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Quote of the Day || February 5, 2013

“I do support a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. It’s just that the spending cuts might get lost in the mix.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. THIS IS DISTURBING BECAUSE THE PRESS HAS ABDICATED THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES FOR US: “I think you’ve seen in the way that this president has approached them the seriousness with which he takes all of his responsibilities on this,” claimed Carney, moments after Obama walked out of the press room after delivering a short statement on the pending sequester budget cuts.
    Numerous reporters asked for more details and officials explanation of how the policy would work, for example, if an American-born jihadi living in the United States was about to launch an attack.
    “These issues are best explained by a lawyer,” said Carney.
    Obama is a lawyer, and worked as constitutional-law lecturer during the 1990s. Reporters at the White House event were dissatisfied about Carney’s evasions, but none openly complained or objected.
    One reporter called out questions, but fell silent when Carney asked another reporter for a question.
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