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Okay, He Shot Something

Updated 12.22 pm ET

The White House this morning released a photo of President Obama shooting “clay targets” at Camp David. The incident occurred August 4, 2012, which was Obama’s 51st birthday.

This doesn’t settle Obama’s claim that he shoots “all the time.” But yes, it does appear he has fired a weapon.

Peace out.

Obama shoots skeet

UPDATE: Several of you have noted that though he’s supposed to be shooting clay targets, which are normally flung through the air, Obama is holding the barrel level.

In fact, White House Dossier has determined that the White House is lying, and Obama wasn’t shooting at clay targets at all. A source at Camp David has sent us this photo, taken just after Obama finished firing, of the actual target.


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  1. Did they dig long and hard to find this photo? Or is that what 0’s been up to this week (clean slate work schedule) – learning how to fire a rifle and staging photo ops? Just asking.

    1. I think President Obama looks great! Slim, in shape, well toned…

      According to “some”, our President could “look much better” by: gaining 100 pounds, wearing something Camo or Plaid, growing a scruffy beard, going 5 days un-showered, possessing a lower IQ, and, heaven forbid, constructing a more narrow social vision to simplify this whole “gun thing”.

      On the plus side, “some” add, our President has got the dictator thing down, owns the MSM propaganda machine to dupe 300 million Americans (save the enlightened few on this Blog), and is well on his way to leading a fascist state.

      Observation: No wonder “some” are conflicted… For those, a mere pressing of the ole reset button on their world view may help… Probably, not, but could…

      At least the RWBS Rule of 3 degrees of separation remain in play. Somehow, even on this hot and important political / social topic (has the Prez ever “really” shot a gun…), Benghazi and Hitler managed to get into the conversation… Nice…

    1. He was actually chasing Biden off the fairway, that’s why the shotgun was level.

      I heard the three birch trees and a birdbath were destroyed during the live fire exercise.

      1. Boehner was holding them for him.

        Probably the safest place on the range – if Prezzy’s the shooter. It also gives him his daily Obama humiliation to get teary over…

      2. they do make eye level clay target holders for practice. However he could be shooting Trap or Double Trap. In Double Trap the 2nd clay could be low or level while the first clay goes high.

        However, he could be shooting towards “aides” holding up clays tied to sticks as they run across the lawn (joking of course).

    1. Absolutely, Ted. I am left handed, although I do a lot of things right handed, such as cutting with scissors, because left handed scissors were not available in school and we didn’t bring our own back then. There is no way he would be comfortable shooting that way. With the smoke on the top and out the front, wouldn’t there have to be some kind of recoil?

        1. I noticed in the Kennedy file video in the last post, that darn gun just about knocked Mrs. Kennedy’s head off. But that was over 50 years ago, so maybe they’re making kinder and gentler guns now? ;)

  2. I thought he hit the golf course and partied in Chi-Town without the little Misses on his 51st? Who knew – he was shooting skeet at Camp David?

  3. There is something just not right in the way he his holding that weapon. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but the positioning and posture looks wrong to me. I have fired a number of shotguns, rifles, and handguns, and something just looks off.

    Does anyone else see it, or is it just me?

          1. my DH took a look at the pic–he says that there appears to be no recoil going on so I stand corrected–but if there is no recoil, then a photoshopper just added some smoke so we peasants can see that “the president” can to shoot a gun!

          2. another issue is his stance – he is standing almost straight up. Most shooters will push or lean forward a little to allow better hip rotation as well as counter the recoil.

            The recoil pad is not tucked in as well, am sure he had a nice bruise if he was firing any regular trap load.

            Or maybe, he was firing rock salt and yelling “Get off my lawn!!”

    1. That was my first thought…it seems awkward…not contrived, but awkward. Perhaps it is just the left handed stance. I’m not at all familiar with shotguns (never fired one), but as others have pointed out, he does seem to have his cheek buried into the stock. Seems like that would leave a mark or at least rattle his brains. (That could explain a great deal.)

      1. Girly1,

        It’s not just the overall stance, but I finally realized that his front hand is almost, if not touching the barrel. If his finger is on or very near the barrel, he would/could have had a burn on the finger.

        The photo is just too inconsistent with normal shooting practice. Is it fake? Don’t know, but I think that it definitely stinks.

    2. “There is something just not right in the way he his holding that weapon.: – Shofar

      There’s also something not right in the way he holds the office of the Presidency, “upholds” the Constitution, or the contempt he holds for the country that he and Michelle have both been so successful in, but that’s just Barry…

    1. “…a copy of the coinstitution” – Ted Gambogi

      I know it’s just a typo and I’m really not being critical of it, but I think “COINstitution” is a fairly good description of the document in 2013! Just stick your – and your fellow citizen’s – legal rights in the Obama vending machine, and out comes “free” health care and all the birth control and abortions you could ever want!

      All it costs is your hard-won, God-given liberties…

  4. Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay disks automatically flung into the air from two fixed stations at high speed from a variety of angles.

