In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Treated to a Full Plate of Conservative Thought

President Obama was forced this morning to sit stoically at the National Prayer Breakfast while a world-renown pediatric surgeon who dragged himself up from poverty recounted his story, espousing conservative values and policies as a means of healing the nation and its poor.

I wanted you to take a look at this brave individual, Dr. Benjamin Carson, speaking his version of the truth to power. The speech is nearly a half hour, but if you have a few minutes, I think you will find it worth it.

106 thoughts on “Obama Treated to a Full Plate of Conservative Thought”

  1. This man became a hero to many of us today.. So many of us couldn’t have been given a bigger gift. He’s like a folk hero now. ;-)
    He now also has countless faithful Americans praying for him & I imagine that’s probably a pretty good thing in his line of work.
    God Bless Dr. Carson..

  2. W O W, that was a fantastic speech. Dr. Benjamin Carson is my new hero. He said more in those 30 minutes than Obama has said in 5 years. His statement that PC (cultural Marxism) is dangerous. His reference to 2 Chronicles 7:14; de Tocqueville; our founders; education; the fall of Rome; our debt and deficit; tax as a tithing (flat tax); health savings accounts; the American bald eagle’s ability to fly (left and right wing); and the symbolism of the American flag during the War of 1812.

    No wonder Rush said his brief and succinct case for HSA’s was inspiring. If only our Republican leaders could have made a case against Obamacare like Dr. Carson did in just 43 seconds. Bravo Dr. Carson!

    1. “If only our Republican leaders could have made a case against Obamacare like Dr. Carson did in just 43 seconds.” – Susan

      Modern Republicans couldn’t make this, or any, conservative case -because they’re not conservatives, and not really interested in conservative principles like limited government.

      Republicans COULD have crippled or killed Federal overreach when THEY had all the power. They did not, because, well – they had all the power. They found it rather enjoyable, and saw no reason to reduce their own authority. That left it lying around for the Democrats to abuse later, when a generation arose that didn’t remember Carter and got the vote…

      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton”. Doesn’t matter WHO has it. People can’t be trusted with power. Period.

      I know this isn’t news to YOU, Susan, but it may be to some folks out there. You know, the type who think John Bohener/Olympia Snowe Republicans are conservative…

      THAT’s why the Republican party can’t get anywhere. Democrat Lite doesn’t fly with anyone. That’s all modern Republicans are.

        1. He loves Jesus? Doesn’t loving a dead man make one a necrophiliac? Look man anybody who quotes a 2000 year old book written by uneducated nomads is a fool. One could be so much more productive with their time.

          1. MarkD

            I’m not going to spend a lot of time with you, but you are obviously errant and I would like to redirect you thus;

            1) Jesus is not dead. That’s the Resurrection for you. It’s in
            the 2000 year old book, look it up.

            2) If being a Christian makes you a fool, then you need to take
            a look at your man Obama. Whatever his truth, he CLAIMS
            to be a Christian. This makes him, by YOUR definition, a
            fool. Do you support fools who believe in “2000 year old
            books written by uneducated nomads”? You do if you
            support Obama.


            3) Looking at your comment more specifically, you say “Look
            man anybody who quotes a 2000 year old book written by
            uneducated nomads is a fool”. That is your FULL quote,

            Let’s see…
            “Before Obama read the first names of the 20 children, all between the ages of 6 and 7, who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the president (!) read from a verse found in Matthew 19:14:

            “‘Let the little children come to me,’ Jesus said, ‘and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.'”

   (exclamatory interpolation mine)

            Oh, dear! OBAMA QUOTED A 2000 YEAR OLD BOOK! More fool, he, yes? How can you POSSIBLY support HIM?

