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Obamas Host a Super Bowl Party for Friends

From the White House pool reporter:

The President and the First Lady are hosting a personal party for friends and family to watch the Super Bowl today. In honor of the two teams, they will be serving Chesapeake Crab Cakes and San Francisco Cioppino Stew with Sourdough Toast. They’ll also be serving Anchor Steam and Clipper City, beers from the competing cities.

Afterward, the president will do some nighttime skeet shooting on the South Lawn while clinging to a Bible and reading his favorite NASCAR magazine.

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  1. Exactly who’s Bible will he be clinging too. . .MLK’s, Lincoln’s the the supposed one from MO’s family he used at the (cough) private swearing in???

    The South Lawn faces the Washington Monument right? Folks over on the Mall might want to take cover.

    And finally, got a calorie count on those crab cakes and cioppino stew. . .are those 2 dishes healthy enough to put on a school menu and did the ingredients come form MO’s garden???

  2. This just in. . .Beyonce is actually attending the WH party with JayZ. . .she’ll be appearing at the Super Bowl Halftime show as a hologram!

    • Glad you think it’s funny that our country will be in the dumps, probably before Piaps gets her turn.

      That should be pretty evident by the coming mid-term elections, Al.

  3. President Obama released a photo of him holding a gun AND his administration “revised” the contraception rules for religious organizations under Obamacare. Both in the same week. Is there internal polling data that says the President is losing the argument on these two issues?

    Just a thought.

  4. And a lot of men and women fighting in Afghanistan will have no hot breakfast. And since everybody else is being beat over the head with the anti gun propaganda the least the Obamas could do would be to include Gabby Giffords and some parents from Sandy Hook. Apologies if that seems insensitive but I am so done with the propaganda that sucks joy from every event in America, except the ones at the WH.

  5. I’m hurt. All last year Barack and Michelle sent me an e-mail almost every day telling me we were working together,,but I didn’t get invited to the SuperBowl party. They called me “friend”, too. huh.

    I hope the gun jams, he gets a paper cut from the magazine, and the Bible catches on fire in his hands. so there.

    • If Barack and Mooch were not the President and First Whatever, does anyone think that Beyonce and JayZ would be their bffs? The self delusion is astounding. And laughable.

    • Don’t feel bad, srdem. Two years ago, the CEO of Verizon braved a snowstorm to attend Obama’s Super Bowl party and complained that Obama only spent 15 seconds talking to him. When he complained to Valjar, she told him to ‘be happy – you’re in the same room with him’. In the words of Shakespeare, “What fools these mortals be”!

  6. Was the WH messing with us with the skeet shooting photo?

    I’ve tried to ignore it except for the amusing photo shops. That is until Andrew Malcolm tweeted a link to a gun expert who explained why the photo was manipulated.

    That would be someting the WH would do…baiting us… ie birth certificate.
    We should ignore their traps. Go with the premise that everything the WH says and does is a lie until proven otherwise.

    Even so we’ll never get the LIV to agree with us. It’s pretty hopeless. I worked for 4 straight years fighting Obama to what end? Scott Brown losing to the Cherokee was the last straw for me.

      • So true Lizzy, but they’re a lazy bunch. They thought their low information voters wouldn’t know the difference but didn’t think about other people knowing it was a fraud.

    • You want to talk about lies? Where are the RMDs in Iraq? Or how about being told that the oil revenue from Iraq would completely pay for the war and us taxpayers wouldn’t have pay the tab? LOL. Those were lies that cost us Billions of dollars!

      • Okay, Al (my favorite uncle is named Al. I call him Uncle Al). the WMD were moved to Afganistan or Syria, and now MrObama is spending billions of dollars looking for them. A few years ago, MrObama spent almost a trillion dollars looking for American jobs, but he couldn’t find most of them. Sneaky little devils, those jobs are.

        And we don’t call our leaders out on lies, that’s not polite; if they say the massacre in Bengazi was cause by some obscure video…well, who are we to say different. right?
        But, hey, it’s nice you came to visit, bless your heart.

        • moved to Afghanistan or Syria? Did you not see the press conference from George Bush acknowledging they made a mistake on the WMDs? This site is definitely La La Land central. Oh btw you mentioned jobs? Obama has created more jobs in his first term then Bush’s whole eight years! LMAO!

          • Lookie here Al, I didn’t get invited to the WhiteHouse party and my team lost in the Super Bowl, so I’m not in the mood to parry with someone who’s worried about a President who hasn’t been in office for five years. How about we talk about PresJohnson and the disaster of VietNam? the war on poverty? See? that wouldn’t even make sense; the past is the past. Water over the dam, so to speak.

            So, either join in the fun with us or move on to more friendly sites.

          • Sorry, Al, but Bush is past history and is not the issue today.

