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White House Releases First Lady’s Box Guests

This is who the White House has chosen to sit in the first lady’s box. It will give you some idea of where President Obama’s focus will be during the speech. If you want more details on the guests you can download the White House release here.

This is the list:

Dr. Jill Biden

Valerie Jarrett (of course)

Sergeant Sheena Adams of Vista, California; Team Advisor & Lead Instructor, Female Engagement Team

Alan Aleman of Las Vegas, Nevada, a “DREAM Student”  who is an illegal immigrant from Mexico City;

Jack Andraka of Crownsvill, Maryland; Winner of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Susan Bumgartner of Norman, Oklahoma; Early childhood educator

Deb Carey of New Glarus, Wisconsin; New Glarus Brewing Company

Sergeant Carlos Evans of Cameron, North Carolina, USMC; Wounded warrior

Tim Cook of Cupertino, California; CEO of Apple

Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton and Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr. of Chicago; parents of Hadiya Pendleton, who participated in President Obama’s Inaugural celebration and was murdered by gnshot soon afterward.

Menchu de Luna Sanchez of Secaucus, New Jersey; registered nurse who saved children during Hurricane Sandy

Bobak Ferdowsi of Pasadena, California; Flight director, Mars Curiosity Rover

Bradley Henning of Louisville, Kentucky; Machinist, Atlas Machine and Supply

Tracey Hepner of Arlington, Virginia; Co-founder of Military Partners and Families Coalition

Peter Hudson of Evergreen, Colorado; Co-founder and CEO of iTriage, a company attempting to create “efficiencies within the healthcare delivery system.”

Gov. John Kitzhaber, (D-Oregon); “Has built on his experience as a former emergency room doctor to transform health care delivery in Oregon.”

Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers of Avondale, Arizona; “Growing up in migrant farm labor camps and picking cotton alongside her parents in fields where her City Hall now stands, Mayor Rogers never imagined that she would be guiding the transformation of the region.”

Amanda McMillan of Jackson, Mississippi; Pay discrimination victim

Lee Maxwell of Wilton, Iowa; Graduate, Kirkwood Community College Wind Technician Program

Lieutenant Brain Murphy of Oak Creek, Wisconsin; First police officer to arrive at the scene of the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin last August.

Lisa Richards of Arlington, Virginia; “A single mom, was one of thousands of Americans who shared stories about what paying $2,200 more in taxes would mean for her family.”

Kaitlin Roig of Greenwich, Connecticut; Has taught first grade for six years at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Abby Schanfield of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Beneficiary of Obamacare

Haile Thomas of Tucson, Arizona; “Let’s Move” champion

Desiline Victor of Miami, Florida; a 100 year old naturalized U.S. citizen from Haiti and retired farmworker who stood in line three hours to vote.

21 thoughts on “White House Releases First Lady’s Box Guests”

      1. On CNN, WolfBlitzer in a discussion with an off-camera speaker did all they could to paint the LAPD as a racist organization, going all the way back to the RodneyKing incident, but then asked their viewers to remember that the guy is a killer, a murderer.
        They already decided that Dormer was wrongly fired from the LAPD because…because…he’s Black, I guess.

  1. Rush mentioned that Clinton Romesha, Medal of Honor recipient, turned down her invite. He plans on watching the SOTU with friends and family.

    1. Good for him! He won’t allow himself to be exploited. I see Obama is pushing all of the Democratic buttons, including, LOL, a “wind technician”.

  2. You would think that the WH would know that “Crownsvill” has an “E” on the end of the name, since the small town is just up the road about 50 miles from DC, next to Annapolis.

    The are going to exploit any gun tragedy they can this evening.

    Unless the 100 year old voter was in a room filled with other really old people, I can’t imagine that this person wasn’t taken to the front of the line, or given a place to sit while waiting to vote. Even here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, if you walk in with a cane or other visual infirmity, you are escorted to the front of the line.

  3. Wonder if the multi-billionaire Tim Cook will open the Apple spigot of cash reserves and redistribute it to the Obama loyalists, or perhaps Tim will leave several thousand of applications in the chambers for the scant few manufacturing jobs Apple will soon create.

  4. thanks Keith. I wasn’t planning to watch anyway, but this confirms it for me. first responder to a Sikh temple shooting? great. I guess that was the closest Obama could come to a Muslim without actually inviting John Brennan. hardy har har.

    (btw, do we know yet if that is an internet rumor or true?)

    the only reason I can see for tuning in at all is to see if anybody yells “You lie!” at him this year. one can only hope.

  5. Holy crap. That’s a lot of “guests”–her box must be huge. I heard that the most recent Medal of Honor recipient was invited and declined. Hehe.

  6. Oh a self identified victim — Amanda McMillan of Jackson, Mississippi; Pay discrimination victim.

    What about the family? The illegal welfare Auntie and the illegal triple DUI Uncle? Surely it would be good to know how intimate the first family is with the plight of America’s illegal immigrants.

    Lipstick on a pig.

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