            4) “One could be so much more productive with their time.”
            Yes, I suppose they could go snark on message boards
            about other people’s deeply held beliefs that the snarker
            in question does not understand, therefore stands in
            xenophobic oppostion to…
            Of course, when Obama IS “Productive”, it’s usually to the detriment of us all. I would prefer he find a nice cloister somewhere and live the rest of his life in penance for his sins. That would leave the REST of us free to repair his damage…

            I don’t usually feed trolls, MarkD, and I won’t keep this going, but you do seem a little underinformed on spiritual matters, and in need of some clarification – for your own sake. There is hope for you, Mark, to find BOTH salvation AND the answers you so desperately need to lift you from your shallow, worldly life. You need only ask – Jesus.

            “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” – Matthew 7:7, from the 2000 year old book written by uneducated nomads.

            Oh, my. That makes me a fool, in your eyes anyway. I’m a happy fool, though. The Bible helps with that as well, you should try it. You seem a little down, a little negative…

            Tell you what, there’s help for that.

            I’ll pray for you.

          2. He makes fun of the bible and implies that it is moronic to live according to iron age mythology- so your idea of a counterpoint is to quote the Bible? lol

            BTW- there is literally no evidence of Jesus having existed.

          3. Well, you’d better tell Obama that. Or quit voting for him because he’s a foolish Christian. You HAVE noticed that Obama CLAIMS to live according to “iron age mythology”, yes? Or do I need to give you some – more – of HIS quotes?

            THAT’S my point, if you actually READ a post before you snark on it…

            BTW, if you’re Batman’s dad, how was Batman’s Christmas? Did you give lil’ Batman gifts to commemorate the birth of the one who “doesn’t exist”? I hope not for YOUR sake, that would make you seem pretty silly! On the other hand, do you take SUCH a stand that you make Batty cry every 25th of December just to feed your, eh, Faithlessness? How unhappy your home must be, if so!

            I’m just curious, though, what you DO trust in, if not G_d. Do you have faith in MEN? THAT is something there REALLY isn’t evidence for having!

            As for “Existence”, sorry that Resurrection thing didn’t leave you a body to look at, but there IS written evidence, even if YOU poo-poo it. Actually, the existence thing is actually difficult for even a contemporary person to do, by the way. Descartes wrote rather a lot about how you can’t even prove your OWN existence because ALL of your OWN senses CAN deceive you. He wound up with you can only prove your own existence by thinking – and he ended up thinking about G_D. Do you think, BD? You are not, if you do not, so we are not having this conversation. Google “René Descartes” for more info, unless you think HE didn’t exist either.

            I digress. You seem almost as unhappy as MarkD. Why is it SO important to you to deny faith to others? Are you convicted on some level that you won’t do well if – horror of horrors – its REAL! Perhaps you, too, should relax your stance on the existence of Jesus to ask for his help with YOUR unhappiness…

            I’ll pray for you, too. And, a little early perhaps, but Happy Easter!

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    1. Dr. Carson will be receiving a letter from the IRS any day now. How dare this intelligent man dare to step of Massa Obama’s plantation. He WILL pay!

  4. I just read Dr. Carson’s very impressive biography. What a contrast to our little Dictator. He may have just set himself up for a very thorough IRS audit and of course the Uncle Tom label… Benjamin Carson 2016!

  5. Remember when Obama and his voters went around telling us to “Question Authority”?

    Guess that only applies if it’s not THEIR authority.


  6. No wonder Barry looked so sour at the breakfast. Conservative truths, coming from a distinguished black man such as Dr. Carson, must have really pissed him off.

    1. You gotta wonder why it would piss him off. Why wouldn’t he take those truths and run with them? Oh wait, he wants to destroy America and turn its people into slaves of the government. I almost forgot.

    2. He’s certainly opened himself up to the Obama Racism Paradox.

      If you like to say racist things about Black people, that’s perfectly OK. It doesn’t even matter if you’re Black or White. Just make sure it’s CONSERVATIVE Black people, like Clarance Thomas or Condelezza Rice – and now, add Dr. Carson to the mix. . THEN, you can throw all the vile, anti-Black terms you like…

      “But the remarks of Senate Democrats paled in comparison to the material served up by America’s humorists. Syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall depicted Rice proclaiming herself Bush’s “house nigga.”

