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Obama to Vacation in West Palm Beach

Taxpayers will be sending President Obama on his second vacation of the year when he departs Friday aboard Air Force One for a Presidents’ Day Weekend excursion to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Without apparent irony, Obama has decided to jet to a well-trod stomping ground of the rich just days after presenting himself to the nation in his State of the Union speech as the guardian of the middle class.

Obama presumably will head directly to some fabulous golf course, having not been able to play in recent weeks because of the cold weather in Washington.

While Obama may pay some hotel and other miscellaneous costs related to his vacation travel, taxpayers are on the hook for much of the expense, shelling out for the president’s travel aboard Air Force One, a cargo plane that carries supplies, and the cost of the president’s substantial staff and security retinue.

While unemployment stands at nearly eight percent, Obama is taking his second vacation of 2013. The year is only six weeks old.

Obama initially traveled to Hawaii in late December. He returned after a several days to work on a fiscal cliff deal, and then went back for several more days in early January after signing a bill. So this will also be the third time in less than two months that taxpayers have footed the bill for a round-trip Obama vacation.

It’s not clear if Michelle is going with him – the White House announcement of Obama’s plans doesn’t mention her. She usually goes skiing in the Rockies around this point in the year.

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315 thoughts on “Obama to Vacation in West Palm Beach”

  1. Isn’t that special? Separate his and her vacations? Wouldn’t put it past the grifters. They won’t pay a political price for their extravagances now that he’s a lame duck. Besides, the state-run media and his worshipers (redundant, I know) will defend their every discretion. Where to with the Wintour wighat, Mooch? Vail or Aspen? I wouldn’t recommend Big Bear right about now.

    1. It’s a young family, they shouldn’t be splitting vacays, especially at taxpayer expense. The optic here should be “as long as we’re together”.

      Oh, and how many “middle class” citizens can afford a 3 day weekend to the tropics? A thousand miles away?

      1. We can expect many ritzy posh vacations in the next four years.
        The O’s will probably be scouting out new digs for their “retirement” years. No way are they going back to the house in Chicago after they’ve spent 8 years living like royalty.

        1. We have no president. There was a Coup. Obama is acting as president for unelected officials waging a secret war against liberalism, progressives, and communists. MSM was in on the 2008 election of Obama for a reason. Government is now using the media and online commenting for domestic spying and to disinform the public about what’s really going on. Don’t take my word for it, see the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the biggest cover up in history.

        2. They did that on the December vacation in Hawaii, when looking at a 35 million dollar property for “Obummer”, had he lost this election. With the new law giving lifetime Secret Service protection; you can bet that the bill to secure the property will be huge, and a taxpayer expence. But hey, if his Democratic cronies are successful in eliminating presidential term limits, as is currently in process, we may have more fruitless years with “Obummer” and his band of clowns. Lets just make him KING! PLEASE NO!

        3. They already spent 30 million dollars last year on a home in Hawaii. You’d think maybe that would be a place to go for vacation. Interestingly since the talk at the time was of the “1%” – it seems most dont know about their purchase.

    2. The state-fun media will also defend their every indiscretion. I’ll bet someone in the media knows exactly where Obama was for all those hours Benghazi was burning and four Americans were murdered.

    1. Glad to know how intelligent you are, Susan. I posted the link for the folks who “get” satire who don’t feel the need to boast to others about recognizing it.

          1. Susan, Where can I sign up to be a paid troll? Can I give you as a reference when I apply? With unemployement at 7.9% and climbing monthly thanks to the chosen one’s shameful mismanagement of the economy, I’m willing to do any job at this point.

      1. she is ghetto, look at her past and the now money she’s been given to waste while are country is going down fast. We pay her way, not her, her jobs were handed to her, she need not had to applied.

    1. Tickets are only available to invited guests. The White House distributed invitations to the event instructing the people to arrive no later than 1:00pm and to expect “airport like security.” Obamas remarks are not open to the public.

      I wonder if this is one of the 129 schools in Chicago that are closing

      See todays Chicago Tribune for the rest of both of these stories.

  2. My son was just recently hired as a ski instructor at Liberty Mountain Resort……hmmmmmm…..just saying. (he’s a fed). Will be watching the FLOTUS, mini-me’s and entourage weekend plans closely. :)

  3. The travelling TOTUS/vacationer/golfer-in-chief and his meandering wife need to start flying commercial and move their operation back to Chicago. The White House and AF1 are off-limits to imposters. America has been punked – twice!

