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Obama and Hillary Pal Around on 60 Minutes

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama made an unusual appearance together on 60 Minutes last night. Below is an excerpt.

This can’t sit well with Vice President Biden, who is putting out word that he is “intoxicated” by the thought of running for president. If Biden wasn’t vice president, people would be reading this appearance as a clear endorsement by Obama of Hillary 2016.

And here she is, standing by her other man. What happened to the Southern accent?

34 Responses to Obama and Hillary Pal Around on 60 Minutes

  1. her accent floats in and out just like her memory and vision since she fell and bumped her head.

    Am glad I missed the show. Someone said they might get voted a Emmy for the segment.

  2. Southern accent? Just an early lie from a woman who has shown time and again that she doesn’t really know the difference between a lie and the truth.

    Remember the picture of her sporting a NY Yankees cap, as the Chicago-area native who had never lived in NY all of a sudden became a Yankees fan?

    Like her husband, she counts on her star power to blind people to the truth. Sadly, it usually works.

    • O’Reilly is a charlatan, just like Obama.
      His dictatorial attitude is disgusting to me.
      He’s just another puss taking advantage of his position.
      Don’t point your pen at me and tell me “the spin stops here”.
      Bullshit !

        • I think his pomposity has now reached new levels I can hardly watch
          anymore especially when he talks about how the folks don’t know
          this or aren’t aware of something else. Must have never read the WHD.

          • I still like him. I could probably point out a hundred more things he does that can be irritating, but I like him anyhow. My biggest complaint is that he is sort of lazy–that Bernie Goldberg has nothing new to say, same for Dobbs–but they are on all the time. And that Leslie Liberal or whatever her name is–same.

  3. Obama’s 2008 “Yes We Can” video won an Emmy. Wonder if he is our first Emmy winning president? Can’t watch this kabuki theater, and will eventually getting around to reading the transcript, but have no doubt their praise of each other reached maximum saccharin saturation level. That is certainly Emmy quality material for the media propagandists. To top it off, Bill Clinton gets his payback for covering for the fraud.

    With the praise Paul Ryan (who I believe has been taken over by the pod people) heaped on Queen Hillary’s imaginary presidency, she’ll be a shoe-in for 2016. Especially if the Republicans put up another establishment politician as their nominee.

  4. Someone on another thread here (bears repeating) pointed out how Obama’s response to a question on Benghazi was to make a joke and then laugh at his own joke. Robert Gates supposedly told him when he first became President that at any given point in time someone, somewhere, somehow was screwing up on behalf of the government. Instead of Forward as his motto Obama should adopt What Difference Does It Make Now? Har, har.

  5. The Obamas and the Clinton hate one another. They play kissy-face so that they can help one another push through their selfish agendas. Read Ed Klein’s book – it’s a tell-all and the truth from the insiders I know.

  6. Very curious indeed. There’s a lot of speculation on what it all means; what about ol’ Joe, does Bubba approve, , and really wild suppositions.

  7. Love her Tammy Wynette rendition of ‘standin’ by my man’.

    Funny how Hillary is standing by her new man, Barry O. My guess is this profusely embarrassing lovefest stunt was orchestrated by none other than hubby Bill Clinton as part of his agreement to save Obama’s presidency (on several occasions) and absolve Hillary from any repercussions on Benghazi. Was it just coincidene that Hillary’s old campaign debt was paid up in full on Inauguration day? I don’t think so. The slate is now clear for her 2016 run. What else could propel a sitting President to make such an ass of himself???

  8. Just saw a clip of the infamous ‘reset button’ fiasco that little stunt alone should
    have made her unfit to serve. I really don’t think a plastic button will detour the
    Soviet Union from using the missiles aimed at us since the Cold War. Bet all
    the guys at the Kremlin had a real chuckle at Hillary’s expense. For that matter
    Hillary/Obama have quickly told our enemies we are week. Also a cautionary
    tale to all Americans overseas get in trouble you’re on your own.

  9. So the self / media anointed King of the United States sits smirking knowing all too well that in 2015 he’ll be able to parlay his vast OFA distribution list to the candidate who pledge their ‘unending’ support for Obama and pledge to continue the Obama social doctrine.

  10. IMHO Hillary Clinton was not a good secretary of state. There is no identifiable Clinton Doctrine, no accomplishments beyond the absolute disaster that Obama has made with leading from behind and the results of the Arab Spring, which we are paying for over and over again, laughable reset with Russia. And then her swansong Benghazi. She traveled alot — like Obama she loves those high level government flying machines. She is a user. She rides the coat tails of men. In my eyes, I see her as a camp follower. She’s smart, but she has no integrity.

  11. One more thing….could it be that the community organizer is trying to make amends for stealing the election from Bill and Hill? He really wants to make sure that she gets her turn next time around, even though she will be nearly 70 years old. They should have worked out these logistics back in ’08.