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Obama Appears Sleepy, Chews Nicorette at Prayer Breakfast

President Obama appeared exceedingly sleepy at the annual National Prayer Breakfast today, looking like he was having trouble staying awake as others spoke and delivering his own remarks ponderously, with heavy eyelids and a tired visage.

Screen shot of Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.
Screen shot of President Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.

Obama, who rarely holds a publicly announced event before 10:00 am and is known to be a nighthawk, was forced to show up at the breakfast at 7:55 am.

While listening to the warmup speakers, the president’s eyes were frequently downcast, he appeared drawn, and he was chewing gum, presumably the Nicorette he is known to use to satisfy his nicotine addiction without smoking. He occasionally brushed a finger onto an eye, as if trying to remove morning crust or wetness. He sometimes seemed to miss his cues to laugh or smile politely at jokes.

Obama appeared to labor particularly hard to stay awake while opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed a dirge-like classical song accompanied only by piano.

The president perked up a bit during the keynote address by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, who spoke of his rise from poverty and the need for better education in America – though Obama appeared to begin getting sleepy again when Carson started promoting a flat tax.

UPDATE: Here’s a bit of video from Obama’s performance. Notice he comes alive a bit toward the end, though in a kind of petulant way.

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277 thoughts on “Obama Appears Sleepy, Chews Nicorette at Prayer Breakfast”

  1. Look, YOU’D be sleepy TOO if you had to listen to Moochelle snore off her massive lobster dinners all night! Not to mention the nocturnal butt burps from her ginormous posterior…give the guy a break!

    1. “Not to mention the nocturnal butt burps…” – jbw

      Now now, jbw. You know that gas is only from all the cabbage that she tweeted…

      I can’t respond to the rest. Didn’t you see the previous blog?

      Any discussion of Moochie’s hindquarters is strictly off-limits, because, well, “you’re a racist!”, that’s why!

      Apparently, “racism = anything that doesn’t praise the Obamas”.

      So stop it. And eat your peas.

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  3. So did his highness wake up when Dr. Carson spoke?

    Kerry yawned through the whole thing, Obummer withheld any applause. Dr. Carson has the perfect solution to the whole healthcare problem- but will not be heard. It isn’t 2,700 pages long, isn’t filled with pork, doesn’t require a regiment of IRS agents to enforce, and doesn’t need to be passed before we find out the contents.

    I applaud him for more or less saying that this emperor has no clothes! This is the modern version of David versus Goliath- but Goliath controls the media and supreses the story.

  4. I don’t have a problem with the President coming in sleepy. Most Christians have experienced that sometimes during their early morning prayer and Bible reading time. I DO have a problem with him claiming to BE a Christian when he shows NO SIGN, in accordance with scripture, to PROVE or DEMONSTRATE he is a Christian. Jesus said the world would know us by our love; and by our fruit. Before you perverts comment on the word, I suggest strongly you curb your tongues. There is a curse involved in mocking God. The fruit is the WORK that we do in this life. Repent all you who do not accept Jesus as the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

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  6. Why are the contents of Dr. carsons remarks, mainly healthcare missing from this article? What he stated would end Obamacare and put a new system into place that resolve the healthcare issues. No wonder he was sleeping, he could care less.

  7. Poor Barry. he had to get up “early” and attend an event.

    meanwhile everyday Americans routinely awake at 6 am and work each day, unlike this petulant moron in chief.

    By the way, Chris Rock, Barry is not my dad or boss… I am HIS boss. he works for me.

  8. He speaks of humility; yet, we see little of that from him. From the “I won” at the meeting with GOP leaders to discuss health care reform (to John McCain) to the GOP “needs to get in the back seat”, this President oozes a lack of that very quality.

    As for his comments about the cable news shows, it is abundantly clear that unless you agree with this man, you are to be considered unbelievable, uncooperative, and are to be marginalized.

    His inability to even pretend to be interested and awake is quite telling.

  9. Did any of you actually read Dr. Carson’s speech? He basically said the Affordable Care Act is ill-conceived and we should quit persecuting success in this country. He made some very good points.

  10. Obama seemed tired because he happens to be the laziest president we have had in literally decades. He may be a night owl but don’t be fooled into thinking he’s working late at night. Obama might put in a solid 5 hours of work on a good day. Say what you want about Bush 43 but that guy was behind his desk, without fail by 6AM.

  11. Obama is a spoiled brat. Rude. Disrespectful. Arrogant. Low class. No manners. He obviously wanted everyone to know that he didn’t want to be there. I am surprised he didn’t rub his nose or cheek with this middle finger which is one of his favorite methods of showing his displeasure.

  12. Should have had his spiritual mentors, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright speak.

    Their bigoted, racist tirades command more attention.