      Rall’s depiction was followed months later by that of Jeff Danziger of the New York Times Syndicate. Danziger drew a big-lipped, barely literate Condoleezza Rice, nursing the aluminum tubes cited by the White House as evidence of Iraq’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

      “As Twitchy reported this morning, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the individual mandate in Obamacare as a tax. Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas dissented. Repulsively, yet predictably, this caused the Left to hurl vile racial slurs at Justice Clarence Thomas. They started yesterday, but are going all-in on the disgusting today.

      @QuenchAid_ @devinarielle Clarence Thomas is a slave… he needs to be removed! He votes the opposite just to not be a liberal african amer.—
      Oh K. Mayo (@ChiefPeeef) June 28, 2012

      RT @PhillyTheBoss: Clarence Thomas is painted black.. { He was appointed by Bush, that’s his great gpas slave, Loyalty lmao!—
      Tuti Da Boss (@TutiDaBoss) June 28, 2012

      He’s not “really black,” you see. Much like conservative women aren’t “real” women and are instead gender-traitors. To the Left, racists and sexists at heart, all people must be put into identity groups and then must all think alike. They can’t possibly think for themselves. Silly girls and minorities. Know your places!

      Clarence Thomas really is a slave though—
      Constitutional Bitch (@QuenchAid_) June 28, 2012

      CLARENCE THOMAS was born a slave…bred a slave…& will DIE a slave to the Republicans. He does not have FREE Will & can’t spell “FREEDOM!”—
      Che’ Vyfhuis (@chevyfhuis) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas voted against Obamacare…to me he is that field nigga that will never be a house nigga but he keeps trying anyway—
      Mario Price (@TheMarioPrice) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas is a successful, google worthy nigga. Does that mean we should be proud of his whipping boy house nigga ass?—
      Esteban Ruiz Machado (@ItsMeGrizz) June 27, 2012

      Some fall back on the repulsive “Uncle Tom” remarks.

      Clarence Thomas ole Uncle Tom azz never say a word..—
      J Anderson (@Team_JRod) June 28, 2012

      @LoniLove: Justice Clarence “Uncle” Thomas is still shaking his head…—
      The DLF (@delafantastika) June 28, 2012

      Bitch.ass Clarence Thomas said it voted aganist it the most uncle tominest shuckin and jivin nigga—
      Marvin STR8 (@Bmorespoet) June 28, 2012

      He don’t want black people to prosper. RT @PhillyTheBoss: Clarence Thomas is painted black.. that nigga aint black.—
      Mr. Ohhh…. (@iTalk2Slick) June 28, 2012

      “@LawSchool317: The Supreme Court has become liberal! I bet that nigga Clarence Thomas shot it down” you know he did.—
      Queen of Sheeba (@unbeLELAble) June 28, 2012

      That nigga got the Uncle Tom strong in him… RT @SwifftheSigma: Of course Clarence Thomas wasn’t going to vote in favor. Smh—
      Ace Boogie  (@AskWhy05) June 28, 2012

      That nigga… RT @SirMikeH: Are you really surprised? Lol RT @BlkPolitics: Clarence Thomas voting against it….this guy…—
      Bonnie (@leahbonnielove) June 28, 2012

      More not “really black.”

