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Republicans Have a Good Laugh Over Obama Budget Offer

Republicans leaders today signalled they are not the least bit interested in President Obama’s proposal to temporarily put off the March 1 fiscal cliff with some spending cuts and tax increases.

In a sign the GOP plans to start playing a little rough and damn a few of the public relations torpedoes, top Republicans asserted today that Obama will not be taken seriously until he addresses spending in a somewhat more sober matter.

“I’m flabbergasted,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon told POLITICO ahead of the president’s speech. “Until he addresses the real problem, which is mandatory spending, he’s just whistling in the wind.

House Speaker John Boehner also prebutted Obama’s remarks, made early this afternoon in the White House briefing room, seeming to suggest that entitlement cuts – the only kind that can get the nation to a balanced budget – must be on the table instead of quick fixes.

“The president’s sequester should be replaced with spending cuts and reforms that will start us on the path to balancing the budget in 10 years,” he said.

Obama in his remarks prescribed a mix of tax increases and spending cuts to kick the problem down the road a little further. The president desperately wants to get budget issues off the table so he can focus on his top priority, immigration reform.

“So if Congress can’t act immediately on a bigger package, if they can’t get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then I believe that they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester for a few more months until Congress finds a way to replace these cuts with a smarter solution,” he said.

BTW, tax reform apparently now means tax increases in the White House lexicon.

Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, the GOP chairman of the tax writing committee, released a statement rejecting Obama’s suggestion that taxes be raised.

“Tax reform should be about making the code simpler and fairer for American families and helping employers create more jobs,” he said. “The president’s proposal is nothing more than another tax hike to pay for more Washington spending. That is not what America needs.”

25 Responses to Republicans Have a Good Laugh Over Obama Budget Offer

  1. There are some very simple and common sense ways to pare down the governments expenses when it comes to entitlements.

    Social Security and SSD: Eliminate the ability of parents to apply for SSD for their children for such things as ADD/ADHA, mental illness (bi-polar, ODD, and a host of others that even the AMA says cannot truly be established until the child is much older). Only allow children who have legitimate physical disabilities and are in need of special services to get through life to qualify. Parents are using their kid’s bad behavior as a cash cow rather than deal with the problems.

    Eliminate Social Security and Medicare for those persons in the top 5% income bracket. Harsh? Yes. But they have paid in all their lives! Yes, but they can afford to take the hit right now when the country’s budget needs the help. This will also force the politicians in DC to have to make some real choices, and not keep kicking this down the road. Money talks!

    Food stamps: Eliminate all “food” products that are not needed for life. Things like chips, soda, snacks, candy and the like have only been adding to the problems of obesity in this country, so why not ban them as approved food items. The cut in wasted/trash calories will become evident quickly, as people start to eat healthier, or at least not as much junk. Plus, so many want a nanny state, well let them have a nanny state for their benefits.

    Begin mandatory drug screens for anyone receiving federal benefits. If they pass, then it is no charge to them. If they fail, then they pay for the test and lose all their benefits. Drug abuse is considered a major problem, this would force people to stop their abusing, and get help to be drug free. Then they might be able to get jobs, once the economy turns around.

    Stop funding all programs not needed for the actual running of the country. PBS, NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts, “science” studies on why college co-eds when given enough tequila will flash their breasts at people during spring break, and such. Get rid of all federal agencies that are not needed to run the country – Education would be a great start. Merge any agency that has overlap with any other agency, eliminating government duplication and regulation. Get rid of the Czars – they are extra legal positions.

    Put the WH on a budget. All travel not directly related to governing will be paid for by POTUS and his family. Day stump speeches don’t qualify. Any and all travel by POTUS for political purpose has to be approved by an ombudsman selected by the House (they hold the purse strings – supposedly). Any parties, soirees, etc., will be paid for by POTUS. The only costs that will be covered are when the president is entertaining foreign officials.

