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Michelle and Bill Shut Out at the Grammies

Both First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton were denied a Grammy last night in the spoken word category, a turn of events that shocked the winner, singer Janis Ian.

“I can’t believe I won over them,” said Ian. “To say this is an upset is an understatement.”

Bill Clinton and Michelle ObamaThe award, which is generally given out for the best audio book, went to Ian for her reading of “Society’s Child: My Autobiography.”

Ian also somehow bested MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres, the other nominees.

“I keep thinking there’s a punchline here somewhere: An ex-president, a first lady and three lesbians walk into a bar,” Ian wisecracked.

Ian, Maddow and DeGeneres are all openly gay.

The spoken word category featured a notable absence of conservatives which, the Daily Caller notes, is typical.

“If you’re a conservative, you are more likely to be appointed to President Barack Obama’s Cabinet than be nominated for a Grammy in the ‘Best Spoken Word Album’ category,” notes Daily Caller writer Jamie Weinstein.

Among the past winners mentioned by Weinstein are Jimmy Carter, who was also nominated six times, President Obama – who one for reading both his books and who will no doubt win for his memoirs – John Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.). Franken also has won twice, once for his book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.”

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159 thoughts on “Michelle and Bill Shut Out at the Grammies”

  1. In a shocking reversal of prior suck-up awards given by the Grammy crowd, a former, disgraced Democrat President and the current wife of a Democrat President did not receive any award for being able to read something written by other people. An internal investigation has been instigated by the DNC.

    The other losing nominees, a trio of lesbians, were disqualified because the ruling board at the Grammys are all homophobes and hate women.

    1. “In a shocking reversal of prior suck-up awards given by the Grammy crowd, a former, disgraced Democrat President and the current wife of a Democrat President did not receive any award for being able to read something written by other people.” – srdem65

      In the name of “fairness” and pandering, Michelle Antonette and The Cigar Aficienado could afford to let ONE go. After all, it would go to a preferred group member anyway, so Moochie and Smoochie will just find other ways to reward themselves for their lack of merit.

      Anyway, that guy Mooch pretends to live with ALREADY got the REAL “award for being able to read something written by other people.”.

      It’s called the Presidency.

      1. News and controversy is being created as a diversion from the truth leaking out the real Obama cover up, the Coup, the media blackouts and this last rigged election. Unelected officials staged a Coup in 2008 and are using the office or presidency to attack communism and liberalism. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the biggest cover up in history.

    2. I couldn’t believe she was even nominated. I mean, how “entertaining” can a garden “photo op” book reading be?

      She didn’t write it, nor does she tend the garden either. What next, the Nobel Peace prize for going to that Chicago girl’s funeral ?

      1. they didn’t have a category for pop-up 3 D books. Oh wait, this was the Grammy. And now I understand why they had a dress code this year, MO was there and OMG she wore a top with sleeves!

      2. No, the Nobel Peace Prize for being a hack Chicago community organizer without one contribution to anything that could be described a s”world peace”.

        1. Yasser Arafat the founder of modern day terrorism also won a Nobel Peace Prize. What’s interesting is that he and Obama both share the same birthday. You should see what Jane wrote above about Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret. (it exposes the media blackouts on Obama)

    3. I love it. The only President in the last 60 years to leave office with a balanced budget and you refer to him as “disgraced”. Disgraced would most likely mean an ex-President who would not be at his Party’s national convention nor would he be invited to campaign for the Party’s presidential nominee. On the Democratic side, I do know Clinton was at the convention and was invited to campaign. Not sure about the other side with past Presidents.

      1. bill clinton the rapist…that would be the discrace. Oh yeah bill clinton the liar, the one that had the nerve to shake his finger at the American people and say ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewisnky”. He had to eat those words. Yeah that is a real dandy to hold up as “worthy”. Dums have no scruples or soul!!!!

        1. Fred…you forgot to mention that the balanced budget that the dems. are so proud of is a result of Clinton robbing Peter (Social Security) to pay Paul (Clinton’s “balanced budget”).