      1. The first T is for his trusty teleprompter, Julie. It is so much a part of him I’m sure it is tucked into bed beside him each night. Your definitions are certainly apropos though.

  4. Guardian of the middle class my a$$! This self insured, middle class widow was informed yesterday that my premiums will increase 60-150% before the first of the year due to ObamaCare.
    I’m disgusted by him and all of those (some of my good friends) who voted for him.

  5. wow. first the announcement of the March trip to Israel, and now vacationing in West Palm. Obama’s really turning on the charm with the Jews, LOL. what’s next: a bat mitzvah for Malia?

    re separate vacations: the mystery of Barack and Moochelle’s marriage is one of those things we’re just never going to know the truth about for years. I personally see her as a Lady Macbeth, who took an earnest young stoner and turned him into the Manchurian Candidate for the Left that you see today.

    but, we’ll have to forget about finding out what the real story is, just like we’ve had to do with Obama’s transcripts and Law Review articles, and the Rashid Khalidi video…and the survivors of the Benghazi attack, for that matter! to ask about any of those things is racist.

    1. I doubt ME-Chelle is as smart as Lady Macbeth, but she certainly is as conniving. As for their marriage, I believe it’s a total sham. The he/she creature that is the Mooch is nothing but a beard for Bath House Barry.
      I hope I live long enough to read the tell-all books – assuming the potential authors haven’t all died mysterious, sudden deaths.

      1. my thought when I saw Mooch for the first time was “she sure looks like Patrick Ewing,,” Couldn’t Barry hook up something better than that? He must not be into girls.

    1. And you are demented and completely indoctrinated into the thought process of the “Obama Youth” (Hitler Youth) movement.

      If it were possible he would issue an executive order abolishing the Constitution immediately and initiate martial law on the spot – he is at this time a ‘de facto’ dictator in his own mind and those of his herd of sheep.

      1. I have never believed that they are married,I also dont believe the pictures of his grandparents or supposed mother! I believe it’s all a sham on the American people!

  6. Come on folks… I hate obama as much as the next guy… but let’s give him a break on this one. After all he did work preparing his BS speech, that accounts for enough work earning him a vacation. And as far as mooshelle, she has to put out for this guy, and she needs a vacation from him, after all watchiung her husband have homosexual reltions can be tiring

    1. Empty Suit Muslim. Don’t you love how he says that he is a Christian??? Sure, he is a Christian that supports the murder of innocent children in the womb, same sex marriage, and contraception. I know tons of Christians and not one of them, NOT ONE, supports this crap. He is a Mulim and that is the bottom line.

      1. I’m a Christian, and I wholeheartedly support gay marriage. I am pro-life, but unlike most of the hypocritical right on this subject, I believe that being pro-life also means being against pre-emptive, unjustified wars, and capital punishment, and being for a compassionate approach to immigrants, the poor, and the uninsured. I’m part of the majority of Catholics that vote Democrat, for social justice reasons. I abhor self-righteous bigots like you – precisely because I’m an educated, thoughtful, Christian.

        1. So your a Christian and you support gay marriage, ha??? You sound about as Catholic as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. I don’t really GIVE A DAMN if you abhor people like me. I abhor people like you that call yourself Catholic and then vote for the most Pro-Abortion/baby killing Presidents in this country’s history and I abhor the fact that you support marriage that is TOTALLY contrary to God’s laws for marriage. So, in your warped world, the Democrats have a compassionate approach to the poor, ha???? How about the baby in the womb that your party supports the slaughter of??? Last I checked, the baby in the womb is the poorest person out there. Good luck going before the Lord supporting Mortal Sin. Now, go live out your faith and support the baby killer. What a joke.

          1. Get’em Mike! This guy is warped…He has no problem w/killing infants in the womb, but “abhors” the idea of executing a MASS MURDERER….:-0 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT…!

          2. Well said! By the way, pro-gay??? What Bible do you read away? They must have edited your”preferred” version. God has clearly stated in His Word that by adding to or taking away from his TRUE Word, you will be judged accordingly, …meaning damnation (Revelation 22:18-19) in case your version doesn’t make that clear either…..Please find a REAL copy of the Word of God and take it seriously.

