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Washington Post: Critics of Michelle’s Weight are Racist

The Washington Post today published an article by a reporter who is not a member of the editorial staff suggesting in no uncertain terms that those who criticize First Lady Michelle Obama for holding too much weight in her derriere are racist.

While opening her article by reporting an obviously insulting remark by a high school football coach, reporter Krissah Thompson goes on to write statements and include quotes indicating a general racist intent on the part of those who find Michelle to be overweight if they believe she has excess weight in her posterior.

From the article:

But what is it with Michelle Obama’s critics and the fixation with her derriere?

“We have a history in this country of white people not showing adequate respect for and devaluing the bodies of black women, and this most definitely falls in line with that,” says Ayana Byrd, the co-editor of the anthology “Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips and Other Parts . . . ”

The first lady’s critics “are reacting to the culture in which they’ve grown up or they are using it as a code to racialize Michelle Obama and remind people that she’s black,” says Andra Gillespie, an associate professor of political science at Emory University.

In her own analysis, Thompson, who covers race issues for the post, links comments about Michelle’s posterior to slavery.

The focus on this first lady’s posterior has historical antecedents. It reaches back to the imagery of Hottentot Venus, a woman from what is now South Africa whose naked body and pronounced posterior were paraded in shows throughout 19th-century Europe. On to the selling and trading of black women’s bodies through slavery.

Without question, some mentions of Michelle’s posterior are animated by racism and racial stereotyping. But the article suggests that any reference to the size of a portion of Mrs. Obama’s anatomy is racist.

The article includes no quotes or commentary that might provide balance by raising the topic of whether it is fair to discuss the first lady’s own weight as she leads a campaign to reduce the amount of fat kids are carrying around.

The piece also indicates a political bias in favor of the first lady and her agenda, calling a criticism of her Let’s Move program “the latest public rant” against low calorie lunches in schools that features “the usual protest against the federal government meddling in local business.”

343 thoughts on “Washington Post: Critics of Michelle’s Weight are Racist”

    1. It just keeps getting bigger, too…

      “What” keeps getting bigger, I leave to your imagination, since I wouldn’t want this doubtlessly soon-to-be Pulitzered and Nobel’d reporter who’se opinion I value so highly to think I’m racist or anything…

      Let’s just say I don’t believe Twinkie the Kid is really dead. I just think he’s been forced to work in “the Big House” for the “lady” of the manor, which may explain certain creeping girth issues which, I’m sorry, we are no longer permitted to discuss. I’ll have to leave it at that, or Hubby Revenge will have to mention Mr. Koffler by name in his NEXT ‘Obstructionist” rant, and then we won’t be able to enjoy each other’s company any more…

      1. Washington is getting desperate to create news now that the truth has leaked out about the Coup, the cover up, the media blackouts, and the rigged elections. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the truth about the REAL ongoing Obama cover ups before it disappears forever.

        1. “… the media blackouts..” – CoverUpLeaked

          Ooooh, you can’t say “blackout”, it might be a “dog whistle”! And after you’ve been rebuked about showing the Queen the proper respect, too!

        2. Your site is full of innuendo, half truths and outright lies. You have no credibility. You troll other sites all day long with the hopes of getting someone…anyone…to come read your blather. You are a loser

    1. “can i blame my butt of someone else??” – Regina

      Sure. As long as it’s a Republican. And you turn to Obamacare to fix it…

      1. Will Obamacare really fix big butts? That’s just too good to be true. I am so tired of certain ladies referring to the desirability of a huge ‘booty’. Can’t they understand it’s just hideous?

        Oh no, My message is full of dog whistles, racist code words and other nasty things. Please, I’m not being a racist. Big Booties are not exclusive to black women, but also to uh, oh ah, hmm and uh. Can someone help me here?

    2. “It was Bush, the Tea Party, conservatives, libertarians, big oil, big banks, big coal and anyone else who disagrees with my dear Obama that caused my butt-ox to get so damn big. You’ll racists just stress me out so.”