      1. Boehner was holding them for him.

        Probably the safest place on the range – if Prezzy’s the shooter. It also gives him his daily Obama humiliation to get teary over…

        1. “Though you’d think the photo would have included his target, not just a pose w/rifle.” – DeniseVB

          You don’t get to see his target because ValJar told him folks might react negatively if they saw the orginal copy of the Constitution all bullet riddled and stuff…

  5. Wouldn’t doubt his Hollyweird pals created this imagery. He stands in front of a backdrop of Camp David scenery and the handlers show him how to hold the gun. There doesn’t appear to be any kickback from firing the weapon, so the smoke was probably added as a special effect. Harvey Weinstein production.

          1. That would be a much better fate than that that befell the Clinton’s WH pets-Socks the cat was given away and Buddy the chocolate lab got hit by a car!

  6. I guess what is still not clear to me is why they bothered to release this “proof”? He babbled something about shooting skeet all the time and rather than just let it die, they perpetuate the silliness by publishing this photo. Whats next, photos of a pile of shattered clay targets to prove his marksmanship?

    1. IMO, it wasn’t just the right-wingnut conspiricy haters like some of us who doubted his story, but some in the slobbering state-run media, too. And, horrors!, there was ridicule, smirking, and laughter at the thought of BO shooting anything.

    2. I think he misspoke when he said “we shoot … all the time”. Just trying to show off for the NRA with some smack talk?

      Digging around the intertubes, many people have tried to dig up pool reports mentioning Skeet Shooting at CD. Even one of my fb friends posted Keith’s link (I posted above) from Aug 4 as proof if WHD didn’t mention it, it didn’t happen :)

      Another was from a CD Marine guard who confirmed at the most, twice…. and Obama hated it.

      I’ve been skiing twice so I would never say I go skiing all the time.

      This story seems to be a) why did Obama embelish his story? b) why has it been kept secret? c) what else does he keep secret ?

    3. Wouldn’t put it past them, Rick. These people are very thin-skinned. Keith and others in conservative media have been mocking them for their obvious shortcomings. They don’t like being the butt of jokes so they manufacture evidence to prove they aren’t the pretenders we all believe they are. They are the consummate grifters – Mooch with her veggies and now Barry with his gun.

    1. My, aren’t they sensitive!! What else can we dream up that they will feel they must respond to? This could provide entertainment for quite a while!

      1. He mentions hunting in any form, nelly, we will be treated to pix of him wearing a coonskin cap, carrying a musket as he hunts for dinner on the WH lawn. Maybe the picked over carcasses are buried in Michelle’s Garden for fertilizer?

        1. “as he hunts for BO on the WH lawn.” – RickW

          Fixed it for ya. He’s got a hankering for a nice aso stew, just like he used to get back home. Besides, that darn dog piddled on his Guccis, and you KNOW how this guy is about REVENGE!

    2. Guess that makes me a right wing, anti-illegal, pro life, gun owning straight college educated politically informed Christian “skeeter” that the liberals just hate!!!

    1. Want to bet it was a special light load something to give off smoke & no recoil? Get the photo op to show the country he is a man who does know guns.

      1. As someone else mentioned, a Hollywood stunt rifle ? Looks different from the “clay target” guns used in the videos. But I guess you can use anything that shoots for target practice.

        The rifle is also missing the Presidential Seal ? /snort

      1. A potential racist, violence outrage, Susan. Merely viewing the original video would show a Caucasian hunter firing at a “duck of color”. They never get to Photoshop the changes because Holder would be looking to prosecute Mel Blanc et al

  7. He probably had Seal Team 6 doing the actual shooting – but stay out of sight.

    That way, ALL the targets would be hit during his photo-op, and then brag about how it was ALL him. The fact-free media paean to Marksman Obama could then commence…

  8. He played golf that day and probably wouldn’t have arrived at Camp David until it was too late to skeet shoot. The next day he left early to return to the White House.

    And………..are we to believe that Camp David doesn’t have skeet shooting vests? Not likely! I highly doubt they would let him shoot without a vest.

    1. One of the other conservative sites says that the photo was timed at10:19 P.M. so that is pretty convincing support for your point.

  9. Baseball season is coming up. Wanna bet Barry reviews his throwing form (His Opening Day First Pitch in his initial year was worthy of a 5 yr old girl) and he morphs into Bob Gibson? “Playing ball at Camp David with the Secret Service”

  10. The fool that photoshopped that photograph ( probably that sissy boy Plouffe) needs to actually fire a shotgun before posting this fake. There is not an over/under shotgun made anywhere on this planet that has a recoil port/recoil compensator that is located 4″ from the end of the barrel – note the smoke from the shotgun firing exiting both the end of the barrel and the right side of the barrel!! IMPOSSIBLE – Also – if the shotgun were some Special Make for the Special ONE – the port on the upper barrel of the over/under would wreck havoc on the lower barrel. These ass clowns are clueless about everything, well, everything except stealing the election and destroying our beloved United States of America!! Now, get back to work for the collective, Comrade.