      2. balance, shmalance, you should not get it dusted off by an intern, in the oval office……yes, disgraced is more appropriate.

        secondly, the economy durring clinton’s presidency, like himself was all fake and phony. The wall street fat cats made billions, and the average joe (and josephina) were stiffed by the dot com bubble…..remember.

          1. He has a rapist mentality. He only likes women he can physically and mentally dominate. Mooch is too manly in BOTH catagories for his tastes…

      3. bill got the credit for the work he didn’t do (sounds familiar). do some research on the topic to find out who truly drove this to happen. we also had a financial melt down at the end of his term as well.

      4. Bill, you may want to research the definition of a balanced budget and then look at the trickery the DNC used to create the illusion of that alleged balanced budget. They weren’t even close… and I’m a DEM, just not a socialist one.

      5. Why the problem with the word “disgraced” ? He humilated his family, and the country. And was disbarred, and impeached (and not convicted).
        Clinton earned the word “disgraced”, all by himself.

      6. He was IMPEACHED you fool. That’s why he’s “disgraced.” Impeached for lying to a Grand Jury. Also disbarred and fined $250,000.00. He’s a convicted felon.

      7. Fred,
        Hmmm…..when Al Gore was running for president, I don’t believe we saw Clinton campaigning for him. Not sure he was at the convention, tho. Was there a “Katrina” like storm going on then?

      8. Bill Clinton only grudgingly signed a balanced budget presented by the opposition party 3 times. He vetoed the 1st two, shutting the gov’t down. Under intense pressure to work with the Republicans in the Congress and not shut down gov’t again, he finally signed their budget. He (and the Repubs in Congress) also put what was then a Social Security surplus on the general ledger for the 1st time; thus creating a “budget surplus” as you Dems like to call it.

      9. The Balanced Budget was a result of pressure from the GOP and it was a good thing. Other firsts of Clinton were the activities conducted under his desk and I almost forgot that nasty blue dress. Wonder if that will be in his Library?

      10. Bill Holt… what you fail to see in your rapist and chief Bill Clinton tenure was one of the biggest economic booms with the Internet explosion.The revenue brought in, in-able him to raise taxes and balance the budget.It had nothing with any great policies or decisions he made. Anyone ANYONE in the USA could have what he did.Bill is just another liberal degenerate.

      11. You praise Clinton for having a balanced budget (under a Republican controlled Congress as I recall). I’m pretty sure you are also on bended knee to King Odumo who refuses to even try to balance the budget. How many trillions is the debt now? Oh wait, you blame Bush for that. Never mind.

      12. Bill, what world are you living in? After being Impeached the Demos stood behind him like he’s a hero, he was also accused of rape, who does that?

      13. One of the biggest lies in history?
        Bill Clinton “balanced a budget!”… he robbed the social security trust fund to “balance” his budget even after his heart rending speech to Americans about “putting the money in a lockbox and NEVER touching it”…. You Libs will buy any lie another Lib feeds you…

    4. The times they are a changing, srdem. Low information voters don’t see Bubba as disgraced. Behavior that would banish a Republican to the wilderness of ignominy is a badge of honor to these amoral perverts in the Democrat party. Sexual abusers of young women like Clinton and Menendez are held in high regard among the cultist lemmings.

  2. Liberals on parade. A great day in Hollyweird. The lefts new hero, a black man, an Obama supporter, is killing white cops. An OWS lefty tried to start a civil war by blowing up a bank and blaming it on the Tea Party. If only the state run media would proudly report it, ….. just kidding. Gag me with a spoon.

    1. the losers are you,the demon leeches like you. Sadly we have to suffer with you because of the fool in the White House. Wish we could stick you all together in the desert somewhere, you would kill each other in no time if there is nothing left to steal

    2. I wonder, if one of your liberal friends, just for fun, hacks into your personal stuff, then sends it out for all to see. Would that be hilarious too?

    3. John, I like W because he shows class, Billy should be an embarrassment but he is actually a hero to you all. BTW I didn’t vote for W because I didn’t like his politics.

