogs in society, really doing what it is to grow the economy. It’s just trashy, unseemly, typical of liberals to say one thing and do another and then blame or excuse themselves on something or somebody.
      But not to fret, it is OK because his half black side was put down by centuries of white oppression.

      1. Amelia, not sure if you referred to me as a liberal. If so, that’s totally incorrect. I do not support this man posing as POTUS and his spend happy FLOTUS.

    1. Stayed home (gas is $3.64/gallon) and ate left over soup my sweet love…but then again we’re looking forward to a possible furlough! However I am just thrilled that they could go out and enjoy/stimulate this thriving economy…

  6. $900! Wow!
    I made country ribs for my Sweetie.
    I used up the last of our garden tomatoes from our freezer for
    the home made sauce. He had just returned home from a five day business
    trip and appreciated a night at home. Total cost, less $9.
    We live in a different world.

  7. I fixed Chicken Bryan a la Carrabba’s and risotto, with chocolate fondue for dessert for my family. Much better than a frou-frou ‘tasting menu’ and a fraction of the price!

  8. Couldn’t save the taxpayers a few bucks and have a nice romantic dinner in?
    This guy really loves living high on the hog…seems to love the celebrity.

      1. way2….Yes, that’s part of it. The other part is making him look “romantic”. All just more illusions and lies.

        The worst kept secret in Chi/DC is that this guy is seriously on the Down Low and back to seeing his old “body man” Reggie Love. Ask any gay man over 35 if they don’t remember Barry and Rahm from the “tubs” (gay bath houses) in the late 90’s.

        That creepy Marxist/racist Rev. Wright ran the notorious “Down Low Club” through his horrid church, Trinity. Plenty of up and coming black men needed a beard and Rev. Wright would set up these arrangements. Has anybody ever heard of any women that Obama dated? Well, other than that one “composite” he made up.

        These two have an arrangement. She is a vile, hulking creature and he a smug guy who has been pushed and pulled over every hurdle in his life. My guess Thomas Ayers funded his education and greased all the wheels up to and including the Harvard Law Review. Just a guess, but it ties a lot up. He was looking for a “black” guy to groom to be Mayor of that cess pool Chicago…so he could get control of the education system. Once I started reading about Thomas Ayers, everything fell into place. Obama is a fraud from the get go. Mr. Romantic and his “fit, international style icon” beard are just the icing on the very disgusting cake. And the media know all this and are still covering for him and propping up. Unbelievable.

  9. $900! Wow!
    I made country ribs for my Sweetie.
    I used up the last of our garden tomatoes from our freezer for
    the home made sauce. He had just returned home from a five day business
    trip and appreciated a night at home. Total cost, less than $9.
    We live in a different world.

      1. My guess? A whole lot of corpses, felons, illegals, and voters who don’t even exist, and that’s before you even get to the dependency class.

        They didn’t need a lot of states, just the right ones, and their machine worked perfectly. When an **elections official** in Ohio admits to voting twice, you KNOW this election was stolen.

  10. They can have anything they want at home made by their 4 or 5 chefs. Why do they have to close down a restaurant to others as well as making their commute a living hell? They could have all of the staff turn one of the rooms in the Big White into any fantasy room they wanted. It would have been cheaper. What a bunch of narcisists.

    1. the hell with the chefs!.. I would kill (j/k) to have access to the WH Kitchen and be able to cook anything and everything. Esp since others can clean up behind me as it work. But to be honest I would clean up my mess, how I was brought up. Dinner for two, or even 20, NOT a problem.

      1. I once saw a picture of the pastry chef’s area. OMG! She had about a bazillion decorating tips all lined up and hanging within reach on the wall. I’d kill just for that! I’ll tell you what, you cook dinner and I’ll do dessert!

      1. I’m sure Moochelle would have liked to be carried on a platform by nekkid guys through the streets like Cleopatra. She certainly is working the Cleo wig hat these days.

  11. My, my…. starting to look more like Ferdinand and Imelda every day/dinner/vacataion, etc…. $900+ on their dinner and how many ate mac and cheese and hamburger last night, not because of choice but because that’s all you could afford, and this $900.00 is more like your mortgage payment?