  1. This is a change how? Anything you say to criticize them regardless of what the criticism is, has to be raciallly based because they are the best, most wonderful ever to be in the White House. There is absolutely no way it could be otherwise!! He’s better than Lincoln or Washington after all… Just ask em, they’ll tell ya.

  2. This is an attack against free speech wrapped in a racist charge, It’s also an attempt to silence any negative or critical comments directed at the Obamas.

    We’ve been called racists for being against government-run healthcare, or the bailout of the UAW, or just commenting on MrsO’s “toned arms”. That a national news media would direct attention to MrsObama’s “butt” is astonishing and without any concern for her personal feelings.
    If anyone is reminding the world that MrsObama is a Black woman, it is the WashPost and their insulting, racist, and anti-free speech opinion piece.

    1. I agree 100% with you srdem65. To be against the Obamas is to be labelled “racist,” which is what many have feared; that any criticism, negative reaction, or opposition be dismissed out of hand because of racism and not simple political objection.

      And yes, those who most protest “the issue” of Michelle’s rear end exploit racism for their own gain. I am NOT talking about the original critic, but so-called leaders and the media, those who constantly raise racism as a banner to bait the political opposition.

    1. Let me simplify it for you. Basically, anything negative you may say or think about the Obamas is racist. Don’t say anything negative about the Obamas, and you’ll be fine.

      If you like to say racist things about Black people, however, that’s perfectly OK. Just make sure it’s CONSERVATIVE black people, like Clarance Thomas or Condelezza Rice. THEN, you can throw all the vile, anti-Black terms you like…

      “But the remarks of Senate Democrats paled in comparison to the material served up by America’s humorists. Syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall depicted Rice proclaiming herself Bush’s “house nigga.”

      Rall’s depiction was followed months later by that of Jeff Danziger of the New York Times Syndicate. Danziger drew a big-lipped, barely literate Condoleezza Rice, nursing the aluminum tubes cited by the White House as evidence of Iraq’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

      “As Twitchy reported this morning, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the individual mandate in Obamacare as a tax. Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas dissented. Repulsively, yet predictably, this caused the Left to hurl vile racial slurs at Justice Clarence Thomas. They started yesterday, but are going all-in on the disgusting today.

      @QuenchAid_ @devinarielle Clarence Thomas is a slave… he needs to be removed! He votes the opposite just to not be a liberal african amer.—
      Oh K. Mayo (@ChiefPeeef) June 28, 2012

      RT @PhillyTheBoss: Clarence Thomas is painted black.. { He was appointed by Bush, that’s his great gpas slave, Loyalty lmao!—
      Tuti Da Boss (@TutiDaBoss) June 28, 2012

      He’s not “really black,” you see. Much like conservative women aren’t “real” women and are instead gender-traitors. To the Left, racists and sexists at heart, all people must be put into identity groups and then must all think alike. They can’t possibly think for themselves. Silly girls and minorities. Know your places!

      Clarence Thomas really is a slave though—
      Constitutional Bitch (@QuenchAid_) June 28, 2012

      CLARENCE THOMAS was born a slave…bred a slave…& will DIE a slave to the Republicans. He does not have FREE Will & can’t spell “FREEDOM!”—
      Che’ Vyfhuis (@chevyfhuis) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas voted against Obamacare…to me he is that field nigga that will never be a house nigga but he keeps trying anyway—
      Mario Price (@TheMarioPrice) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas is a successful, google worthy nigga. Does that mean we should be proud of his whipping boy house nigga ass?—
      Esteban Ruiz Machado (@ItsMeGrizz) June 27, 2012

      Some fall back on the repulsive “Uncle Tom” remarks.

