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Quote of the Day || February 1, 2013

“Now that I’ll have frequent access to the White House, I can take a look around for the medals I threw over the fence.”

– John Kerry

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

15 Responses to Quote of the Day || February 1, 2013

  1. When JohnKerry and JaneFonda were protesting the war, my cousin was recovering from schrapnel and bullet wounds he received while laying face down in a rice paddy pretending to be dead so that the VietCong wouldn’t shot him again. He laid in that rice paddy for 6 hours until his unit came to retrieve the dead. He eventually recovered most of the use of his left arm, but the surgeons were unable to remove all the schrapnel from his back due to the location of the metal close to his spinal cord.

    He died in 1999 after fighting a lifelong battle with his injuries and a drug habit. He was a farm boy from western PA who stepped forward when he was drafted and never once blamed his country for what happened to him.

    • A very moving and tragic story, srdem65.
      Now, when Kerry enters the spotlights again, has the audience forgotten the swiftboating days or does cowardice not matter anymore ?
      I saw “Lincoln” yesterday. Oh yes, I was wary, knowing what a frequent houseguest and buddy Spielberg is ,and yes, my suspicions were reinforced. This was Lincolnsaga according to Spielberg seen through an Obamaprism. The Obamareferences were subtle but I felt that they were there. I left the cinema feeling that Lincoln was hijacked to serve other purposes. You here, who know American history much better than I do, what say you ?
      By the way, our wannabe Lincoln did a photoshoot for Vogue yesterday. Seems like this clown can not get enough attention. Lincoln will rotate in his grave if aware of the ongoing soiling of the Presidency.

    • srdem, all I can say about your cousin is that I hope he has finally found peace. I went to lunch earlier this week with my best friend, a Nam vet who according to some of his VA buddies won a Silver Star over there (He has never told me himself). I said “So what do you think of this Kerry festival going on in the Senate?” He spit out his pizza and glared at me. I moved the conversation to the upcoming baseball season…quickly.

    • God bless your cousin, srdem. He is finally at peace. The lives of so many young innocents were indelibly altered by the Vietnam War. My husband served in Vietnam. He wasn’t a grunt, but experienced many of the horrors of war while stationed in Phu Bai.

      I worked at a military drug & alcohol program towards the end of the war. It was tragic how many young men came back from Vietnam already addicted. The war couldn’t kill them with bullets and bombs, it killed them with heroin and booze. For their traitorous actions against our men and women who served their country honorably in Vietnam, Kerry, Fonda, and their ilk should have a special place in hell reserved for them.

      • My ex- was 82nd Airborne Spec Forces–1965–spent most of the time in North Vietnam, was a POW for 2 weeks in the jungle–two sergeants helped him escape. He always felt like a coward needing them to urge him on. My bro-in-law was a chopper pilot–had many crashes, one which to this day delivers chronic pain. He is trying to get Purple Hearts for those in the last crash (but not for him)–but it was “friendly fire”–no Purple Hearts. That was a horrible war–well, they all are. I had a boyfriend killed in the first three weeks he was there–drafted.

  2. It probably isn’t the best philosophy to have, but there are some things that I just cannot forgive and forget. And Kerry’s action with his medals is one of them. As a VN vet, I still have my medals and am proud of my service — unremarkable as it was — to know that I did what was asked of me at the time. Kerry is typical of what is wrong with our government today…all to forgiving and politically correct. There is no accountability for those who shouldn’t be at the front of the line telling us what we know is wrong, unjust and playing to the self-interest of a fortunate few.

  3. I had a Prof. who was best buds with Kerry in the activist group “Vietnam Vets Against the War”. He made us watch their documentary “Winter Soilders” for a class. I liked the Prof. but he wasnt crazy about my snide remarks against Kerry.

  4. Ironically, two of the three Purple Heart medals Kerry threw over the fence were awarded for minor, self-inflicted wounds that could have been treated with a band-aid. He was never hospitalized. He discovered that three Purple Hearts would qualify him for re-assignment. His one year tour of duty in Viet Nam turned out to be four months.

    Kerry’s dishonorable conduct is well documented in Jerome Corsi’s book, “Unfit to Serve”. The fact that Obama selected a liar and a traitor to head the State Dept. speaks volumes. So far, we have a SOS whose photograph is displayed in a Communist museum in Saigon….and a Sec. of Defense nominee who claims that Iran is a legitimate government. G-d help us all!

  5. My condolences, srdem65. Your cousin is a HERO! And RickW and Mark Holbrook, so are YOU, HEROS. God Bless you. I too, am a VN Vet, 67-68. And like Mark I’m proud of my service, and march in the Memorial Day parade every year, in uniform. ALL of our warriors overseas are HEROS! The selection of mr. kerry is very sad indeed. And I read somewhere, but don’t have the documentation to back this up, but I believe that the medals that kerry threw over the fence were SOMEONE ELSES, not HIS! What a discrace. And I STILL would like to know, that if he was receiving fire from both sides of the river, why there were NO HOLES IN HIS BOAT? To those heros, I say “Welcome Home!”

    • GWS, thank you for the praise but I do not deserve it. My best friend is the Nam vet. I never served in the military. I do work with vets today (service dogs) and I have nothing but admiration for them.


  6. How lucky can a guy get. JohnFonda trashes the country for 4 decades and ends up Sec. of State. But on the other hand he’s married to the craziest lady in DC. Karma’s a beautiful thing.

  7. John Kerry as SOS is an insult. A man with no redeeming qualities.
    Chuck Hagel already served his country. He is personally and professionally incapable of overseeing the defense of this country and our troops. And Brennan is a career hack. All a reflection of the man who selected them and what he thinks of our country.