    1. if you look closely at the upper barrel it has what looks like a extended choke tube. It could be ported and then would dampen the recoil somewhat depending on the load, however I agree with you, the side venting of smoke would be near the barrel opening vice 4 inches down. It looks like a quality shotgun also so if anyone modified the regular barrel with a vent in that location, they would be one crappy gunsmith / armorer.

  11. Releasing this photo, real or not, has turned into a massive miscalculation of how it would be received by the American public.
    His supporters are outraged that MrObama would release a photo of him shooting a firearm, for fun, when he is in the midst of an anti-gun campaign.
    Those who are fighting the campaign against the Second Amendment are delighted for the same reason.

    The photo is in every media and has sparked a controversy over real or fake, why and why not, and did absolutely nothing to enhance the President’s position on gun control. His close supporters who coined new names for doubters as “skeeters” or “skeet birthers” didn’t help at all, either.

    It’s possible that the release of this photo will kill any further attempt to enact new federal gun laws. The Dem city mayors who asked national banks not to extend financial credit to gun makers will have a hard time defending their position when the President is using one of those guns for his amusement.
    One photo. A thousand words, for sure.

    1. Now that I am done with my little urban military training rant and had a little fun with all the hilarity here and elsewhere about this photograph, you make some good points although I am not sure how much this will play into backing off on new federal gun laws. It’s possible that Obama over reached on taking on the 2nd Amendment on the back of that horrible tragedy in Sandy Hook. This incident might make it very difficult for anyone to take him seriously. And there have been other indications that perhaps they might be backing off. However, a ridiculed Obama can be a loose cannon.

      It’s sad to think that a silly challenge about Obama and skeet shooting can provoke a WH response while no amount of national concern over Benghazi could.

  12. Unlikely this is a real photo and sort of weird that the WH felt it had to put it out there. But this is what they do.

    More disturbing to me is the increase in military training exercises with Blackhawks over major cities in America. I have seen occasional articles about this but never paid that much attention. Yesterday there was a similar exercise in Miami so I took note. Apparently this is part of urban readiness training resulting from the Pentagons Deployment of 20,000 some odd troops inside the US. Best I can determine citizenry is not informed when this training is to occur. And is is going on in many cities across the US.

    I didn’t set out this morning to look into military training over US cities, but there certainly is a goodly amount of information about it. It’s pretty ironic in light of all the Social Democrat brouhaha about gun control, the newly released photo of President Skeet

    1. (cut myself off)…and the tug at your heart strings political use of the Sandy Hook choir tomorrow at the Super Bowl.

      I’m not some crazy wingnut (yet) but something very strange is happening to this country. My suggestion is that if the Pentagon wants to do military urban training they either build a city somewhere in the desert or confine it to Chicago where they can really terrorize citizens who are prohibited to own guns for self defense and where Rahm Emmanuel can use a crisis to its best advantage.

      Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but this is what I stumbled upon on this otherwise idyllic Saturday and this is where I come with honest concerns.

      1. they could rent out Detroit and play urban warfare training if they want.. level out a couple of blocks of abandoned homes while their at it.

      2. Those so-called training activities are troubling and unprecedented, as far as I know.
        There is evidence that Homeland Security forces have purchased millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. Who are they planning to shoot in America?
        Social Security has also purchased military grade ammo, begging the question of just how dangerous they see hordes of senior citizens sitting in their offices.
        I don’t know what to make of it, either, Grace.
        ?? just don’t know.

  13. That’s a remarkable amount of powder burn coming from the muzzle. In addition I’ve been shooting for 20 plus years and I’ve never seen exhaust gasses from the side of a weapon unless the barrel had been breached.

  14. I have had a hilarious morning reading about the Shooting Event. I agree with all of you here, it´s just him posing and acting again. Image is everything. Appears like he pretends to be a little bit more macho now, he wants to shed that sissy image. To believe anything at all about his shooting I would like to see a 5 minute video of the event.
    A rather insignificant detail like this makes him hop up and produce this “evidence”. But much more severe discussions about his birthcertificate and academic records are ignored. Hmmmmmmmmm. Well, there was, after a long time, a “birth certificate” but too many questions about it….

    1. We better be careful about the laughter. Dear Leader may become enraged and call Harry Reid. “They think its funny? FUNNY? Harry, raise their dammed taxes! Stupid peasants!”

    2. “A wonderful ferment was working in Germany. Life seemed more free, more modern, more exciting than in any place I had ever been… Everywhere there was an accent on youth. One sat up with young people all night in the pavement café the plush bars, on a Rhineland steamer or in a smoke-filled artist’s studio and talked endlessly about life… Most Germans one met… struck you as being democratic, liberal, even pacifist. One scarcely heard of Hitler or the Nazis except as butts of jokes ….” – William Shirer, an American journalist living in Berlin, writing in 1928.

      Yup, easy to laugh at nacent tyrants. Until it’s not funny anymore…

  15. I really, really don’t envy the staffer who thought this fiasco up. Whoever it is is going to come in tomorrow to find his/her things in a box and his/her name off the office door–unless it is Val Jar, of course!

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