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Obama’s Frightening New Effort to Demonize the GOP

Most people ignored it, but there was a rather frightening moment in President Obama’s inaugural address.

Obama called his opponents “absolutists,” a term that has since been repeated by his press secretary. It is unbelievable, and unacceptable, in a democracy for the leader to try to delegitimize his democratically elected opposition in this way.

This is the subject of an article I have running today in Politico. From the piece:

Once the president’s opponents have been defined in the American mind as despotically inclined, unsusceptible to reason, and unwilling to play by the normal rules of politics, it is only natural that extreme measures are permitted in response . . .

Once it has de-legitimized the opposition, the White House can claim it is left with no choice but to accelerate and expand its use of executive power. What else can they do, the president and his operatives will argue, when faced with the insanity of the Republicans?

I hope you have a chance to take a look.

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  1. Along these lines, I had a letter in the AZ Republic this AM. To wit:

    Regarding “Facing the reality that change isn’t going to come” (Opinions, Thursday): Syndicated columnist Susan Estrich was boo-hooing over how the president had just learned to work the system and had not changed it as promised.

    Oh, he changed it, Susan. The opposition is now called “enemies,” groups are pitted against each other, revenge is always in the air, and each and every day, we are invited to consider straw men of every sort. “Some people say,” “This group thinks this,” or “This is the worst since …”

    As of Wednesday, we have a new one from the current administration: “What difference does it make?” Well, it all makes a big difference to a lot of us.

  2. I had assumed that MrObama was referring to himself and all the Dems when he was bad-mouthing “absolutists, spectacles, and name calling” instead of reasoned debate. He won, what more does he want?

    It looks like he’s going to get his Dream voters after all, more and better taxes will bring what’s left of the middle class to it’s knees, and Americans will once again lightt their homes with candles.
    Social justice will prevail; we will be nothing more than a nation of clans, tribes and classes.

  3. ALINSKY’S RULE 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    The thug community organizer has never deviated from his mentor’s politics of mass destruction. Boehner was partially correct when he declared that Obama’s goal is to ‘anihilate’ the GOP’. The mission is already complete! The GOP is now in a catagory with child molesters. This never could have been achieved without the overwhelming support of his willing accomplices – the corrupt members of the fourth estate. A pox on all of them!

  4. Absolutists? Once one has taken into account the pros and cons of an issue, what is so wrong with being an absolutist? There are certain things that I am glad I don’t waver on. I wish there were more people who were absolutists about being a person of honesty, integrity, and character.

    I think of Old Testament prophets and remember the line of demarcation they held to. Nowdays people are swayed if they are threatened with losing their job, or their endorsements, etc. Where are people’s line of demarcation today?

    In those days good will be called evil and evil will be called good. They can call me anything they want. I will still chose to stand firm on certain issues.

  5. Preezy Revenge and his Praetorian guard are employing Alinksy tactics on the Republicans, but they are too naive or complicit to take action. My guess is the Republican “leaders” see themselves as part of the ruling class and think they will get a seat at the table when the spoils from looting our Treasury are shared. They will soon find out that Preezy Revenge doesn’t like to share, and he will destroy them and their party.

      • I read your opinion piece, then the comments. I had to go back and read what you wrote again and added a comment of my own.

        Who are these people who see us vs them and not all of us together?
        I can’t believe there are 62 million people in America who wanted all the coal mines to be shut down, who wanted any reference to God eliminated from our daily lives, or who wanted to give up their hard-earned dollars to the government to give to whomever they please.
        They’re not stupid, or mentally challenged, so why are they defending a President who is shoving policies and agendas that they don’t want.

        I thought your opinion piece was well written and fair. Politico should make you a regular contributor to give some balance to their slanted positions.

        • Agree, srdem. Can’t imagine 62 million Americans really want to abandon all individual freedom and turn their fate and the future of their progeny over to this leviathan government. Maybe they don’t realize that socialism has never ever succeeded, and usually devolves into despotism and abysmal misery for all the people on the other side of the barricaded gates of the ruling class.

  6. Nothing new going on here. Just the usual. Both parties (all parties if you want to throw in the others we largely choose to ignore) work hard, day-in and day-out, to look and smell pretty and to characterize the other party as not worthy of the voters attention.

    This is a big yawner in terms of being ground-breaking in ***any*** way. Great place to contrast historical political parlance of positioning.

