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White House Contempt for Average Americans

It’s not pleasant to be reminded that the White House is dripping with contempt for average citizens.

Tweets issued over the weekend by former White House senior adviser David Plouffe and his replacement, Dan Pfeiffer, shed some light on how President Obama and his top advisers view their opponents.

Not just their political opponents. Their doubters and detractors among the public.

Perhaps you have seen these juvenile messages that Plouffe and Pfeiffer dispatched Saturday mocking anyone who would suggest that the photo of Obama shooting skeet at Camp David was doctored.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.36.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.36.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.33.15 PMFor the record, no, I don’t believe the picture was photoshopped. And I never thought Obama was born in Kenya.

But given all the lies and deceptions that have come out of this White House and the fantastic frauds that have been perpetrated by previous White Houses, people can be excused for having a healthy suspicion of their leaders.

A president has to be president of all the people, even those who doubt him. And even those who hate him.

Pfeiffer with Obama
Pfeiffer with Obama

This president loves to think of himself as a modern day Lincoln. But Lincoln took a magnanimous position not just toward his opponents in the North, but even toward the Southerners who were in armed rebellion against him.

This president is no Lincoln, nothing like him. He presides over a petty, fully politicized White House that has real hatred toward people it is responsible for governing.

Obama himself once counseled Hispanic voters to punish their “enemies.” That Pfeiffer and Plouffe would gleefully take to Twitter to mock those who might be suspicious the photograph – and by suggestion those who believed Obama’s birth certificate to be false – is a pure reflection of the contempt that animates this White House.

It’s no coincidence that Obama and his advisers can’t establish any kind of relationship with conservatives. They hate conservatives, and they want to crush them.

Obama and Plouffe
Obama and Plouffe

Frankly, I respect people with strong opinions. Unlike Bill Clinton, who was essentially a chameleon, Obama is a true liberal with a deep intellectual understanding of the principles that guide him.

It’s unfortunate, and even disconcerting, that he doesn’t respect the views of others, and that he surrounds himself with people who would demean American citizens from their lofty perches of power.

It’s one thing to play for keeps. But poor sportsmanship, at this level, is unacceptable.

Obama is the most successful liberal of his generation. As president, he is making serious changes in the direction of this country. But Lincoln, he is not.

63 Responses to White House Contempt for Average Americans

  1. We’re almost used to that kind of treatment from this Administration. Those of us who yearn for a return to the rule of law, to respect for our constitution and secure borders were (and still are) subject to any number of ugly names, of suspect motives.

    I guess it is personal for them. Their “team” won. We “lost”.
    This President wants to take away our money, our property, our healthcare and our freedom. it’ is a most disturbing thought.

  2. Obama picture he shooting a gun at a camp David golf cart intersection. Skeet range is 1/4 mile away from we’re picture taken. There are no skeet ranges at intersections!! My god people.

    You can’t take a picture at camp David skeet range without 8′ high wooden fence in the background.

    Unless they built a skeet range at the intersection at helicopter pad road. That we’re pic taken. Skeet range a 1/4 mile away.

    Obama “skeet” picture might of been taken at camp David but not at skeet range. Looks like it was taken on helicopter pad road. Also in the picture on the right there is a sign posted on the tree, would be easy to figure out exact location picture was taken.

    So what skeet station was Obama standing at the camp David skeet range?

    The camp david skeet range is enclosed with a wooden fence. (south) is public access road to camp David entrance. On the far right side at the corner skeet station is dead end road, also serves as turnaround (cul-de-sac) it’s about 4 lanes wide. (Not the cart path Obama pic shows)
    Kennedy at camp David skeet range. (Notice wooden fence, yes it’s still there. Just not in Obama picture)

    Range layout
    Aerial view above can be found on google, or camp David info site. (Wooden fence still there)

    Range diagram is regulation skeet range…yeah they have that every where!

    HW Bush and Jeb at camp David skeet range:

    Where is the wooden fence thats at the camp David skeet range?

  3. I was going to say that I don’t respect Obama, but I understand your point. John Boehner, Arlen Spector, John McCain….. I don’t respect them either. Susan Collins and Olympia Snow… just switch parties.
    Obama does have a vision. The others don’t even have a vision for America. The “O’s” vision does lead to our collapse as a world power and the end of liberty and freedom.
    Sorry, I had to vent tonight.

  4. What bothers me is that there is no pretense of congeniality or acceptance of others’ differing points of view with this administration. They don’t even pretend.

    I believe most of our elected class feel they are better than those who elected them. It’s just not as obvious.

