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The Obama Morning News || February 11, 2013

State of the Union: Obama on the warpath . . . Politico
Iran could have The Bomb by summer
 . . . Associated Press
Obama to seek drastic cuts in nukes . . . New York Times
Graham to hold nominees over Benghazi . . . Washington Times
Drone policy creates bipartisan unease . . . Fox News
Obamacare forcing docs to close shop . . . Washington Times
Obama won’t talk to newspapers . . . Washington Post

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 11, 2013

  1. President Obama has refused to sit for interviews with the moribound dinosaur-like print media, but rather would take his imperial message to base supporters by means of TV comedy shows and women’s gabfests.
    On rare occasions, he allows certain liberal radio talk show hosts to quiz him on his preferences for red or green peppers or to pretend that he loves illegal aliens from Latino countries.

    American doctors are increasingly dropping out of the government-sponsored healthcare system and returning to the age old practice of cash payments and the barter system in exchange for medical treatment. Several physican’s groups in California are advertising that they will accept old gold jewelery or used vehicles in exchange for their services.

    There is bi-partisan concern over MrObama’s use of the drone warfare to kill people in foreign countries without a the cover of a formal declaration of war.
    Sources close to the WhiteHouse claim that the President thought he was playing a new video game and not actually killing people. After he was advised by the CIA that killing people in other countries could place him at risk for being named a war criminal by his beloved UnitedNations, MrObama asked the DOJ’s E.Holder to produce a permission slip or white paper giving him to the OK to continue the killing.

    In a futile attempt to force the Obama administration to give the public the truth about the events leading up to, during, and after the incident in Bengazi, SenGraham will be holding up confirmation of MrObama’s choices to lead the DOD, the CIA and other Washington institutions.

    PresidentObama’s proposed SOTU speech will be mostly an attack on his enemies, the Repubs, and a plea to America to make the Repubs play nice with him. He will insist that the only way to stop the polar caps from melting is to tax business interests for not using wind power as the primary energy in their plants and factories. There will be a call for more money to raise the educational level of most of his electoral base that some claim can’t read or write well enough to compete in today’s economy and to teach Mexicans how to speak English. There will be a show & tell portion of the SOTU from members of Congress who will explain how gun violence by deranged shooters can be stopped by removing firearms from all of America, except for those who guard members of Congress, their families and wealthy friends.

      • There will be a call for more money to raise the educational level of most of his electoral base that some claim can’t read or write well enough to compete in today’s economy

        I was thinking the other day when the make them learn English thing poked up again that most so-called English speaking people, at least out here in AZ, don’t speak correctly–the ain’t nothings, the he don’ts, the me and hims.. Let’s all learn!

  2. “Iran could have The Bomb by summer . . . Associated Press”

    What do they need “The Bomb” for? No Iranian bomb can do as much damage as Obama has to “The Great Satan”, and we have AT LEAST four more years of HIM…

  3. “Graham to hold nominees over Benghazi. . .”
    Hope Graham isn’t just blustering – playing good cop bad cop with this rogue regime for political gain. We need to know where the commander-in-chief was and what he was doing from the time he was informed of the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12 until he left for a campaign jaunt to Vegas the next day. Somewhere within this leviathan government there is a log or accounting of the transmissions exchanged during the hours long battle. According to the testimony of Charlene Lamb of the State Department, a drone was transmitting live video of the siege. Where is the video? Where is the testimony of the survivors of Benghazi? If the commander-in-chief has been derelict in his duties, causing the death of four Americans under his command, he needs to be relieved of duty. Hold him to account, Congress.

  4. State of the Union: Obama on Warpath……big yawn!
    Would love to see every Republican holding a copy of Rules for Radicals as the camera pans over the House chamber.

    • I’d like to see the GOP walk out as soon as Obama mentions “it’s their fault” .

      Probably another campaign speech, yawn is right! He desperately wants to take back the House in 2014 and beating up republicans and conservatives has been his agenda since re-election.