  7. Someone said all presidents want to be king. I don’t think that’s true. I can remember when presidents–even Nixon–knew they were chief executive–hired to run the joint, not smash it to bits and crush the opposition. They knew they had to work and play well with others. They knew the words used were pretty civil, even if they did not really feel civil at times toward those who frustrated them in some way. They did not assume godlike powers. Or want to, anyhow. And they considered themselves the president of all the people, even those who did not appreciate them or vote for them.

  8. I loved the OPINION CONTRIBUTOR in large letters above the article as though Politico wanted to distance themself as far as possible from your very astute, uhm, excellent opinion.

    Tweeted !

  9. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be “absolutist” about a god-inspired genius document that launched the greatest nation in the history of mankind? It turns out to megalomaniacal lunatics like Barack Obama himself. We’ve witnessed their so-called “progress” all right, and just about every ill in our society can be traced to it.

    Progress for the left is just an excuse to try to hide all their failures in the past. Instead of rejecting failure, learning from it, and changing course, the problem and the solution is more progress, and more progress. Instead of learning from history, just rewrite it, and blame failure on a lack of progress. Idiocy disguised as progress is still idiocy.

  10. Sen Reid successfully passed new rules against the Senate Republican minority to dissent to any controversial legislative proposals of the Dems. Now, Americans’ duly elected Senators will be unable to speak-out on their behalf, because the new rules will prevent minority sponsored amendments and the use of filibusters to discuss objections to proposed laws!

    bho has more plans in the works to silent dissenters and critics of his continuing power-grabs from those elected to speak-out for We The People! He has almost completely silenced the lame-stream media! Call your Senators’ local and DC offices and voice your opinions while you still have the RIGHT to do so! jb

    • “call your Senators…” -LMAO!
      I have contacted my idiot “Senators” (and moron “Congressman”) many times…they never respond, or if they do its some lame-ass form letter responding to me dismissing my concerns.

      • I know your frustration! When you call, you talk to an aide or intern. Ask for their name, and tell the person to LIST your concerns/issues and to tell you your Senator’s or Rep’s position for each. If they cannot tell you, demand that your questions be addressed directly to your congressman for answers.

        Leave a contact # or email address or get the direct email address from the aide for your congressman. Start sending messages every week and tell them you expect to hear back SOON.

        Keep calling over and over until you get on a first name basis with the aides and interns. I have a regular folder and email folder to keep track. Last questions I asked were: Do you support AMAL – American Laws for American Courts? Do you support sending F-15 and tanks to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi?

        I’ve called all of the members of the Homeland Security Sub-committee on the Islamization of America. I told their aides that I needed their offices’ addresses so I could send copies of booklets and articles. Several members sent personal letters, but others have not responded. Some are no longer in office!

        I don’t know which idiotic bho stunt finally ticked me off so much that I decided that I would flood as many members of congress and committee chairs with my opinions, but I know that the current bho adm plans to suppress the elected conservative common sense members of congress and of the American citizens! I want my name associated with everyone who believes America must remain a “Nation Under God” with the Judeo-Christian values and principles written in the Declaration and Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land. Demand that congress members DO THEIR JOBS and answer your questions among other things! You can be a positive influence! jb

        • Ooops! I think I got carried away. Hope you know that I am not lecturing you. I’m just sooooooo anxious about the next bho plan to create MORE chaos, dictate draconian gov’t solutions that divide Americans more, then for the third step propose a “compromise” that steps on/eliminates another individual freedom! Just look at the idiotic GUN DEBATE! I would like to literally shake some people and awaken them before our 2nd Amendment rights are eroded bit by bit! jb

  11. Somehow I think Dear Leader has bitten off more than he can chew.
    Watching Hannity’s special Boom Town over the weekend convinces me even more that it is ‘Us” and “Them” and there are more of us.
    Inside the Beltway, those who are rich and getting richer on the backs of the rest of us and with the assistance of Obama and his liberal followers, includng press, have no concept of what the rest of us think.
    We may live in Flyover Country but does that make us stupid? No. I have lived abroad, Far East, North Africa, and Canada. In the US I spent nine years in Chicago, twelve in Massachusetts, and three in Rochester, NY. I hold an earned Master’s Degree, plus eighteen hours toward a doctorate that I will never get. I am a retired high school teacher and married to a former corporate accountant turned general contrator. We had lived and had many experiences elsewhere and returned to to South for retirement by choice. Many, maybe most, of our friends and neighbors and fellow Presbyterians, share our views as loyal conservatives.
    I just can not accept that Republicans will give up. We have to do a lot of house-cleaning and get rid of many RINO’s who have been in DC too long but it is not an impossible task.
    Let us unite and fight for what is right!!