  3. Meanwhile… with the Pope resigning at the end of the month, the President has contacted the Vatican and offered to appoint the next pontiff via executive order.

    1. She DOES deserve an Emmy for her almost-convincing performance in the role of “loving wife” in the campaign coverage on TV… THAT was SOME ACTING!

  4. ….although if you think it through, it makes a lot of sense. for the most part, conservative authors sell millions of book, left-leaning authors don’t (save clinton and a couple others). So they just buy the books and read them. Also, you can’t use your ebt card on e-bay, right?

    …..I am going to stick me neck out and say conservatives are much more interested in being knowledgeable about current events and policy that affects their lives, while the majority of democrats prefer to be spoon-fed, asking very few questions other than “can I use by general assistance credit card at starbucks? what do you mean, i can’t, it works at the casino! I am calling the aclu, you can’t deny me what is rightfully mine. See this number 6 on my obama phone, that’s my speed dial number for my attornies, and you will be sorry you ever said not to me!!! No, I don’t care if the store is closed, open this place up, or I will, with a brick through your window. I WANT MY O-COFEE”!!!!

  5. I think the issue is conservatives are stupid and their books are dumb. It’s not a giant conspiracy of academia, Hollywood, journalism, and modern science to oppress you. You’re just not that intelligent or creative.

    1. You are just not that aware, are you? Conservatives like Thomas Sowell, John Lott, Walter Williams, and others are stupid? It must be nice living your life in an insulated cocoon so that no contrary viewpoints get through to you.

    2. Sorry, but the problem is that us conservatives actually know how to read, so we don’t need to listen to books to get the information. Enjoy your Sing-a-Long Socialism series.

  6. Wow, the Tea Party is getting so down on the USA they can’t even enjoy music awards. That’s a long list of things to hate about the USA. The unions, the media, the government, the president, movies, hollywood, General Motors, the Volt, anything “green”, public schools, Oprah and Katie Couric, PBS NPR, New York Times, the EPA, gay love, Muslims – now even the American music awards Grammy are all just rotten liberals mucking up the American dream.

    What do Tea Party conservatives like about the USA other than Donald Trump and Sarah Palin?

    1. I like fiscal responsibility. If I have to pay my bills and watch how I spend then the government needs to do the same. I like personal responsibility. If i have to suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of MY decisions then so should every other human being. I like the US Constitution. I like that this is a nation of laws and we must all abide by them and especially the most supreme law of the land, the US Constitution. WIthout adherence to the law then we get, well we get what we have now…the slow process of taking away the rights of each american. I like low taxes. The more the government takes from me the less i have to spend on bills, food, education etc. how is it a good thing to take my hard earned money everytime the govt thinks i should pay for their spending? when will it stop? when im working to just give everything to the governement? how stupid is that? everyone with common sense (that does not include obama supporters) knows that the government can only take so much away from the people before the people get restless and rise yup. This is not a threat in any way but just a recognition that people dont like working as hard as they do when they dont get to keep most of the fruits of their labor. low taxes = more money in our pockets= spend on services or goods= businesses hire more people to keep up with increased demand for services or goods= lower unemployment rate and more prosperity for the masses= growth!

    2. As a maker/worker, patriotx, it’s very hard to watch what I make being taken by this government for the people who don’t work. It makes it even harder to enjoy watching the rich, elite hollywood crowd at their awards shows after listening to them tell me that I’m just a selfish bigot, racist who hates the environment. What do I like?, well, the constitution is one thing. You should too as it gives you all the freedoms you enjoy in this country, like spouting off about things you know nothing about.

  7. This is why none of the former prestigious awards have any significance or meaning left. They’re nothing more than cute little Valentines from various industries and organizations.

  8. In their giddy excitement to nominate all their Liberal heroes the vote was split. The least known among them walks away with the prize. Now they are completely dumbfounded…. priceless!

  9. Could it be that we are sick of those people who are not good at anything but sticking their hands out for another donation? i’m sick to death of their voices all over the media, much less in an audio book….I’m glad others agree!

