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Obama to Call for Fiscal Cliff Delay

President Obama will call for a small package of spending cuts and tax increases to delay going over the next fiscal cliff.

The automatic, across the board cuts were delayed from their previous due date at the beginning of this year and are now scheduled to take effect March 1.

Obama will announce his proposal during an appearance at the White House at 1:15 pm ET. I will live stream it for you. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s briefing will immediately follow Obama’s remarks.

19 Responses to Obama to Call for Fiscal Cliff Delay

  1. The WH the other day said they’re not going to bother even trying to propose a budget on any timetable. In the past his budgets got zero votes.

    Is this historic or “unprecedented”?

    • then the Executive Branch should get “zero – $0.00 Dollars”. That would include gas $$ for his motorcade and aircraft fleet, party / entertainment expenses, staff members, cabinet members and czars, etc. If this were a real business, he would have been fired long ago.

    • I just read Mr.O is planning a trip over to Israel, West Bank & Jordan come Spring. Maybe he should stay home and take care of the country’s fiscal mess first. And by that I mean it’s 100% completed, delivered, passed and signed.

  2. Michelle Obama should not mind those jealous racist men who are very envious of the black woman’s African heritage. Ask any African man and the answer is that African women with big butts make wonderful homes as well as great mothers! It is also a well-proven fact that they live longer. As a full-blooded African man, give me a big-butted woman anytime. God knows we are very proud of our African women beautiful endowments. Nothing they say or do can ever change this perspective, and that is the very bitter truth they would rather not hear!

    • I have a back porch myself…I object to many things about her, hypocrisy, scary clothing choices, a disdainful attitude, etc. But I actually would not call her fat. Where do you come out on the wigs and hair straightening?

  3. Why not a 10% across the board budget cut to ALL the government agencies? That seems pretty fair and balanced to me.

    Maybe it’s time to refer to taxpayers as shareholders, might give us a louder VOICE ;) Those who file taxes that is. Refunds just mean you gave the gov’t an interest free loan :) They count too.