      Clarence Thomas ole Uncle Tom azz never say a word..—
      J Anderson (@Team_JRod) June 28, 2012

      @LoniLove: Justice Clarence “Uncle” Thomas is still shaking his head…—
      The DLF (@delafantastika) June 28, 2012

      Bitch.ass Clarence Thomas said it voted aganist it the most uncle tominest shuckin and jivin nigga—
      Marvin STR8 (@Bmorespoet) June 28, 2012

      He don’t want black people to prosper. RT @PhillyTheBoss: Clarence Thomas is painted black.. that nigga aint black.—
      Mr. Ohhh…. (@iTalk2Slick) June 28, 2012

      “@LawSchool317: The Supreme Court has become liberal! I bet that nigga Clarence Thomas shot it down” you know he did.—
      Queen of Sheeba (@unbeLELAble) June 28, 2012

      That nigga got the Uncle Tom strong in him… RT @SwifftheSigma: Of course Clarence Thomas wasn’t going to vote in favor. Smh—
      Ace Boogie  (@AskWhy05) June 28, 2012

      That nigga… RT @SirMikeH: Are you really surprised? Lol RT @BlkPolitics: Clarence Thomas voting against it….this guy…—
      Bonnie (@leahbonnielove) June 28, 2012

      More not “really black.”

      #IdentityProblems RT @ItsJessieBetch: Clarence Thomas what an interesting fellow—
      Trill Smith (@ItsMrMoney) June 28, 2012

      “@LoniLove: Justice Clarence “Uncle” Thomas is still shaking his head…”>> he got sum s’plaining 2 do 2 blk power n him ..lollol—
      Pat G’Orge-Walker (@PGOrgeWalker) June 28, 2012

      Clarence Thomas will never change, just as much as the Imperial Wizard of the KKK will never change. Too far gone.—
      (@KarmaJonez) June 28, 2012

      RT @noALTERjustEBO: I will forever be baffled by Justice Clarence Thomas. <<Uncle Toms will forever baffle me too!—
      •N• (@o_na_na) June 28, 2012

      Well black people except for Clarence Thomas…he's cool…wait…is he even black? That's not like a really good spray tan?—
      A. Dre. (@SupDre) June 28, 2012

      Im convinced that Clarence Thomas (supreme court justice) just doesn't want 2be considered black which is the reason why he votes as he does—
      Yamie Higgins (@ThisIsYamie) June 28, 2012

      Sandra Rose is the female version of Clarence Thomas. They need to get married so they can hate each other for being black.—
      Tonya Stone (@luxurious_hair) June 28, 2012

      And slams at his wife, as well.

      I bet Clarence Thomas's Wife will be Drunk-Dialing Anita Hill again this weekend… #HCmsnbc—
      Marc (@CnoirBlaque) June 28, 2012


      And, don't forget, one of the leading Democrat lights, Robert Byrd, was an Exaulted Cyclops in the KKK. This hurt him not at all in the Democrat party.

      So, say all the nasty things about CONSERVATIVE blacks you want, in terms as disgusting and (old school definition) racist as you please.

      Just don't say anything bad about the Obamas. ANYTHING.

      It's racist, hater.

        1. Thank you. Coming from you, that’s a compliment, Susan.

          By the way, remember that George Wallace and Bull Conner were, uh, Democrats too, as was Al Gore’s daddy when he stood in the way of Civil Rights legislation which passed OVER the objections of – oh, my – Southern Democrats. And, for bonus points, name the party that gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan!

          “Dressed in robes and sheets, intended to prevent identification by the occupying federal troops (and supposedly designed to frighten blacks), the Klan quickly became a terrorist organization in service of the Democratic Party and white supremacy.”

          (Wow Cincy, what racist lying hater site did you find THIS information on? It CAN”T be real, must be The Blaze or something…)


          Talk about an “inconvenient truth”!

  3. Whenever this bunch can’t take the truth, they point a finger and play the “race” card. . .well, BHO, MO, WaPo. . .when you point one finger at us, you have 3 pointing back at yourselves!