            You’re using a favorite Obama/Carney strategy of changing the subject and not addressing the question. When we’re talking about Obama’s lies and deceptions, what Bush did or didn’t do is irrelevant.

          • I have an article that I saved from a speech that a former Iraqi general gave in DC. In that speech he said that the materials for the WMD’s was moved to Syria upon the knowledge that the Allied forces were coming into Iraq.

    • I am happy to see your post. Your videos were always something I looked forward to. We have had many last straws in the past few months, Janice. Please keep doing what you do best. Keep the faith, it is all we have left.

    • Granny Jan – is it really you? A lot of us have been so concerned about where you have been. As to working “for 4 straight years fighting Obama to what end?” – you kept our spirits up as we hoped for the best. Please come back to us. We miss you. You could start with Mooche’s incredible behavior at the inaugural luncheon. I just can’t believe all is hopeless – how long can the charade last?
      There’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.

    • Scott Brown was the last straw for me too Janice. I’ll be leaving Massachusetts in a few weeks. I just can’t live among people who would vote for Elizabeth Warren, my family included.

      • It was depressing to see the birthplace of freedom knowingly vote into office a commie fraud like Fauxahontos. Can certainly understand how that would be the last straw for many patriots. Take heart. The laws of mathematics will eventually catch up with them. When the government teat runs dry, the takers (like this thing calling itself Anonymous) will discover the joys of hard work.

    • Hey Granny, how come your little toy boy Scottie Brown chickened out of running again for the Senate? Did his red pickup get repossessed?

    • Hey Granny, how come your little toyboy Scottie Brown chickened out of another run for the Senate from Taxachusetts? And Andrew Malcolm, oh Jesus! Laura Bush’s little cabin boy?

  7. Wow… what a shocker…Mooch is eating, drinking, and partying with someone else’s money. It will be breaking news if the Grifters ever pay for something with their own money.

  8. How nice that the grifters in the WH can carry on with such parties while the rest of America suffers and our troops in Afghanistan get MRE’s for breakfast. Loved the facebook photo tonight about the power going out during the game. It said coal would have kept the power on. LOL

  9. I got a wicked chill up my spine hearing that our pseudo-dictator “leader” would be speaking before the Super Bowl. I mean is there anywhere we can go without Obama putting his fingerprints all over it? He just can’t let anything go on that takes attention away from him. What’s next? Obama statues in every town?

    • Jeff 1000 asks, “What’s next?”

      Just2old compares to the 1936 Olympics.

      As another point of comparison, you might be interested in this.

      I found a lovely passage that sounded a little familiar. Change the county and politician names, and it gets a little haunting…

      “A wonderful ferment was working in Germany. Life seemed more free, more modern, more exciting than in any place I had ever been… Everywhere there was an accent on youth. One sat up with young people all night in the pavement café the plush bars, on a Rhineland steamer or in a smoke-filled artist’s studio and talked endlessly about life… Most Germans one met… struck you as being democratic, liberal, even pacifist. One scarcely heard of Hitler or the Nazis except as butts of jokes ….” – William Shirer, an American journalist living in Berlin, writing in 1928.

      Or maybe this;

      ” Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of rent-slavery.

      We demand the nationalization of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).

      We demand a division of profits of all heavy industries.

      We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.

      The State is to care for the elevating national health by protecting the mother and child, by outlawing child-labor, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by means of the legal establishment of a gymnastic and sport obligation, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young.

      We demand legal opposition to known lies and their promulgation through the press.

      For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich. Unlimited authority of the central parliament over the whole Reich and its organizations in general. The forming of state and profession chambers for the execution of the laws made by the Reich within the various states of the confederation. The leaders of the Party promise, if necessary by sacrificing their own lives, to support by the execution of the points set forth above without consideration.”

      Health care, old age pensions, redistribution of profits, “encouraging” physical fitness, attacking “lying” news outlets, and a call for vastly increased State power to ensure all this happens… ringing some historical bells yet?

      Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. Those of us who DO remember history, however, are doomed to repeat it because we are outnumbered and ignored.

      We’ve read this book before. It’s in the “History” section under “Failed Cult of Personality leaders”. You won’t like the ending – none of us will.

  10. MOOshelle Obama tweets: “Watching Super Bowl with friends and family. Beyonce is phenomenal. I am so proud of her.”

    So…the first grifter finally found something she is proud of – a half-naked, talentless lip-syncing exhibitionist.

  11. “San Francisco Cioppino Stew ”

    Wait a minute. We have a picture of the Marksman in charge shooting – something – with the gun WAY too level for it to actually be the “skeet” the Ministry of Enlightenment claims that it is.

    THEN, Mooch has them serve up a supposed fish stew that, frankly, isn’t really the Obama style?

    Seen Bo lately? Check the meat. That may not be “Cioppino Stew”. It’s more likely to be Saksang…