    • I’m with you Anne, and I’m moving to Indiana from Massachusetts because I’m NOT stupid.

      Washington’s Boom Town teaches us the breadth of the problem that we really have. Only a true conservative, not beholden to Washington, can offer a chance to turn this cesspool around. Democrats won’t do it, and republicans won’t do it either: they’re all part of the same side of the tarnished coin.

  12. Dear Republicans: It’s time to get mean and stay mean. Ladies, get your bitch on. Gentleman, be the jackasses your ex-girlfriends think you are.

    They throw mud, we pick it up and throw twice as much back. We don’t have a President, a chief executive, a moral leader. We have the equivalent of a 4th grade bully as our leader. It’s time to stand up to the bully.

    Get mean in your language, in your stance, in your operation.

    I believe in merciful God. He’ll forgive us.

  13. good line keith,
    “What Obama won’t accept is that it is in the very nature of conservatism to question “progress” when progress means an expanding entitlement state and the degradation of traditional values that have helped keep society intact.”

    Obama defines everything by Absolutism.
    “EVERYONE agrees”
    “Everyone with common sense knows”
    “Every Economist”
    “Every Scientist…”
    “No one disagrees…”

    He begins so many sentences with an absolutism.
    Only the insane or those paid off can ever disagree.

  14. It is a bold article I wouldn’t expect to see in Politico. Be sure to watch your back, Keith. Totalitarians like to silence their opposition when it looks like they are in danger of losing their influence. Don’t forget EPA administrator Al Armendariz, who unwittingly exposed part of their game plan – crucify a few to intimidate the whole. Drudge is linking to an article about Achmadinanutjob arresting opposition journalists ahead of the next election. Makes me wonder how long it will be before Preezy Revenge starts rounding up the outspoken conservative journalists.

  15. Good, hard-hitting and true. I don’t what word you would use to describe Obama’s methodology. There is a psychological term, projection, meaning to project one’s own actions onto others and not realizing it is you yourself who are committing those actions, feelings etc. But I think this is a subconscious process. Obama is projecting his own ‘absolutism’ on the opposition with full awareness of what he is doing. I’d bring up Weimar as a comparison, but I think it is becoming a cliche with me.

  16. Divide and conquer as simple as that. Giving it a name ‘absolutist’ doesn’t
    change anything this like everything Obama does stinks and it rots from the top.

  17. Keith — I did go where I do not like going — over to Politico and read your piece. Well done. It was well reasoned and took on an the important point of Absolutism and what it implies about Obama and free press. Don’t think you made a lot of new friends, but I respect you for speaking out, especially on that platform. Recently Sarah Palin said it is important not to preach to the choir but to bring it to the other side.

    And along these lines kudos to Kirsten Powers who is burning up Twitter about the Obama/Cinton CBS lovefest as “state run” media. And much more from her. Twitchy has it. And then there is the excellent tier of Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, and Bret Baier and Ed Henry. Powers names names. Also kudos to S. Atkisson (sp?) CBS for her work on Benghazi and F&F.

    So again, thanks to you Keith for calling the president out on own his absolutism and what is really his demonizing Fox in the best Alinskyite tradition. We all know where this goes when the leader of a country demonizes a free press. We get state run propaganda and eventually samizdat. It is important for that not to happen in America. Especially Obama’s evolving Amerika.

    Hmmm — a little rant. Apologies.

    • Yikes. This is a mess. I went from Keith’s article about Obama and the Republican opposition, stopped by at Twitchy and read what Powers was up to and then mixed it all up. And I cannot edit it, to explain my transitional thinking.

      So, RT this would be your moment :) :) she says affectionately,

      That said kudos to Keith again for pointing out the dangers of Obama’s absolutism and demonizing the opposition and bringing it to Politico. And kudos to Powers for calling out the the state run media and the increasing demoniziation of Fox and some excellent journalists. That said, the isolation and demonization of the free press and the opposition party is unworthy of the Office of the President and the does not serve the well being of America or its citizens.

      And in a moment of real honesty — I kind of get that the Social Democrats would slobber all over themselves in the service of Obama and his “progressive forward march” but I do not get how many in the so called press can honestly believe in their heart of hearts the crap that they say and so blindly and willingly serve the state.

      So, you guys got a 2 rants! I must go rest. :)