    I’m not a doctor (only play one on the internet-lol). . .came across this article that IMO, they all need to read (and this can be applied to any/all in this regime who want to put the blame for their failures on everyone else):

    “Three Fingers Pointing Back to You”
    “Why we see the bad in others rather than ourselves”
    “Maybe you know the saying, “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.” Jesus had a version of this wisdom when he said, “Don’t focus on the speck in your brother’s eye while ignoring the log in your own eye.” When cruel accusations fly, we all need to hear the voice of reason that says, “Look in the mirror, sister. You might just be talking about yourself.”. .

    . . .”We all know what it’s like to get caught up in the heat of the moment. When we cannot bear to see something painful in ourselves, we want to get rid of it. We want to relocate the ugliness we feel about ourselves and put it into someone else. We say those bad feelings do not apply to us; they apply to someone else.”

    “The fancy psychoanalytic term for this unconscious process is projective identification. We get rid of the unwanted feelings (projection) and identify them as belonging to someone else (identification). I call it the shame relocation plan”. . .

    This bunch really are (IMO) narcissistic “head cases” aren’t they?

  4. The real racists are the liberals who cannot see beyond race in any given situation. If you disagree in any way with a liberal you’re a racist. The liberal fascism continues to redefine every word, every concept, every idea in order to control the minds of the populace. At some point, people of color will come to realize that all of the liberal pandering to race has been to enslave the masses to serve government elites, the new wealthy class, while the rest of the nation struggles not to offend their lordships.

  5. I guess political correctness outweighs the freedom of speech granted by the constitution. It would be one thing if the statements were untrue, but from my point of view they were spot on. And since when has commenting on a woman’s behind been considered racist? Me thinks the Washington Post is nothing but a bunch of anal twits looking to create controversy.

  6. The big-butted grifter tries to tell us how to feed our children, hunches over her plate shoveling down lobster at the inauguration luncheon like she hadn’t eaten in weeks, travels around spending taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow, and nobody can criticize her? Won’t be long before saying anything negative about the royal family lands you in the gulags for an attitude adjustment. If there is any justice left in our legal system, this coach is going to own the school district that suspended him for expressing an opinion.

    By the way, has WAPOS provided this much ink investigating the allegations against New Jersey Democrat Senator Menendez corruption and underage sexual escapades in the Dominican Republic? Didn’t think so…

  7. Talk about being racist. You are racists towards whites. You put ALL whites in the same category. I don’t do this. I make all people accountable for their INDIVIDUAL actions. This entire world is full of morons and racists.

  8. Keith, not only what you mentioned above, but when I filled out a correction form to WaPo expressing that Rush Limbaugh has not frequently called Michelle Obama “my butt” by “my belle,” they emailed me back a link to MEDIA Matters.
    So, Media Matters is now doing research for WaPo.
    Wow, journalism IS dead.

  9. The Motor Booty Affair, where you can dance underwater and not get wet
    (I got a string attached to my thang)
    Aqua dooloop-a-baby
    (When you pull my string)
    (I can do my thing like I oughta)

  10. I’m Hispanic. I’ve always told my wife, who’s Hispanic as well, the demise of this great nation will be from within because of the white population’s fear of being called racist. In the place where I’m originally from, only the slick survive. Everyone is out to take advantage of you. This is why I renounced the citizenship of my country of origin and became a US citizen. This country is still great. But it’s losing every day because of opportunistic a’holes playing with the minds of Americans. They’re taking away free speech with crap like this. They’re terrorizing the population. One can’t criticize a non-white Christian, straight male without being subjected to some form of intimidation by being referred to as racist or sexist or homophobe or bible thumper. Although I’m a white hispanic, I can’t really be referred to as racist, only as a sell out. But I don’t care. I say what’s right and am not afraid of my convictions. Please do the same and don’t allow crap like this to intimidate you into saying or doing what’s right. The first lady has a big butt and is out of shape and she has no standing in telling us what to eat and what’s good for us if she can’t keep it out of her own pie hole! There, I said it. Now go on and call me sell out. IDGAF!