      #IdentityProblems RT @ItsJessieBetch: Clarence Thomas what an interesting fellow—
      Trill Smith (@ItsMrMoney) June 28, 2012

      “@LoniLove: Justice Clarence “Uncle” Thomas is still shaking his head…”>> he got sum s’plaining 2 do 2 blk power n him ..lollol—
      Pat G’Orge-Walker (@PGOrgeWalker) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas will never change, just as much as the Imperial Wizard of the KKK will never change. Too far gone.—
      (@KarmaJonez) June 28, 2012

      RT @noALTERjustEBO: I will forever be baffled by Justice Clarence Thomas. <<Uncle Toms will forever baffle me too!—
      •N• (@o_na_na) June 28, 2012

      Well black people except for Clarence Thomas…he's cool…wait…is he even black? That's not like a really good spray tan?—
      A. Dre. (@SupDre) June 28, 2012

      Im convinced that Clarence Thomas (supreme court justice) just doesn't want 2be considered black which is the reason why he votes as he does—
      Yamie Higgins (@ThisIsYamie) June 28, 2012

      Sandra Rose is the female version of Clarence Thomas. They need to get married so they can hate each other for being black.—
      Tonya Stone (@luxurious_hair) June 28, 2012

      And slams at his wife, as well.

      I bet Clarence Thomas's Wife will be Drunk-Dialing Anita Hill again this weekend… #HCmsnbc—
      Marc (@CnoirBlaque) June 28, 2012


      And, don't forget, one of the leading Democrat lights, Robert Byrd, was an Exaulted Cyclops in the KKK. This hurt him not at all in the Democrat party.

      So, say all the nasty things about CONSERVATIVE blacks you want, in terms as disgusting and (old school definition) racist as you please.

      Now sit back and watch how the Left expresses their love for Dr. Carson. Bet they take away his Black Card for that step off the Liberal Plantation…

      Just don't say anything bad about the Obamas. ANYTHING.

      It's racist, hater.

          1. It IS ugly. The racism is ugly, and the hypocracy is uglier still. I posted it to make a point, NOT because I agree with it!

            And yes, it is long, but it’s just a taste of the leftist hate that’s any Google search will bring you. The WORST vitriol, as usual, is reserved for “racial apostates”, and apparently gives guilty White liberals an excuse to whip out their verbal Klan sheets in full public view, and still be politically correct…

            It’s been fashionable to call Republicans Klansman, but let’s not forget what the REAL racist party is.

            Only Democrats, for example, believe the races can’t compete on equal terms. Only Democrats believe that “food stamps” means Black people exclusively. Only Democrats believe some races need laws adjusted for them because they are not capable of the same standards of behavior.

            Robert Byrd was one of the most revered, longest serving Democrat Senators. He was also an Exaulted Cyclops.


            And, there’s more besides…


            Remember too, that George Wallace and Bull Conner were, uh, Democrats, as was Al Gore’s daddy when he stood in the way of Civil Rights legislation which passed OVER the objections of – oh, my – Southern Democrats.

            Back to my orignial “White Liberal Klansman” comment… For bonus points, name the party that gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan!
            “Dressed in robes and sheets, intended to prevent identification by the occupying federal troops (and supposedly designed to frighten blacks), the Klan quickly became a terrorist organization in service of the Democratic Party and white supremacy.”
            (Wow Cincy, what racist lying hater site did you find THIS information on? It CAN”T be real, must be The Blaze or something…)

            Sorry it’s not pretty. Neither politics nor hate ever is…

          2. Of course you’re correct that it is not “New or edifying”. To YOU. If everyone was as well-informed as you appear to be, Star, we wouldn’t have an Obama to talk about, now, would we?

            As it is, mostly it’s for the kids who have short memories and shorter attention spans – and yet vote. It’s also for the low-information voter that may never have been told by mainstream sources that this sort of thing goes on.

            I appreciate you are wanting to elevate the debate. I would like nothing more. Unfortunately, you will note that we, as a nation, are in the company of the violent and ignorant, and must at times attempt to elevate them as well. This blog is primarily an amusement for me, but you never know when and how you may just touch a life…

          3. Let’s also not forget that Democrats are the ones who believe that African Americans are uniquely stupid so that they can’t be expected to get a photo ID. Therefore in their mind any photo ID law is racist.

  7. Its good to know that the media cannot silence everyone.I noticed how Obama did not once clap until the very end . I doubt that he was interested in anything this man had to say as the truth slapped him in the face.