  10. Hey morons that blame the Tea Party for everything.

    Do you even know the Tea Party was created during the Bush administration in 2007? It DESTROYED Sarah Palin.
    It is the complete opposite of what you children perceive it is.

    It was very simple:

    End the wars
    Restore the Constitution
    END the Federal Reserve.

    THAT’S IT.
    And it had MANY Liberal supporters, but when Obama won they abandoned ship to get a free handout.
    How did that work out for you?

    By the way Obama supporters: How are Obamas wars, destruction of the Constitution and banker bailouts working out for you?

    Everyone trying to blame the Tea Party for everything are truly the most politically ignorant bunch of Obama groupies I have ever seen.

    You are all truly pathetic, stop watching television.

    1. Useful Idiots is the term.

      Obama will squeeze every drop of sweat and blood out of them, and will then leave them beaten and bloodied on the side of the road.

      Obama = Bush; both War Criminals and Traitors to the Constitution.

      But then again, when was the last President who was not a traitor to the Constitution. Reagan was up there with the best of them.

      1. We know that.
        Now tell that to the Phony Liberals, who thought they were about to get a hand out if they called a REAL American Patriot group trying to save them “teabaggers”.

        No matter, they are about to get the rudest awakening they have ever seen….

        They deserve it.

  11. President Obama – who “”one”” (WON) for reading both his books and who will no doubt win for his memoirs

    Really WHD? If you want to be taken as credible, at least figure out when to use certain words, or just proof read..

  12. Franken calling Rush a big fat idiot?????? Rush makes 100 times as much money as Franken, is a businessman of note (his tea) is about 10X as articulate as Franken, did not get where he is by having his minions “finding” a trunkful of votes in some slobs trunk when behind by a handful. Rush has millions who like him and Franken might have a dozen, plus, of course, the “uninformed” who voted early and OFTEN for him. What a idiot, besides being funney looking.

  13. Anyone remember that Texas progressive, Lloyd Bentsen, whose book sales were exposed when cartons of them turned up as having been bought by a lobbyist? I just mention it because when there were bookstores at all the malls I recall that books by “progressives” generally ended up on the discount tables in the front of the store. I doubt that any of these grammy tapes get much notice outside the LGBTCBYLSMFT crowd

    1. Wouldn’t put it past Lloyd Bentsen, but I think you’re confusing him with Democrat Speaker of the House Jim “Fort Worthless” Wright. In 1989, Wright was forced out of the speaker’s office for using his book of speeches, “Reflections of a Public Man”, to launder funds from unions and other special interest lobbyists.

  14. I would have loved to see that Dude Rachael Maddow up there on the stage. i love it when she gets excited and you can see her Adam’s Apple bouncing around. You go Dude.

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  16. I’d like to see Bill Clinton stranded for a year on a desert island with Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow and Janis Ian. I’m sure he knows his way around a foursome, so this would be the perfect challenge for him. Ever the huckster, he would try to talk the girls into a roll among the coconuts, but to no avail. Even his liberal clatrap wouldn’t convert them. By the time he was rescued he would be mumbling incoherently. He might even settle for his wife.

  17. Bill Holt… what you fail to see in your rapist and chief Bill Clinton tenure was one of the biggest economic booms with the Internet explosion.The revenue brought in, in-able him to raise taxes and balance the budget.It had nothing with any great policies or decisions he made. Anyone ANYONE in the USA could have what he did.Bill is just another liberal degenerate.

  18. She expected a grammy based on who she is, typical mentality of her race. Bill has just been praised by a bunch of intellectually challenged obama drones that believe every word he says to the point that they love clinton, an impeached american disgrace. Because of obama, we almost have no right to say anything bad about him with being labeled a racists, he loves to stir sh!t up and make people hate each other, I have never seen this country more divided by hate than under him, I have never HATED a president before like I do him. Bring on the stupid, ignorant democratic comments, it’s expected.

  19. American idols; Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres. Hollywood would make them if the could, ‘-Royalty.’

    Witness the demise of the United States of America.

  20. No doubt they will all receive consolation prizes (nobel prizes, for example) for this horrible affront to good and decent people everywhere (sarcasm).

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