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Obama Appears Sleepy, Chews Nicorette at Prayer Breakfast

President Obama appeared exceedingly sleepy at the annual National Prayer Breakfast today, looking like he was having trouble staying awake as others spoke and delivering his own remarks ponderously, with heavy eyelids and a tired visage.

Screen shot of Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.
Screen shot of President Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.

Obama, who rarely holds a publicly announced event before 10:00 am and is known to be a nighthawk, was forced to show up at the breakfast at 7:55 am.

While listening to the warmup speakers, the president’s eyes were frequently downcast, he appeared drawn, and he was chewing gum, presumably the Nicorette he is known to use to satisfy his nicotine addiction without smoking. He occasionally brushed a finger onto an eye, as if trying to remove morning crust or wetness. He sometimes seemed to miss his cues to laugh or smile politely at jokes.

Obama appeared to labor particularly hard to stay awake while opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed a dirge-like classical song accompanied only by piano.

The president perked up a bit during the keynote address by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, who spoke of his rise from poverty and the need for better education in America – though Obama appeared to begin getting sleepy again when Carson started promoting a flat tax.

UPDATE: Here’s a bit of video from Obama’s performance. Notice he comes alive a bit toward the end, though in a kind of petulant way.

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277 thoughts on “Obama Appears Sleepy, Chews Nicorette at Prayer Breakfast”


  2. Suspect Obama has spent a sleepless night due to information indicating a triple whammy on the US:

    The economy is going to shrink in the first quarter due to tax hikes and Social Security premiums going up. This will shake markets. Compounded with increased deficit spending in this same quarter, tremendous pressure will hit US prime rate artificially kept down by Quantitative Easing. The Fed may not be able to stop it. If that pans out, housing will shrink again, consumer rates will go up, and financing the Federal cumulative debt could double easily pushing the deficit past $1.2 Trillion instead of the $900 billion forecast.

    Iran has a compact fission nuclear weapon, has developed a missile that can hit the US from off our coast. Iran will have a compact thermonuclear “city buster” weapon in three to four months.

    North Korea has sent technicians and plans for its long range missile to Iran. it will detonate a fission device in the 15Kt range in a few weeks. Its fourth weapon will indicate boost yield capacity.

    Enough to give anyone a sleepless night. Look at his gray hair. How young Obama looked 4 years ago. He will look 60+ when he leaves this job.

  3. What? You mean I have to get up when? I’m the most important man in the world, I shouldn’t have to get up at seven. Kinda makes me wonder if Hillary Clinton’s comercial of the presidents’ four AM phone call is true.

  4. Obviously tired out from golf and appearing on tv shows as first celebrity. Maybe it’s a good thing – he can do less damage to America when he’s asleep. Or maybe Christian prayers just bore him.

  5. He keeps his finger on the lines, he lies through…them..He’s talking about himself of corse….& a swipe against the Cable news…one & only Fox News is who he’s referring to as the others cow down with him! Phony as a R$3.00 bill.

  6. Obammy sleeps during Christian prayers. He responds to “Allah hu Akbar!” and is a Night owl from his choom gang abuse of pot and cocaine.

  7. He slept through school and was only awake when scoring some choom, why would you expect this slacker to stay awake at a show event, a church he only attends for the rubes with cameras?

    flat tax zzzzzzzzzzzz, (dreaming of communism and ruling like a czar).

  8. obumacare threatens to refuse medical services to smokers. if this president smokes the way we know he does, will he lose his benefits? why not? why are we the only fools being forced to follow the stupid rules?

  9. I do believe..he had never laid eyes on his “speech” until he walked up to the podium. I did especially like his reference to the “shelf life” of the Prayer Breakfast…I find it reminiscent of the “shelf life” of his PROMISES…by the time he gets back to the Oval Office…he has forgotten what he said. It is evident he watches NETWORK NEWS…because if he had watched CABLE NEWS…he would have been REMINDED of his promises.

  10. Obama perked up when he heard his voice bounce back at himself off of the raptors. Schumer read from Scripture? What… Revelations? Kerry yawning? Late night partying probably with some UN folks.

    Complete disgrace.

  11. Watched the video without the sound, can’t stand listening to him babble on with his lies, noticed how scrawny he looks, can’t even fill the suit, he appears to be on some type of “medications”.
    I do agree, he looks tired, destroying a great nation does takes a lot out of you, I think he should just do us all a favor & retire.

  12. Wow — did he look uncomfortable! When Obama wants to talk to God, he usually just looks in the mirror!

    Seriously: The man has been told by too many people about how “special” he is.

    He reminds me of that episode of SEINFELD (“The Cafe”) in which Jerry tries to help Babu with his little Pakistani cafe. Jerry thinks to himself, “Mom was right! I am special!”

    It seems that Obama looks in the mirror, thinks that he isn’t just “special” — but that he is God.

  13. @Nancy,, Took your suggestion & re-watched w/the sound off…. It had the exact same affect… Sound-On or Sound-Off I didn’t hear anything other than a slight usless annoying buzz

  14. Dr. Benjamin Carson, highly respected black neurosurgeon, the speaker, ripped Obama’s socialist policies, but Obama was sleeping…the mainstream media will ignore.

  15. Look at him. Would you sell out to the Monarchs of the world for his condition. Crime pays, at what cost? I have no empathy for those who commit themselves to destroying others. This guy is taking a beating for his masters.

  16. The only way he would have been “alert” was if the breakfast gathering was praying to him, not with him and not for him. Since it wasn’t all about the Grand Imam, he was just bored.

  17. He has no interest in God, attended a fake church for 20 years that hated Whitey more than it paid attention to God and specialized in creating illusions of normalcy: e.g., by Lavender marriages. When there was a God thing going at the WH or on Air Force One, you could count on Condi and Laura and W to be wide awake and for real. When O tries to talk about Scripture, he hits the zero genuineness bar every time.

  18. We are not a Democracy, we are a Representative Republic.

    If they repeat it often enough, the sheeple will believe him and he can act outside the constitution.

  19. Compare this to our Dear Leaders reaction to the Prayer Breakfast to how he “acts” when he meets up w/JayZ & Bouncy or the Miami Heat. Attention Chris Rock, “Dad” needs some medical attention or some sort of intervention…

    Thanks again “Kevin” you rocked out another great ACT OF JOURNALISM!

  20. Sleepy? How about, disinterested and bored into a near coma. Kerry too. A ‘Prayer Breakfast’ is just not ‘where it’s at’; for Marxists. An ‘invocation’ to Karl; however; might get their attention. . .

    1. WOW! Accolades from the LEADER of the Republican party!

      Unless that’s Grover Norquist or Karl Rove or the Koch brothers or something…

      I get confused, the media keeps telling me different ones on different days. Can’t they at LEAST keep the lies STRAIGHT?

  21. This man as president is equivalent to a paper plate in a china cabinet. What a disgusting , worthless liar. This country is a home bound senior citizen and he is the irresponsible grandchild blowing her retirement with total disregard for her well being. What a scumbag.

  22. “Obama appeared to labor particularly hard to stay awake while opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed a dirge-like classical song accompanied only by piano.” – Keith Koffler

    Not his thing. She kept her clothes on, didn’t lip synch, her feet weren’t bloody from practicing, and she didn’t have a drug dealing husband that just looking at him makes Obama kinda, well, “frisky”…

    No wonder he couldn’t keep his eyelids up!

      1. My bad, didn’t see him. Must have not been a very physically ATTRACTIVE many, though. Obama would have been all over that if he were…

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