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The Obama Morning News || January 28, 2013

Senators unveil bipartisan immigration bill . . . New York Times
GOP bristles at Obama’s appointments . . . Wall Street Journal
Sandy relief bill eats up taxes on the rich . . . Washington Times
Court ruling puts presidential power at risk . . . Washington Times
The terrifying mindset of Secretary Clinton . . . Joseph Curl
Pentagon to give major boost to cybersecurity . . . Washington Post
Obama may terminate jobs council . . . The Hill
Obama worried media not liberal enough . . . Jazz Shaw
Obama interview with New Republic . . . Franklin Foer, Chris Hughes

2 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 28, 2013

  1. What is up with both of Arizona’s Republican senators selling out on amnesty for illegal aliens? Not surprised with Grahamnesty and McCain, but Rubio and Flake are real disappointments.

    • SenFlake was my congressman before he was elected to the Senate.
      He was always for a thoughful immigration policy, but I never assumed it would happen like this.
      Most of us are not against immigrants and their dreams of America, we just wanted them to come here legally, through the front door so to speak. I don’t have a problem with work visas, or limited green cards.
      I don’t know what they’re thinking in DC anymore.