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Beyonce Admits She Lip Synced the National Anthem

She said she practiced until her feet bled, but decided to use the recording anyway.

I’m not sure how her singing caused her feet to bleed, but she should definitely have this checked out.

What I’m still trying to figure out is, if she wasn’t singing, why did she pull the earpiece out of her ear midway through the song? Was that to, say, GIVE US THE WRONG IMPRESSION?

Alright, enough writing. I might break an ankle.

34 thoughts on “Beyonce Admits She Lip Synced the National Anthem”

  1. Saw that in the Daily Mail earlier. Guess she wasn’t familiar with this little old
    Chestnut we call the National Anthem guess she didn’t sing it as a child.

    1. “Could happen. I listened to the briefing by Carney and my ears started to bleed”. – CiscoKid


  2. She’s a fraud, just like the grifters in the White House, or as one of their after hours party guests called it – the “Black House”. The dumb broad described the inauguration as “…a live television show…”. Guess she thought she was starring in some reality show, rather than singing the National Anthem at a presidential inauguration. Should say co-starring because Mooch don’t like being upstaged by anybody. Did they even send Oprah an invitation to the coronation?

    1. It was too cold, I didn’t get to practice with the orchestra, it was for the President, my feet hurt, I couldn’t find my coat and the dog ate my sheet music. Luckily, the sound people had my pre-recorded rendition handy, so that it was OK because a lot of people in the industry do the same thing.

      Half-time at the SuperBowl should be really interesting.

  3. This is a good metaphor for the lack of authenticity in contemporary America. Just wing it. Fudge. What difference does (the truth) make now? We’re all inured to lies and deceit, and as a pro football coach once told his team, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.”

  4. If she was having trouble with the words, couldn’t she have borrowed TOTUS from POTUS? Or maybe she was, and that’s what caused the problem. Let me explain;

    It’s Obama’s TOTUS. The words are loaded by people who know him well, but they are not used to him loaning the equipment to anyone else. As a result, when he told them to display the National Anthem, they thought he meant HIS, which resulted in poor Beyonce having to read this;

    Indonesia National Anthem Lyrics

    Indonesia Raya

    (Great Indonesia)

    Original Bahasa Indonesia Words

    Indonesia tanah airku,
    Tanah tumpah darahku,
    Disanalah aku berdiri,
    Jadi pandu ibuku,
    Indonesia kebangsaanku,
    Bangsa dan tanah airku,
    Marilah kita berseru:

    “Indonesia bersatu!”

    Hiduplah tanahku,
    Hiduplah negeriku,

    Bangsaku, Rakyatku semuanya.
    Bangunlah jiwanya,
    Bangunlah badannya
    Untuk Indonesia Raya!


    Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
    Tanahku, negeriku yang kucinta
    Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
    Hiduplah Indonesia Raya

    Indonesia! Tanah yang mulia,
    Tanah kita yang kaya.
    Disanalah aku berada
    Untuk slamalamanya.
    Indonesia, Tanah pusaka,
    Psaka Kita semuanya.
    Marilah kita mendoa,

    “Indonesia bahagia!”

    Suburlah Tanahnya,
    Suburlah jiwanya,
    Bansanya, Rakyatnya semuanya.
    Sadarlah hatinya,
    Sadarlah budinya
    Untuk Indonesia Raya.


    Indonesia! Tanah yang sutyi,
    Tanah kita yang sakti.
    Disanalah aku berdiri
    Ndyaga ibu sedyati.
    Indonesia! Tanah berseri,
    Tanah yung aku sayangi.
    Marilah kita berjanji:

    “Indonesia abadi!”

    Slamatlah Rakyatnya,
    Slamatlah putranya,
    Pulaunya, lautnya semuanya.
    Majulah Begrinya,
    Majulah Pandunya
    Untuk Indonesia Raya.



    Under the circumstances, then, perhaps she should be commended instead of insulted! Our National Anthem IS a little difficult (especially for Obama followers who don’t know it to begin with); but getting a totally unfamiliar one in Bahasa, all cold like that must have REALLY caused the girl some jitters! Maybe her feet were bleeding because she was clenching her toes so hard from sheer terror at the prospect of offending against the Angry Caliph…

  5. Stop writing now! I’m not sure if a broken ankle caused by excessive, derogatory writing of the soap opera at the White House is covered under ObamaCare.

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