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  13. When will people wake up and see this man is a weasel, and is set on destoying life as we know it. He is a socialist. Tax, Tax, Tax. But I’ll be on vacation.

  14. These two are the biggest boors in this country at this time. Sad that they feel so entitled to act like there aren’t any problems in this country and the world. Sad also, is that Barack Obama has caused most of them.

  15. How far a distance is MiniBar from the WhiteHut? Imagine the thousands of DC commuters who were inconvenienced so the pResidential motorcade could pass by? Does the Secret Service have the “little people” dim their headings so as not to “annoy” The royal couple? At least ten wealthy DCites had to forego their own “pondering” of their dinner selection for the King and Queen as well.

    $900? Add an extra $15 or so for the Five Guys the Queen noshed down après MiniBar.

    1. In Obama’s defense, and to be fair, it actually wasn’t THAT far. MiniBar is right downtown, at 855 E Street NW, which is about ten blocks’ drive from the White House, give or take. There are some places he could have picked in upper Northwest that REALLY would have messed up traffic all over town.

      Don’t get me wrong: a $900 dinner while the peasants scrape by, when he’s already got the White House chefs on taxpayer money, is pretty darn inexcusable. But on the geography of it, at least, he’ll get a pass from me. 9th and E isn’t THAT far from 16th and Penn.

  16. I wonder how long the flight is from the WH to the restaurant? It’s not about the money folks, it’s about the love (excuse me while I clear the vomit from my mouth.) This prez IS the middle class – and he’s doing it all for you.

    1. No flight–it’s about ten blocks’ drive, give or take, with nowhere to land a chopper. Tall buildings, narrow streets, and no, there’s no landing pad on the roof.

      Taking Marine One for this might have gotten all of DC mad at him, and he’s not going to do that just yet. He might get that Marcosian in another year or two, but not this time.

  17. Considering that the President is required to pay for all of his meals, including those at the White House, out-of-pocket. Why is it anyone’s business how much he chose to spend on his wife for Valentine’s Day?

      1. Its my thought that your “several marriages” disqualifies you from discussing anyone elses. Unless, of course, you’re Newt Gingrich, which makes you a marriage expert.

        Congrats on snagging a free Valentine Dinner. Do her a favor and don’t marry the woman.

      2. You, like so many here have no idea how the White House functions. All presidents and their families pay for their own food. Exceptions are made for governmental functions.

    1. It is our business because we are deluged by stories of “how in love” they are, by the MSM. GAG ME. He’s on the Down Low and everybody knows it. The media in this country have sold their souls to the devil.

  18. Sounds like the President did right by his wife!! What is the big deal? I hope they had a great timer together for Valentine’s. I wonder if the writer of this piece is jealous! LOL He doesn’t sem to like this president very much, he blasts him for the dumbest stuf.

    1. So if W, had taken Laura out for a dinner like this you would have been okay with it? I would bet $900 the press would have had a field day over it…

    1. 10 more pounds on that hulking creature! Yikes, she’ll have to loosen that boob belt a notch.

      Can you imagine what that mess looks like when the Spankx are peeled off and the flab explodes. Poor Barry. He must have PTSD from these scenes if he doesn’t run away screaming every time she peels out of those hideous, too tight outfits.

  19. These two conduct themselves more in the manner of a couple who have lived their lives in public housing and then won the lottery. They truly are the poster couple for the nouveau riche. Class was defeated in the last election and crass was reelected.

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    1. Gosh it took a long time for you folks to drag out the N word. I expected to see it much sooner.

      At least your showing your true color, so to speak.

  21. Marxist love their Rulers. How do people allow themselves to be Ruled? Why do Liberals love Slavery? We only live about 60 to 80 years on average and most of us want to live free and raise our families in peace but not Liberals. They want to spend their time on earth being told how to live, what to do, what to eat, where to sleep and how much they will make to spend on themselves. So very sad these Liberals but it’s their choice. I wish to be left alone but will not allow us to live in peace. So what do we do? We will someday have to kick their ass and rid our planet of these low life creeps.

  22. Hey, Keith…it’s only $900. You know as well as I do it cost more than that for him to just walk into the place. Let’s work on some *real* news, shall we? Like why Obama let funding lapse that might have saved those kids in CT You know how to use Google, right?

    “Obama school security funding lapse”

    Google it, kid.

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