    1. The media couldn’t silence him; however, they can neglect to tell their readers what he said. Rush mentioned yesterday that the pool reporter covering the prayer breakfast didn’t say one word about this patriot’s speech. What was the missive from the pool reporter after Dr. Carson’s speech?
      “John Kerry began yawning seven minutes into Dr. Carson’s speech and basically didn’t stop.”
      That’s it. Not one word about the volumes the good doctor spoke in those 30 minutes. Not one mention of his 43-second cure for Obamacare – health savings accounts. Sad that there are no critical thinkers in the state-run media.

  8. I’m thunderstruck! Imagine, standing less than six feet away from the boy who would be King….and reducing him to a pile of ashes in less than 30 minutes! Bravo, Dr. Carson!!! Couldn’t take my eyes off Obama for a second – the look on his face for thirty straight minutes – priceless. Barry finally got what he deserved!

  9. Awesome! He has been one of my “heroes” for many years. This is a man I point out to my son a lot to show not just smarts but compassion and faith.
    Hooray for Dr Ben!!!!!

    1. Awesome! He has been one of my “heroes” for many years. This is a man I point out to my son a lot to show not just smarts but compassion and faith.
      Hooray for Dr Ben!!!!!

      addendum: BO did not clap or hardly smiled during the whole speech but Michelle did! Guess she was seeing a REAL man for the first time and wondering about BO.

  10. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant !
    Not really a speech, but a man expressing his beliefs, and not a teleprompter in sight. I actually took notes, because it was like sitting in class, and one is never to old to learn.
    May God watch over and protect you Dr. Carson.

  11. Poor poor pitiful president. Had to sit there and pretend to enjoy a speech by someone totally in opposition to him and not get to say anything. You have to wonder… did he even get any message from it or was the Doctor just some stupid mislead slob brainwashed by conservative values? How sad… I know without a doubt, barry did not get the message. He is incapable. :(

  12. Great speech by Dr. Carson,
    Funny thing the RepuglicKlans,
    choose not to see “One Nation Under God!
    Thank You DR.Benjamin Carson,
    I didn’t see this as “Conservative Talk”
    This was actual & factual talk!

    1. “actual & factual” = conservative.
      Funny thing that it’s the “RepublicKlans” who are praising Dr. Carson, while the Evil Party wants any record of his words to vaporize, and the Uniter in Chief sat there looking annoyed and churlish.
      Funny thing how Obamao get a particularly hostile glare in his eyes when Dr. Carson was talking about those who honored the values represented by the American flag in 1812. Obamao doesn’t like those values.

  13. So very inspiring. Wish every one in this wonderful country of ours could watch this as it is so needed to be heard. Thank you for this wonderful message.

  14. Failed finale. The flag at Fort McHenry in 1812 did not represent, to its defenders, “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.” The original Pledge of Allegiance was penned in 1892, and “under God” was not added until 1954.

  15. Amen! Please listen to this speech in its entirity. You will be encouraged. Invite your children and grandchildren to listen also. Perhaps they will be encouraged to stand up and give voice to our beliefs and values.

  16. Thank you Benjamin.. about time someone takes Obama to task. Hope our Benjamin(Netanyahou) gives him another dose of truth on international (Iran )policies. PS I am Israeli

  17. I never get enough of hearing this wonderful God send. We must remember one thing about Dr. Carson. God has sent him to us to give us the light we need to take this country back from the people who are trying to take it from us. I know God put him there at a time when we need the God in heaven to look down on us with pleasure. He can not do that unless we GET GOD and Dr. Carson is his instrument. We must not forget why God put him in front of us. What a wonderful man of God . the messanger .

  18. I watched The Gifted Hands last night. Googled you today. I was very inspired by you. You had a wonderful role model in your Mother. Wishing you the best always. Keep up the good work. I will pass your name around as much as I can. You are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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