    An across the board cut in federal pay, so that federal employees have pay parity with the private sector, this pay rate would have all the federal benefits included in the formula so as to reach true parity.

    Stop all pay for POTUS, VPOTUS, SCOTUS, House and Senate members until a balanced budget is passed.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Shofar, 100% behind you on this one.

      What puzzles me is MO’s Get Moving kick, and yet neither her, BO or even the agencies that oversee the Food Stamp program have attempted to change the allowed / not allowed list. Of course we have to contend with the usage of EBT for cash which is so stupid. If they want the federal govt to pay for their Food Stamps then it’s time for some accountability. Afraid of being ashamed in the checkout line?? When 1 in 5 are on the program (don’t quote me on this I could be wrong), “does it really matter anymore?”.

      Make them take a wiz quiz for entitlements?? Am ALL for it! I have had to do for over 30 yrs now with employment, so they should be right there with us if they want assistance. Also, random testing is also a good idea.

    • Fantastic proposal, Shofar. In order to get it done, we’ll have to clear out the deadwood in Congress and replace them with conservatives who commit to those ideals. Bawlin’ Boehner and Mitch the Cowardly Lion sure aren’t interested. Like Ronald Reagan said, “The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program.”

    • WONDERFUL! You have echoed our voices! 100% plus behind what you have proposed and I know lots of my friends would agree!! Who in the DC scene would think this was a viable solution?

      • “Put the WH on a budget. All travel not directly related to governing will be paid for by POTUS and his family. Day stump speeches don’t qualify. Any and all travel by POTUS for political purpose has to be approved by an ombudsman selected by the House (they hold the purse strings – supposedly). Any parties, soirees, etc., will be paid for by POTUS. The only costs that will be covered are when the president is entertaining foreign officials.”

        Just a small blurb from your brilliant treatise! Well done!

    • let’s just get this out of the way….

      The republicans and their leadership are wimps, and have NO Guts.

      They will fold, and give way.
      They say they have to communicate better but have NO idea on how to do that.

      • Scottso – you are correct in your assessment of the GOP leadership. They have no new ideas on how to communicate their philosophy, nor do they know how to shape the debate.

        They are threatened by the Tea Party, and I already see them throwing the Tea Party out the door in order to keep the status quo the same. It is not about doing what is right for the America people and the country, it is all about power. If the GOP keeps moving the way it is, glacially, then it will be relegated to the dust bin of history much like the Whigs. And perhaps it is time that it is.

        The party of Lincoln and Reagan have become nothing more than front men for a watered down version of the Democrats. I personally do not know the answer, other than for those who wish to see this country survive to split from the GOP, and take some of the strong Blue Dog Dems with and form a new party that is committed to doing what is right for all of us, not just the few of us.

    • Great list Shofar ! My contribution would be:

      Eliminate the DHS, privatize the TSA and return FEMA to a Cabinet level position that reports directly to the President. Katrina and Sandy are good examples of politics getting in the way.

      Fair Tax baby ! See for more info….biggest benefit, it eliminates the IRS !

      Across the board 10% budget cuts for ALL federal agencies, that would eliminate the deadwood and spending waste. Agencies that come in under budget could be rewarded with a bonus for their employees ? Whenever a debt ceiling needs to be raised an automatic across the board budget cut should be enacted as well.

      I especially agree that our wealthy citizens shouldn’t be given social benefits … their lifetime contribution to these safety nets for the less wealthy middle class and below …. should be their “sharing the wealth” contribution to shut up the 99% who whine about the 1%.

      How is it that Keith’s WHD posse is so much smarter than Congress!? :D

  2. “prebutted”, is that like leading from behind, because the Repubs have nothing to put out there in a public discussion of what they want to reform, cut, eliminate, or whatever.

    If any of those elitiest publicity hounds in Congress can offer a 10% cut across the board of all government agencies and discretionary spending, then they might actually be on the right track to easing our national burden.
    Butt, we all realize that the flabbergasted and the amused will bend to the President’s will and the public’s wallet will continue tobe picked clean.