  11. Simple truth is, she has a fat butt because she doesn’t think her “healthy eating” mantra applies to her. She eats like a farmhand and guzzles expensive wine and champagne, it all has calories Ms.Thompson and if the intake far exceeds the expenditure, fat ass ensues. It’s as simple as that. This woman’s defensive, false, racist article is noting more than that. Ms. Thompson is the farthest thing from a journalist and her stupidity shines through just like her racist attitude.

      1. oopsies! THIS is exactly right. I couldn’t care less how big a butt someone has, but I do expect someone who’s overweight not to try and tell ME what to eat!

  12. So let me get this straight. If I say Mooch has a big butt, I’m racist. If I say J-Lo has a big butt, I’m paying her a compliment. Can’t have it both ways.

  13. Whenever I see “racist”, I just stop paying attention. Calling everything and everybody racist every time you disagree with something is just old, weak and worn completely out. It shows a very limited mentality and serves no one but hate-mongers.

  14. I tried to post on how it’s not because she’s black, but because she’s bossy, eats caloric food herself, gets Shopped in magazines while the rest of us walk around in our real bodies, wears cocktaily sleeveless tops instead of an appropriate business suit, probably gets lipo and other treatments, disdains America, etc. I can’t seem to “post” at the Post, tho–is it through Facebook now? I am not on FB anymore. Very frustrating. I did find the responses quite vulgar, many referring to how that coach probably was so fat he could not see his….oh, forget this.

    1. no, the Post has its own commenting system, not FB. I was able to post several comments about Moochelle’s hypocrisy, hitting the points you have noted here. try it again if you want…but WaPo has 5,000+ comments and most of them are very stupid…I had to come over to WHD just to read something intelligent!

  15. Purple…….green…… and white like a barber’s pole or bright chartreuse………………… has nothing to do with color…………..

    Is her butt big or NOT…………?????

  16. Mooch fancies herself as some kind of pop icon…watch her dance the dougie w/pal Bouncey. They throw their bodies around which invites negative physical comments. Mooch has no dignity. She promotes self serving programs / projects. If she behaved better, ethically, perhaps people would be kinder in their remarks. I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever. And, in tying it all to slavery, only demonstrates Krissha has a chip on her affirmative action shoulder the size of Mooch’s butt. BTW: Rush has never referred to her as “butt” – however, he has used the moniker “belle.”. No fact checking at WaPo (a.k.a. Washington ComPost)

  17. Did this all start with the Alabama high school football coach who ranted about MO’s butt because of the low calorie lunch she forced through for children across the USA? I think he was pointing out the inadequacy of the diet for kids involved in after school athletics and the hypocrisy of the first lady who has shown ample evidence of not counting calories herself. I wasn’t going to comment because I thought initially that this was just another distraction the WaPo was creating for the benefit of Obama, but now I do think it important because it contrasts the rules for them vs. the rules for the rest of us.

  18. Ah yes, the ever present cry of racism. Funny how disagreeing with policies most Americans disagree with all the sudden made one an racist the moment the empty suited charlatan conned his way into the White House. The hypocrisy and double standard of the unethical, integrity challenged, unprofessional clowns in the media who portray journalists would be comical if some Americans didn’t actually rely on these subversive scum for their version of the ‘news’.
    I don’t respect this woman because she has no character, she has done NOTHING of note, nor has her husband, they are the most ’empty and devoid of accomplishment’ power couple of I’ve heard of. They are an entirely media created entity and it shows in their abysmal failures.
    Personally, while I look forward to the day the empty suited moral and intellectual coward is out of office, I am far more interested in seeing the American people hold the deceitful, lying scum at abc/cbs/cnn/wapo/nyt/nbc et al accountable for their breach of the public trust and their ‘treasonous’ lies and deceit on behalf of an ideology and a POLITICIAN! I hope the American people run ’em all out of town!