  13. I would give NOW some credibility if they denounced how Muslims treat women and any Democrats sexual trysts (Menendez for example). They are just another shill organization for the Democratic Party. These women that choose to work in these places are well aware of what they are doing and should be applauded for working.

  14. Obama would rather play with his drones while fantasizing the best way to take out his right wing terroristic critics. More hollowpoint bullets!

  15. Obama almost chokes just before he has to say, “The Word”…like it is something offensive or so foreign to him. He is a pretender…a deceiver…and very undisciplined. Why doesn’t he go to bed at 10pm and get up at 5:30 or 6am like the rest of America? No wonder our Country is falling apart while he watches espn all night long.
    We all need to pray…constantly…that God delivers us from dishonest and ill-intentioned leaders.

  16. Obozo-the laziest, most criminal, dog eating, coke head, heathen, to ever hold office ! And, morons actually love it and want 4 more years of this economic tyranny !

  17. Is there a gum for Obama to chew to help him overcome withdrawal symptoms from non-stop campaigning which he has done over the last 6 years?

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  19. Lazy P-O-S can’t function before 10 AM. Bush was up at dawn – hard at work.

    And of course … the subject was of no interest to him … since he’s a Muslim. What a hoax he is playing on America. I so hate this man !!

    1. he has said if the winds of forture turn again the muslims, he would always side with them….it’s in his books…check it out…this is where his loyalties lie…and he is using America and the presidency to enable them….what have we done!!??

  20. Obama sleeps through prayer breakfast just like he slept through the Benghazi attack. Obama and Hillary were AWOL during the attack.

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:
    Panetta said that Obama left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the Americans under seize, “up to us.”

    In fact, Panetta says that the night of 9/11, he did not communicate with a single person at the White House. The attack resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

    Panetta said that, save their 5 o’clock prescheduled meeting with the president the day of September 11, Obama did not call or communicate in anyway with the defense secretary that day. There were no calls about the what was going on in Benghazi. He never called to check-in.

    Neither the secretary of defense nor the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke to the secretary of state during the 8-hour attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. At a Thursday hearing in the Senate, Republican Ted Cruz asked both Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey, “In between 9:42 p.m., Benghazi time, when the first attacks started, and 5:15 am, when Mr. Doherty and Mr. Woods lost their lives, what converations did either of you have with Secretary Clinton?”

    “We did not have any conversations with Secretary Clinton,” Panetta responded.

    General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the State Department never requested “support” in Benghazi:
    “Why didn’t you put forces in place to be ready to respond?,” Senator John McCain asked the general.

    Dempsey started, “Because we never received a request to do so, number one. And number two, we –”

    McCain iterrupted, “You never heard of Ambassador Stevens’s repeated warnings?”

    “I had, through General Ham,” responded Dempsey, referring to the commander of AFRICOM. “But we never received a request for support from the State Department, which would have allowed us to put forces–”

    “So it’s the State Department’s fault?”

    There you have it folks, just as we have suspected all along. Obama AWOL while Americans were under attack. So just where was Obama? Maybe he was spaced out doing a “little blow”?, or two busy hob-knobibing with some Hollywood celebrity fake to pay attention to our Ambassador and three other Americans under attack by Muslim thugs.

    Time to impeach this would be dictator. Sign the petition at the link below. Pass it on and urge others to sign also. Don’t be afraid to take a stand for American Freedom.

  21. Obama has no religion in his life and it’s only a prop for him to get votes from people that say to themselves, “hey, he goes to church so me must have morals and values”. Suckers!

  22. Don’t know who he was praying to…the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, and the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ doesn’t condone abortion or homosexuality, …or think that the muslim call to prayer is “the prettiest sound” He’s ever heard…

  23. The liberals progressive movement was an experiment in social engineering and gave us this loser for a president. Something went wrong and they did NOT expect these results! Their choice was supposed to assimilate like the rest of us, but he clearly is giving them the bird…my way or no way…I laugh at your constitution which I have “sworn” wink, wink, to uphold and defend.
    The libs painted themselves into a corner…it’s support the clown or lose their jobs…they’ve already lost their credibility…
    They promoted multiculturalism and as a result we have no culture..are divided, thanks to the loser president, in a way that leaves us without a common voice to speak out against the way he is destroying America. He is out for revenge..and to have the power to destroy America…meantime, he is laughing all the way to the bank. We get what we tolerate…writing smut remarks on a blog is not the way to bring America back. SPEAK UP…before it’s too late. Snap out of it America, before it’s too late. Tyranny or liberty…you choose!

  24. While Obama and Kerry were asleep, Dr. Ben Carson stole the show by attacking Obama’s tax and punish the rich bull. What really did it was when he put forth he answer to Obama care. Essentially he said: when a child is born give him an electronic health record and a Health Saving Account where the free market will compete for his dollar.
    For those who don’t know Dr Carson. He is head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is considered the best in his field.

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