    • I think its been obvious for awhile (especially since 2008) that the “elected class” do feel they are better than ‘we’ who have elected them… and there’s nothing we lowly citizens (who are educated & care about politics) can really do.

    • It’s not just that they are arrogant dicks, it’s that they have utter contempt bordering on hatred for over half of the country. Obama truly believes that only his views are right and moral and that the political opposition is not just stupid but wicked. It is this viewpoint which leads him to view half of the country as enemies who must be punished.

  5. You are correct, he has an utter contempt for us “bitter clingers” and he has since the day he was elected. It’s a shame it’s taken you this long to figure it out, and I’ve given up all hope that anyone else in the MSM will ever figure it out.

  6. Most of the people who populate this administration, to include their boss, seem to suffer from arrested development. Probably caused from too many escapades in the choom wagon during their adolescent years. They get their jollies off of tormenting and mocking those of us who they believe are their inferiors. Keep it up boys. You poke that hornets nest one too many times and you’re going to get stung.

    • Yes. Maturity
      Name any previous modern President who would tolerate their close advisors making comments like those listed above: there is none.

      There is a maturity and gavitas that must be associated with the POTUS and those around him, he is, after all, responsible for the future and safety of our country.

  7. I have no respect for bho, his staff or his family. It’s just that simple. Oh, and I don’t have to provide any rationale for my feelings. I am an American. I am allowed to think.

  8. “For the record, no, I don’t believe the picture was photoshopped. And I never thought Obama was born in Kenya.”

    Can’t say I ever bought the Kenya thing (nor cared, since constitutionality was out the window long ago), but if that picture was not ‘shopped, then they staged the photo op with Obama firing a black powder blank from a malfunctioning shotgun as the wind blew in two directions at once. On a day that the White House reported he was elsewhere golfing until evening.

    Take your pick. Either one works for me.

  9. Do I think the picture was photoshopped? No. Do I think it was staged? Absolutely.

    If that makes the members of this administration view me with contempt then so be it. I will wear their contempt with pride and return it to them.

  10. He abuses taxpayer money, consider his trip today for gun control. He did the same the summer before last for his Jobs Bill, it has no chance of passing even in the Senate. Yet he jets around wasting millions of our dollars, and no one calls him on it.
    Last week eight Senate members agree on a path to immigration reform, Obama goes out, again on our dime,and pokes everyone in the eye. You can take the politician out of Chicago, well you all know the rest.
    Four more years of this scares the crap out of me.

    • Don’t be scared Moe. . .that’s what they want!

      Stand Up and Speak Out and Fight Back. . .there are more of us then there are of them!

    • Abuses tax payers money? What do you think spending hundreds of billions of dollars of our money in Iraq when there has never been WMDs found? What do you call that? That was President Bush by the way!

      • Al, we had this discussion before; Bush is not the President anymore and MrObama is now the one spending our money, billions and trillions. It’s time to let it go. MrBush is in Texas writing his memoirs or chopping firewood or something.

        Your man, B.Obama, won four years ago and is now in charge of spending our money. He told us yesterday that we aren’t giving him enough of our money yet and he wants more.

        • The only individuals who saw their personal income rates go up were people making more than $400k a year. Who here makes $400k or more here? If not, our rates are the same as when Bush was in office. Sorry.

          • Al, not true. Obama’s tax holiday ended and all working people are taking home less cash. It may not be a tax hike but it’s certainly a loss of personal income.

  11. What goes around comes around. . .that’s okay, we have just as much if not more contempt for them as they do for us!

    Bring it on biatches!!!

    No matter who is POTUS. . .Jesus is KING!

  12. I notice there’s not one comment demanding they be fired for their inappropriate behavior. The Won has confused and exhausted us to the point where, if we are not beaten, we are dang close.

  13. Interesting article in Politico today (from Keith’s “Obama Morning News”) about how many rank and file Democrats in Congress hold Obama in contempt.

    Simply put, the guy just thinks he’s better than everyone else and very few have earned the “right” to be paid his attention. Despite his big smile and glad-handing in public, he is not a warm person by any means and sees no need to build relationships with those outside of his inner circle.

    His outsize ego and sense of superiority prevent him from seeing that his attitude toward others won’t serve him well.

  14. I have as much contempt for this President and his minions as they have for me and this country, our Constitution, our rights and our rule of law.

    • Yeah Obama hates this country. It took Obama to allow our military to kill Bin Laden. Bush stated he did not care where Bin Laden was. It took Obama to end the war in Iraq saving our country billions of dollars and allow our brave soldiers to head back to the States to be with their families. Oh yeah he hates this country! This is ridiculous!