  3. “prebutted” Comical. Watching the GOP go up against Obama is like watching a HS football team who’s play book has been stolen by the opposition. The game is a wipe out.

    Obama makes some nonsensical proposal with, as usual, little substance. But….it IS “something”. The GOP then expresses frustration that he is not dealing in good faith, nothing substantive, etc and rejects said proposal, with NO CONCRETE SPECIFIC ALTERNATIVE given. The “low information voter” can then conclude “Gee, Obama is right. They are the party of No!”

    Obama gets the credit and we get the blame. Marvelous

    • Rick – It is not odd we can “watch” all of this crap from our electronic devices and draw such clear distinctions – even be far apart in viewpoints on critical issues… Yet, if I can stereotype, “most” of us agree on one thing – our elected folks get so ugly and petty it is hard to distinguish the behavior, let alone policy… Geez…

      I wonder, we could probably be just as “entertained” by watching a bunch of second graders at recess or perhaps observing 4 unbelted kids in the back seat of Mom’s Ford in 1953…coming back from ice cream – sugar kicking in… ;)

      The dysfunction – our best and brightest in Washington faithfully serving the electorate…

      • Just a comment about the “unbelted” scenario, RT. Its very easy with 20/20 hindsight to observe deficiencies from the past. However, while I have zero desire to see children thrown thru windshields or go into a sugar reaction, I will say that 1) They were in MOM’s car so there was a parental involvement lacking today; 2) They were coming back from having ice cream together, not sitting in their rooms XBox controller in hand or headphones blaring into their ear canals; 3) God forbid, they were having fun as we defined it back in the day.

  4. Nice Headline! Laughing is a key to a full life. And, I am just tickled pink to see a few folks on Capital Hill trying a new approach to address a crisis. My Dad, bless his soul, used to joke / laugh whenever he was under severe stress. We all cope differently.

    So, maybe, just maybe, some of the Republicans will use this technique to begin to forge a more united front to combat the President: a common enemy and a common cause (1). Good deal. A good fight is a fight worth having and the American people will benefit from the process. Yes, yes we will.

    ~ RT

    (1) Reference: A number of Saul Alinsky’s principles are in play here. Nice to see the Republicans paying umbrage to him. Imitation is the kindest form of flattery…

  5. HIS top priority may be immigration reform, but for the rest of us it is spending reform, and, oh yes, JOBS. If the Republicans put off his immigration reform by pressing for a genuine budget, there are two positives in that. Illegal means just that: illegal, against the law, but now we hear that unless there are three certified misdemeanors against an illegal, he is not really illegal. That’s the President thwarting the law of the land.

  6. Yeah, sure weepy. We can count on you. TO ROLL ON YOUR BACK AND PISS ON YOURSELF.

    Hey, how about no more foreign aid? How about shutting down the epa, the dhs, the tsa, the welfare dept, the indoctrination dept, the energy dept and the un? Just off the top of my head.

  7. My family is Middle Class, my husband is the sole provider and in the military. He got a “cost of living increase” in January at the same time these “tax reforms” were put in place, he now makes less this year than last. I thought Mr. President was all about helping the middle class, but with these kinds of reforms, and no cutting, he’s going to see the middle class get smaller and smaller…which might be his ultimate goal, since that would put more people into the low income/depend on the Gov for everything class.

    • I firmly believe that Obama looks at the middle class not as a part of the proletariat, but a part of the bourgeoisie, and therefore must be eliminated before any true social reform can begin.

      Destroy the American middle class, and you force everyone to hate the rich, and become dependent upon the government for all things needed to survive. Obama and his ilk are not in this for the short game, but for the long. Their plan may well be to collapse what is left of the middle class, and bring about a new social order in the country.

  8. They are getting in the way of him breaking this country. wonder how he will bully his around this one. I just pray we can make it God willing another 3 years of obama’s hate for our country and what is stands for