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Dorner Screws Up Obama’s Big Moment

In what hopefully will be his final destructive act, rampaging and murdering ex-police Los Angeles officer Christopher Dorner is busy tonight distracting attention from President Obama’s State of the Union speech as he appears to be going down in flames in a California cabin just as Obama is about to begin speaking.

If members of Congress on TV seem to be looking at their electronics, you can be sure they are trying to view a drama more compelling than the one they are attending.

As of this writing, the cabin where Dorner seemed to be holed up has burned to the ground, and it doesn’t appear anyone came out. Which means we will spend the night waiting to see if they find his charred remains, which they won’t be able to immediately identify.

That is, this drama probably will continue throughout the president’s speech. The networks may even run with a split screen that shows the Dorner thing playing out on one side while the Obama thing plays out on the other.

15 thoughts on “Dorner Screws Up Obama’s Big Moment”

      1. Although I think Keith has a gift for satire, that does not mean he has to be a laugh a minute. I don’t know why you assume that this has to be a Comedy Central.

    1. I think Mr. Koffler is simply stating there are more newsworthy events than a Stuffed shirt puppet politician spewing the same rhetoric as we’ve heard over and over again.

  1. I turned to Fox to see THE FIVE and they went over and over and over the same thing about this cop family killer or whatever he is. My goodness, the news never changed and kept breaking and breaking. Then they were told to buzz off, no more helo shots, but had them anyhow. On and on and on. I did have the thought that they were stealing Obama’s time and thunder, which was OK with me–except for how boring it was.

  2. The irony is certainly amusing. At the same time that Obama is demanding that Americans be disarmed, the Federal Bureau of Incineration Hostage Roasting Team is busy implementing it’s standard response to troublesome dissidents. While Dorner was evil and one of Obama’s most ardent supporters, the conflagration reminds us that too many Federal, State and Local law enforcement have allowed themselves to become precisely the type of jackbooted thugs that our founding fathers were worried about when they wrote the Second Amendment.

  3. And just how are they sure the remains belong to Mr.Dorner? With all of his experience you would think that he would possibly think up something like this as a good way to slip away into hiding for good.And how the house caught fire,that sounds sort of funny a little. It would seem that he or someone had the rigged to explode into flames.As those gernades usually just omits tear gas or smoke depending on what is shot into a builiding. I think that you and everyone that reads this will agree with this that it does sound particilar.

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