        2. I am an unabashed Obama basher. I am an academic(mathematician), atheist, pro-abortion, pro death penalty conservative. I despise this despotic “progressive”, elected by bribing enough low information voters. Can the rabble not see taht this once great nation is borrowing itself into thirrd world status? What will all of these taker’s do when there is nothing left for the government to dole out to them?

        3. Have you ever read the bible? Homosexuality is an abomination to God. So pro-gay marriage is NOT a Christian value. Also, God sent armies against those who were against Him. He decimated entire towns where sin was its master. god brought wrath down on His enemies and still does and I can’t wait until the final curtain call against evil. But back to your post. We are to accept our lot in life and live humbly – illegal aliens are breaking the law. The poor will always be with us but God urges them not to be sluggards and to work hard and not to lay around waiting for a handout. The uninsured – well some/ many are so because they put material things and/or addictions like cars, tvs, vacations, drugs, gambling, pricey homes, etc. as their priority and then say the government is on tap to help them with healthcare. Many illegals use our hospital emergency rooms as their primary care physicians, never paying what they owe and send their money out of the country instead. Many minorities still think the government still owes them everything and therefore don’t try to better themselves on their ow. This country is a great nation, or rather once was, where opportunity is for the taking but will evaporate if we don’t turn this boat around soon. By the way, a good book to read is “not a Fan”. It’s a great read for a Christian. Thought provoking too! I recommend it!

          1. Thanks for your insight and so true. I live here in the corruption capital of the US, Illinois. Gee, where Barack Obama got his start in politics, no coincidence there. They are attempting to pass same sex marriage today and it is being supported by Catholics. It’s a joke. People make this all about equality when it has NOTHING to do with equality.

          2. You are right, it doesn’t. All I can say is -apostasy in our churches. It’s rather sad. Those church leaders will really be in the doghouse come judgement day. Oh, and that’s not my opinion, rather it is again in the greatest reference book of all time – the Bible.

        4. My father spoke with as much pompous bravado as you. Eventually even he realized he was full of crap. He wasnt educated, he was schooled. He wasnt thoughtful he.was.arrogant and willfully blind about his.delusions and he died wondering why no one cared. Wake up and do.better.

  7. I think we need to cut the guy some slack — none of us know how difficult it is to run a country into the ground — I mean screwing with people’s lives is tough and at times needs a high level of creativity — at least he can recharge his batteries and get some new ideas as to how to make things worse — because just when you think it cannot get any worse…………

    1. He is a former Community Organizer (whatever the hell that is) and a state senator that was a coward, he didn’t have the courage to his convictions so he voted “present” 100 times. I would love to see this empty suit Muslim’s transcripts. Have you ever seen this guy speak without a teleprompter??? The guy is a blithering itiot. Any morn, with enough practice, could get up there and read off of a teleprompter.

  8. Crap, I live in WPB.
    Last time he was here I got stuck in my car for 45 min because they shut down a major north/south road for the king.
    I personally know many of the 1% he is visiting, total sociopaths with inherited money, his people.
    Just a few miles away is tamarind ave., one the most dangerous streets in florida, and the people there think they are “his people”.
    Look it up, great utube videos showing the tamarind ave, then look up palm beach and manalapan, masters and slaves never had it so good and bad.

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  10. The reason they take seperate vacations is so Moochelle can carry on an affair with one of her secret service agents,and Barry can have fun with a boy toy.

  11. Lol, bho’s Excellent Groundhog’s Day Adventure continues unabated! bho repeats the “bhondage of America” strategy of his first term: Dictate-Regulate-Confiscate-Vacate, early and often. Second verse, same as the first. [;-]

  12. Never question this man if so you are racist. Never criticize this man if you do you are a racist. This is what were all being told while this affirmative action debacle spends tax money like it’s water. To hell with this political correctness if this were Bush going to Crawford the media would be up in arms. Mr Boehner when are the impeachment papers going to be filed for either Fast and Furious, Libya, or Bengahzi? Get off your ass and out of the tanning booth and do your duty or step down.

