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Michelle to Attend Funeral of Girl Who Was Part of Inaugural

On Saturday Michelle will travels to Chicago for the funeral service for Hadiya Pendleton.

Hadiya had participated in President Obama’s inaugural ceremonies a week before being shot about a mile from the Obama family’s Kenwood home. White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will also attend.

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    • Politico reports that CongPelosi is bringing a 4th grade student from Newtown, CT to the SOTU speech, and that other members of Congress are bringing survivors of other acts of violence to the speech. un-huh.

      • My husband and I were talking about the special guests at the SOTU today, and that was one scenario. Only we had a parent of one of killed sitting up there with Moochelle. Another possibility is a one-armed blind Latina who bravely swam the Rio Grande under fire and is now a straight A student at Harvard. Well, you get the point: there will be some variation of that.

      • P.S. Nancy Pelosi may wear the most expensive clothes and have the best plastic surgeon in the world, but imo she is utterly classless, typical that she would use children this way. No shame.

    • Funny LS. :) It is “always propaganda”.

      Along those lines, some folks continue to wonder, has the President stopped kicking his dog? Yes? No? Not sure?

      Maybe we need an MSNBC and FOX Poll on this and we can parse the resulting data to look for clues. Can you Tweet Rachel over at MSNBC? I’ll handle FOX. So much more potential…lol…

    • I can’t remember the kid’s name, and I’m sorry about that, but I often recall a teenage black male honor student who was beaten to death in Chicago right after Obama was elected and at the time Chicago was trying to get the Olympics. No Obama showed up at his funeral of course.

    • As sad as it is- we all know that this is all too common in Chicago. If Mooch would go and talk about gang violence and illegal guns in Chicago and the the out of control murder rate that would be useful. She will not do anything of the sort. Like the unfortunate souls of sandy hook this little girl’s death will be used as political fodder.

    • Perhaps FLOTUS’s appearance is in response to those of us who criticized how Newtown’s children have been used to further WH agendas. People such as myself opined that Hadiya’s death, coming from a city where there is allegedly plenty of gun control, was an inconvenient truth which would best be ignored in promoting the President’s solution for an end to gun violence. When the criticism became too loud, the Mooch went home. BTW I did a little research the other day which seemed to indicate that the piece of the empty lot which belongs to Mrs. Rezko is up for sale. Wonder how it was, and how it still is, that a subdivided lot in toney Kenwood is OK?

    • No need for kevlar – you can BET that We Taxpayers have been well-paying several teams to completely sanitize the area and the allowed participants of the funeral before the FLOTUS (fat larda$$ of the United States) sets one hoof on the tarmac.

  1. I was trying to find the day on which Hadyia was shot, but the best I’ve found is that it was “last month”, i.e., in late January after the inauguration on the 21st. Given that there must have an autopsy, it still seems that an awful long time has passed until the funeral which is tomorrow, January 9. You have to wonder if the funeral was not delayed until it was closer to the SOTU address on the 12th where it could be exploited for political purposes. Well, we shall see, we shall see. How many deaths of Chicago youth have happened without a word from Lord and Lady Obama?

      • The delay is actually not unreasonable, given the number of deaths that occur in Chicago on any given day. Since this was a homicide, there would have to be a complete autopsy, and with an expected backlog of bodies that has to exist in Chicago, a week or so of being in cold storage is not out of line.

        I would suspect that the timing of the funeral is well within a reasonable and normal time frame. It is, however, still being politicized.

  2. Not to minimize the death of this poor child but….Will soldiers, police officers, etc who participated in said Inaugural also receive a visit from FLOTUS if they should die a violent death within the current term? No? Why? Because there is no political value to such an appearance?

    OK. I understand now.

  3. When will politicians start admitting that guns are not the problem? The root cause of much of the violence is the breakdown of the family. Too many children being raised without a strong, loving, two parent structure. You can’t legislate that, so let’s ban the guns.

  4. Perhaps while Mrs. O is in Chicago, the impotent mayor can call a gang summit, and have FLOTUS act as mediator between all the rival factions.

    They could convene at Comiskey Park (aka U.S. Cellular Field) and have a major discussion on how to curb the gang violence that is destroying Chicago. FLOTUS could chopper in, and land in center field, and then run for cover while bullets fly past her, a la Hillary Clinton in Bosnia.

  5. There was another tragedy in Germantown, Maryland a few days ago. A young woman died in a botched late term abortion of her 33-week old baby. Maybe Mooch and her entourage can show their solidarity for womens rights and attend the services for the dead expecting mother and her aborted infant child. Nah, it’s not politically expedient to draw attention to the butchery of late term abortion. Mooch and her pals will stick to working up some phony tears for a child who made it through their abortion mill only to be killed by a product of the Democrat plantation that is Chicago.

  6. What an absolutely destestable creature is the First Flotsam to use the heinous murder of this child for political gain and that is exactly what this is.

    No doubt Mooch will head to her favorite ribs joint right after the funeral to and strap on the ole’ feed bag.

      • What about our special teams guy,an American hero,that was shot in tha back by his fellow vet? Has he been given any notice from the President? Seems to me the only time there seems to be concern is when it fits in the agenda.

  7. Listening to the Michael Berry Show podcasts this weekend. On Monday he covered a “Father” Pfleger sermon strong arming Preezy Revenge to come to Chicago to address his people about gun (more like gang) violence. Mooch’s visit makes more sense now. She is the booby prize.

  8. God help us, these people have no shame. Children die from abusive caretakers and many other heinous acts, yet Michelle the Magnificent doesn’t attend their funerals. Please Lord deliver us from the evil that is within our walls. Amen