  15. The most contemptuous of all is that for over four years and continuing he has ignored the real problems of this country and continues to divert the attention of the public with fripperies. Unfortunately, too many of the public are perfectly willing to lend themselves to this act.

    • I would ask this. Why is the conservative movement losing strength? Why is Rove and the GOP establishment starting a civil war within the GOP against the Tea Party? The Tea Party hasn’t accomplished squat except tv hoopla. Remember Sara Palin?

  16. Oh my goodness Keith. OK, so sometimes you do fun stuff and parodies. Sometimes, there is real journalism – and authentic discussion is possible. IMHO, this piece is neither.

    Whatever “it is”, the result is predestined – providing the forum and fuel for folks to express themselves. I am thankful you continue to allow me to express myself on your Website. To that end, this piece of work is just a litany of disparate one-liners… No enlightenment or entertainment. Good news, you have a great batting average and we’ll have some upcoming treats.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    • RT, gotta disagree my friend. I saw Axe’s comments on Saturday and was hoping to find out more about the WH reaction to the picture. Keith provided that, as he usually does, being a source for political type information we do not see in the main stream media. Is that “real journalism”? I’m not qualified to answer but I do consider it “brave journalism” (As Justice Stewart said about pornography “I’ll know it when I see it”)

      Are there things about the blog I don’t like? One thing. I think the daily Presidential calendar piece is an example of beating a dead horse. However, a lot of people do seem to like it and the customer IS always right so…..I don’t have to read it.


  17. If you bought 4 years worth of my ” merchandise ” and I promised it would work, but it failed miserably, and I got you to buy another 4 years supply, I wouldn’t think much of you either.

  18. Obama is an inept petty little man he surrounds himself with like minded idiots.
    His opinion of we ‘bitter clingers’ is getting a bit old almost to have become
    comical. Perhaps one day one of his inner circle will go rogue and let the world know what Obama thinks of the rest of the great unwashed and he will
    get hoisted on his own petard. The photo I don’t believe it for one minute
    rather like the magic ‘garden’. As long as the MSM continue to be willing
    participants in this charade then he will continue to ‘fundamentally reshape’ America.

  19. To help quell the kerfuffle over the right to life debate, the White House will soon release details on the abortion the Barry had during his college years.

        • Sorry. SCOTUS lost too. Sotomayor, Kagin, Ginsberg, Bryer, sometimes Kennedy, and now Roberts. AND, he’ll probably get to pick more, IF he doesn’t decide to “pack the court” first.

          They will fall, and they will fail. It will just be very painful for us all getting there, but history is replete with examples of how cult of personality regimes begin – and end. I’ve read this book before, only it’s been about Greece, Rome, Russia, Germany, Cambodia, China…The list goes on.

          I have little but thorns to comfort you with, but know this; G_d is in charge. However bad this looks, however evil Obama and his minions become, it all serves G_d’s purposes, and he will deal with them in His time.

          • I believe you’re right:

            “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

            –Winston Churchill

  20. “The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader. The goal of a great leader is to help people to think more highly of themselves.” – J. Carla Nortcutt

    “The trust of the people in the leaders reflects the confidence of the leaders in the people.” – Paulo Freire

    Gee……He reminds me of Commudus in Gladiator. He tries to force people to like him, he bullies his opponents, then stomps off “They like Commudus more than me.”

    Just once I would like to see him be a great leader as depicted in either of the above quotes.

  21. This is so spot on. Obama is ill mannered, exhibits no respect for anyone except celebrities, has no common sense and no sense of decorum for the office he holds. One photo that I think sums up his entire Presidency was the picture of his speech writer several years ago, shirtless and boozing it up with the beer bong. It’s all one big party. Nobody cares about responsibilities or being accountable for anything. They act as victims and blame everybody else when something goes wrong. They’re entitled and by golly, they’re going to take advantage of every perk possible. Work? What is that? It is so disheartening that this man was re-elected.

  22. tried to comment on Biden ,s comments to the British people against leaving EU.Got this site only to find your government is as self serving as our lot. question; if I worked in AMERICA would you pay for my children who I left living in Britain? Well we do because of stupid EU rules so tell your politician to Butt out till they can sort out Americas problems first.thank you and good night

  23. I love the photoshops debate because it was a creation of a Team Obama threat, is a public taxpayer funded site.

    Whether the photo is real or not, it does not prove “We go skeet shooting all the time”. One photo ? No pool reports?