    1. Me thinks Boehner is either a drinker or a pill popper. He exhibits all the signs of this; crying like a baby…being friendly with O one moment and then cursing him the next….what is his game. He stands up for nothing and will continue to do nothing. He and O go golfing together, I heard. Perhaps they……are attracted to each other…..oh, gosh…did I say that?

  13. Perhaps he will take in some skeet shooting while there with Muffy and Biff, you know the people he loves (for us) to hate but loves to hang out with.

    1. I agree, sarakat……as long as they are those “skeets” that jump out of rabbit holes……or mole holes….you know, about a couple, three feet off the ground.

  14. Everyday the president takes Air Force One to a different state to sell his propaganda to his adoring supporters then flies back to DC at the end of the day. Just how much is this costing the tax payers? Why don’t we see the daily cost logs of his “campaign” trips?

  15. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan all wrapped up in one. IMpeach this piec of shit and take our country back already

    1. Unfortunately, it takes two-thirds to convict in the Senate. Odds of that happening with Harry Reid in charge: zero. To be frank, I’d expect Harry Reid to refuse to hold a trial, even if the House DID pass impeachment articles. He won’t pass a budget, in open defiance of the law, and nothing happens. If he can get away with that, why NOT refuse to try an impeachment of his boy? Nothing’s going to happen to him, right?

      (Seriously, Nevada…what the hell were you THINKING?!)

      Obeyme is now completely beyond account, and he is going to govern like it. God help us all.

  16. I’m betting the First Traveler will be staying on Air Force One after Barry’s return to DC; she is way too self-absorbed to give up a trip where she can be the focus and she loves being top dog on those big planes… We all know that when these people were living in Chicago they of course vacationed just like this: a trip to FL, a trip to CO both only weeks after a Christmas jaunt to HI.

  17. When Obama took office he said he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. It appears to me that can be interpreted to mean change our country from freedom to Communism. Since he has been in office, the United states has gone from number one in the world to number 12. If he gets everything he asked for in the State of the Union, we will be bankrupt, and at the bottom of the heap by 2016.

    I swore an oath 5 times in the military to defend this country and the Constitution to the death, only to live long enough to see a bunch of racist, illegal aliens, union thugs, welfare recipients, food stamp recipients and fools hand the country to the Communists on a silver platter.

    I am glad I am old now, and will not be around that much longer, because it distresses me to see, every day, what is happening to the country that I loved so much.

    1. I am glad you are old now, and won’t be around much longer, too. This was my favorite part of your post: “Since he has been in office, the United states has gone from number one in the world to number 12.” In what? A ranking of countries with the most old ignorant white guys who don’t know the definition of communism? Until you go, I hope you enjoy your “communist” health coverage. You’re welcome for paying for it.

      1. My favorite part of your post was your blatant racism. It’s nice to see an honest lib who lets his mean-spirited racist self out for all the world to see.

      2. Ron LeFlore, dood you too will benefit from Obamacare. Fool, you won’t stay young long. I can assure you of that…you too, hopefully, will grow old and feel the hate of the youth. It happened in the 60’s too…this hate is not new…getting rather old.

      3. Ron, better be careful. Us old vets may not be as young as we once were but I’m sure I can kick your ass up one side and down the other. After having spilled blood for this country vets have the right/duty to question obama and if need be we will protect her from all enemies foreign and domestic. But I’m sure you have know idea what I’m talking about you POS. Rangers Lead The Way

      4. With every comment you make you sound less and less Christian. You cannot go through life going against everything in the Bible and expect to wind up anywhere but Hell. FYI, the Bible does not promote homosexuality, laziness, handouts for those who refuse to work & help themselves, and it most certainly does not promote the killing of unborn babies.
        You’d better rethink your ways, because your reservation for “down under” has been placed.

      5. Ron –

        You are beyond stupid!!

        For your information it is us “ignorant old white guys” that have allowed you “stupid young guys” to have the freedom to spout the “s–t” that is imbedded in your mind.

        You’re just damn lucky you aren’t speaking German, Japanese or Russian.

        Shut the hell up and take your medication before the white coats come and put you back into your padded cell.

    2. Thank you for your service to this country, Mr. Boothe. And believe me, the “greatest generation” aren’t the only ones who are distressed with what is happening to this great country! Those of us brought up by your generation are pretty unhappy that the media has totally abdicated their responsibility, and position, as protectors of truth, in allowing questions like, “Who is responsible for Benghazi?” – to go unasked – and answers to be glossed over without any rebuttal or dispute! Newspapers have become good for only one thing – lining kitty litter pans and birdcages…. it isn’t the Internet that is killing them – by their own cowardice they have become inconsequential!