  19. Okay …. we all must realize we now have a king and queen running our great country. Anything that is said about either is considered racist or narrow minded. However, no one can deny he shoots a shotgun like a girl and that she does have a KING-SIZE BUTT. Neither comments are racist … just fact!

  20. There is a word for Michelle Obama’s affliction: it is called steatopygia. The majority of black women have it, so it is indeed a racial characteristic. Problem is, when black women overindulge in calories, their backsides often balloon up to comic proportions. Michelle Obama’s rear end has not quite reached comical proportions,yet, but it is an early indicator that despite her height and daily workouts, she IS overweight and probably being treated for high blood pressure. She is being criticized for her hypocrisy, packing down the white man’s junk food and haut cuisine in the White House while criticizing black school kids for eating food they like which makes them fat.

  21. No criticism of the Obama’s is allowed.

    One is only allowed to ask rhetorical questions, such as, “Is there any way that Barry and Mitchell could be more perfect?”

    1. Wishing to understand more about this condition, I read the article on Wiki, and now wish I had not. There are other symptoms of this syndrome that may require brain bleach after reading, especially while thinking of the Mooch.

  22. Michelle has a pear shaped figure. Many women do. Belts worn above the waist call attention to this type of figure – they do not disguise this type of figure.
    I am sorry that our elected representatives and appointed officials continue to believe they can speak fantasies and baseless accusations into reality.
    And, Keith…you have begun to “step up to the plate and knock the ball out of the park” within your recent blogs. You are exhibiting a level of courage and journalistic integrity not seen wthin the msm. I salute you for taking this stance and I thank you for giving us “nobodies” a voice. God bless.

  23. You just gotta love the Democrat Socialists Party of Anti Constitution, Gun Hating, Pot Smoking, Baby Killers. They, the original KKK Party, calling everyone that does not agree with them a Racist is ridiculous. Just face the facts the First Lady does have a broad butt and her criticizing others with the same problem, mostly within the Black community, is kind of hypocritical. So of course people will make jokes. The Obama politics of Discrimination and his religious followers is phenomenal and bizarre to say the least.

  24. I’ve heard Hillary Clinton be accused of having “piano legs” a number of times in the past. Can we expect Steinway & Sons to bring suit against such offenders for musical hatred?

    1. They goddam should! I will tolerate NO calumnies on Steinway pianos, especially unfeeling impersonations by left wing white female politicians.

    2. if I can be serious for a minute tho, this is a good example of something that really WAS an insult.

      Hillary never pretended to be a model of vibrant health or physical fitness, and she sure didn’t lecture us about how we weren’t exercising enough. so the people who talked about her “cankles” or legs were just being insulting for no reason. (and let’s not forget that Chris Matthews and a lot of other Democrats were happy to pile on with the Hillary insults after they’d fallen in love with Obama).

      Michelle Antoinette, OTOH, is constantly telling us that we don’t eat right, we don’t exercise, our kids are fat, we are fat…etc etc etc…all the while she’s inhaling as many taxpayer-funded lobster dinners as she can and dragging around many extra pounds.

      that’s the difference.

      of course, I didn’t vote for Obama, so I’m a de facto racist anyway– what do I know.

    1. Nancy Reagan only looked like she had an over-sized head because she was way too thin and had 80’s big hair. She reminded me of a Tootsie Pop.

  25. I have never found MO attrative. Its not a race thing, she is just not attractive and dresses like crap. She and Barry have demeaned the Presidency with their inappropriate dress and actions. I am in awe of the sycophants (MSM) gushing about how beautiful she is and what a trend setter she is. And the bangs,, I thought that was a photoshop it looked so ridiculous!

  26. A fat posterior of a black woman in no uncertain terms used by pundits and gadflies to describe the derrière of Mrs Obama is in no way a racist slur.

    People like Oprah, Alica Keys and the late Whitney Houston all have, had huge rear ends and they are not black. Pass the fried chicken please. Yuk. Yuk.