  18. Ummm… Ah hh.. Mr. President, ummm, my pay will be decreased by 20% when sequestration kicks in. I haven’t had a decent vacation in years. And now that you and congress have tightened my belt, I don’t know if I can pay all my bills because you decided to stab the federal worker in the back. I sure wont be putting any money into economy beyond the essentials to stay alive. So I hope you enjoy your vacation that I am helping to foot the bill or. Please, have a couple extra rounds of golf on me. Your rhetoric is appalling and your deceit abominable. Thanks ever so much.

    1. Wow, where to begin, so much irony in such a short post. How about you run for president, and get elected, and then you can vacation in Florida too? The irony is that: a) you are a federal employee, so you are voting to extinguish your own livelihood. Your party believes that all federal employees are lazy and useless and ineffectual; and b) comments like yours are more Marxist than anything Obama has ever done. The president of the U.S. can’t go to Florida and play golf for a couple days over a holiday weekend? Is that too elitist for you? Did you complain this much when all the white presidents were playing golf? Sounds like my tax dollars are paying your salary. Golly gee, I sure hope you can manage to “stay alive” on your poor, lowly, federal employee income.

      1. What party am I affiliated with? Did I say? Let me check? Why do you have to attack me? Truth is there are alot of whites, blacks, Hispanics, democrats, independents, and republicans who work for the federal government who will all be affected. Marxist? Are you serious? Just because I decided to work for our government, I am now Marxist? If the president wants a few vacation days here or there, I have no problem. But there is a sequestration looming, North Korea is building up its nuke arsenal and we are cutting the budget for the defense of this nation. And he is again using a fair share of taxpayer money to do so. When there are more people laid off and need assistance because he and congress are playing their games, perhaps you can ride in with your white horse and tell us all what needs to be done. Sounds like you have all the answers. But, don’t believe the media about how many rich folk there are working for the government. There are a lot of entry level workers who would struggle immeasurably – just not the ones Obama hired at top dollar to skew the real facts of the pay distribution for the bulk of the 800,000 who will get sequestered and for those who will lose there jobs entirely. God bless you.

        1. Virginia, Good post….just a note about the white horse quip…the only “man” that will be riding the white horse, will be JESUS…when He comes to reign! FOREVER !
          God Bless

      2. The problem is Mr Lib, he said a couple of years ago that we needed to tighten our belts and sacrifice. I don’t see that economy has improved any. My point is, being the president, maybe he should set the example and lead by example. He has flown everyday this week except Tuesday. That costs us, the taxpayers millions of dollars. Most business leaders, if they need to have a business meeting do conference calling. Why can’t he do that from the White House instead of using taxpayer money to fly around the country.

      3. Ron LeFlore deficit much? what you got a far left job off of craigslist and you are a paid keyboard cowboy. I know it is possible, I know it is happening and people will do almost anything to make ends meet. Compromise values in hard times…old stuff new day.

      4. bwahaha Ron the cogsucking pansy. Everytime someone kicks Obuzzard in th eass they hit Ron in the back of the head. that’s why he throws such hissy fits. What a tard that he assumes becasue someone is old they must automatically need and or want Obuffalo Care, and like he pays a penny in taxes, worthless layabout…

  19. And the ftards in America follow blindly behind Dumbo to gather up the benefits he craps out for them. Dumbo feeds off the rich and craps out to the poor. In the end, the middle class will be the only ones to suffer with this clown. So join the underground economy with the rest of us and avoid all the taxes you can. If we can bring down the economy, the poor will riot amongst themselves and kill a good many of each other off. The rest we can dust when they wander into the suburbs. And the Democrat slavery machine will stop churning long enough for the middle class to take America back.