  27. The race card is overplayed to deflect any and all criticism of The First Beard.
    Michelle Obama has set herself up as an expert in fitness and nutrition.
    Therefore, she will receive warranted criticism about her own unfit body and poor eating habits.

    Perhaps Beyonce should stop “fixating” on HER posterior and stop using it and exploiting herself by shaking it all over the place. Put some clothes on and learn to sing for real. Talk about a person parading her own posterior around and calling attention to it!

  28. Lets address Michelle Obama’s most personal choices. Before the inauguration, what is left of what we jokingly refer to as “media” were breathless that the Divine Mrs. O had bought a new (Korean hair?) STRAIGHT HAIRED wig…gasp…with bangs (or fringe as the monumental change was reported “across the pond.”). Any if any of the “Race Enthusiasts” were slightly honest to questions of how the ICONIC Michelle “Belle” appears to young women who share her ethnicity, they would question the decision of the “not so proud of her Country,” wife of the “historic first Black candidate, Obama” having rhinoplasty (a nose job) to look, how to say it, “more European.” Look at the early photos of M. Robinson, Esq. Her personal “taste” says more than a HS coach’s off the cuff comment on the state of school lunches.

    1. About those bangs (fringe) I may be wrong, but I do believe the last First Lady to sport bangs/fringe was Mamie Eisenhower. And that’s what I see when I look at Mooch’s new do.

  29. I wish these people would get over themselves. Black culture is what it is and we can’t change it. They flaunt any negativity directed toward them as racism, Meanwhile, they do nothing but criticize and demean their white brothers and sisters. Isn’t that racism on their part? I’m just plain sick and tired of it.

    A perfect example is how the Super Bowl entertainment showcased black culture. Pretty undignified stuff out there for the entire world to see….and I’m not a prude. Beyonce and company were simply disgusting from start to finish – AND – there is no way anyone, no matter what kind of shape he/she is in who can prance around and sing like that for 30 minutes plus. Obviously another lip-sync pulled on the television audience.

  30. What would you call constant critique about the size of her lips? How about if you went on and on about her skin? There are no two butts about it the constant references to Michelle Obama’s rear end are not only impolite, puerile and rude – they are racist.

    1. Mick Jagger has big lips, but nobody calls me racist for saying that. When you are in the “limelight” you are going to receive criticism. That doesn’t mean everyone who says something is racist. Grow up.

    2. uh, if there WAS a “constant critique about the size of her lips” that would be pretty bad. unfortunately for you, there isn’t.

      this is what we call a “straw-man” argument, and it’s just silly. I’m not surprised you’re trying it, tho, since Obama loves straw men too, as we saw during the campaign.

      anyway: as MichelleIndependent so eloquently put it, above: “Michelle Obama has set herself up as an expert in fitness and nutrition. Therefore, she will receive warranted criticism about her own unfit body and poor eating habits.”

      that’s it, and that’s all of it. but hey, if you’re comfortable holding onto that race card, well, you just go right ahead.

  31. Nah. We just like to make fun of her because we like to and because she is such a self-righteous little priss, AND because, despite King Craptastic’s best efforts, America is still a country where we are free to speak as we like.

  32. I wonder what Krissah Thompson thinks of “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot?
    Does she ever reference that? Is that not racist and indicative of slavery and the way women’s bodies were sold during slavery?
    Hmmm, apparently not since it was composed and performed by a black man.
    Discrimination is discrimnation is discrimination. Whether it is white on black, black on white, white on white, black on black, or any other race against race.
    The liberal mind is a very curious thing to watch in action. It goes round and round, never finding resolution or an exit from it’s torment.

  33. It’s almost getting kind of funny how fast the liberals use the race card when anybody says anything bad about the Obama’s. They obviously have nothing intelligent to say or any valid argument to use, so they resort to that old liberal standby of calling everyone racists.

    What’s even funnier is that these same liberals obviously have sub-conscious racist issues of their own, and the only way they can feel better about themselves is by seeing racism everywhere and by making everyone else a racist like they are.

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