  20. Our considerate president, raises minimum wages, $80 more a week, which will ultimately get someone a 30% cut, like one in 3 will be laid off,or 3 out of three gets a 30% cut in hours, down to 28 hours, and everyone will have to hustle a little more. If they for example , raise the price of a hamburger, 30% , that would only decrease the number of customers coming in.
    If they don’t change anything, the profit will go down by 15% and stockholders will sell their shares, and the company would have to borrow capital, which would raise costs again. It’s a dangerous cycle of inflation.
    This is also going to hurt workers moral. The kid who worked his butt off to get raises and finally is getting $9 hr ,a long haul from 7.25 at .25 cent raises. Now a newbee comes on the job and gets the same. Why break your chops to get ahead right!!

  21. Michelle hates Obammy! Dirty stinky feet,big ears and all!!!! She’s even been to a lawyer and drawn up papers. Ever notice she dodges him when he tries to kiss her. She hates him. No surprise that they take separate vacations. After he’s out of office, God willing, she will divorce his %$%%$%$%!

  22. – written by, and for, the small-minded

    Ahh, yes, only a monarch would dare to go to Florida for a few days over a holiday weekend.

    1. Yes, and only the small minded would consider that BO’s number one priority would be to meet with Congress to discuss the budget he hasn’t sent them yet, due first week of February. If there’s all the “urgency” that he claims to get issues solved, he should keep his lazy a$$ in DC. The “optics”, the “optics”!! LOL
      But, one can’t expect an asshat from the “I,Me,Mine” generation to actually believe there are some things much more important at times than a Paycayshun.

    2. So, that is why you are here…..on this lowly site….to mix with the small-minded….huh, Smart Ron? Loved your temper tantrum you threw earlier……what a good chuckle….. Keep it up, we need more laughs……only the foolish think life here in the old USA is good right now. The wise are edgy for a reason… will catch on soon enough…..silly little person.

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  24. What a spectacle. A President who looks like Tarzan’s chimp, blathering endlessly about rich folks “not paying their FAIR share,” all the while banking millions in book royalties and other income, living like a Roman emperor, and a sizeable portion of the populace cheering him on.

    1. Ding ding ding – we have a winner for “Racist of the Day” award. Now, let’s see how many Republicans will call out their brother for his ignorance and for reinforcing the widely held belief that a very significant chunk of the anti-Obama sentiment is rooted in racism. Kudos to you bulldog for having the courage to be so explicit and forthcoming about despicable racial attitudes. m Comparing a Black man to a chimp is about as racist as it gets.

      1. Hi Ron, you should go back and read some of your past posts. “White this” “white that”. Your specialty is irony. Similar to Obama, Who preaches that the wealthy are the evil ones, and then turns around and jets off on a multi million dollar vacation ALMOST every month. I agree that calling someone a monkey may not come across as racially sensitive. But for sake of argument, your comments leave you with little credibility. Other than being a bandwagon Obama groupie. You see, I don’t feel that the hatred by many for Obama stems from racism, although I’m sure for some it does but with that said they are just as dumb as you. In fact, I wouldn’t nearly be as disturbed if there was an actual monkey in the presidential office. That would explain the dire state of this country. Soon enough we will hear Obama and his cronies explain why the sky is now green and the grass is now blue. However when I go outside I see the truth. And it’s blatantly obvious. The entertaining part of the whole concept is watching those like you and big media jump through hoops trying to tell me I’m wrong, and because of that. I’m also a racist. I can say something though and you can take it however which way you want. Try this: Obama spends money like a washed up NFL star. Now you can assume I’m talking about Vince Young, who is black. Or you can assume I’m talking about Ryan Leaf, well since it fits your agenda we can all guess that you will take that comment as RACISM. As a minority, I’m here to tell you that there is a difference between a black person and a N**ger, a Hispanic and a Beaner, a white person and a Redneck. Stereotypes are not racist if the shoe fits. After all, the stereotype came from somewhere…I could give a crap if he was black. I can tell you one thing though, if my neighbor from across the pond was blowing up large explosives as a indirect threat to my yard and home as well as my children (after all, aren’t we all obamas “people”) the last thing I’d be doing is golfing.

  25. “Kids, I know we said we’d go back to Walt Disney World if Mr. Obama won the election but since he’s so exhausted from spending even more of Mommy and Daddy’s money to make life better for everyone in the whole world, we’ll just have to make plans for another four years of staycations.”

  26. How can the president afford to go on so many first class vacations?

    Oh wait, I remember: HE DOESN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. The taxpayers foot the bill for all of his jet-setting around the country, staying in luxury resorts and playing all the golf he wants…….

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