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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 28, 2013

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
1:40 pm || Welcomes the NBA Champion Miami Heat to the White House; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

45 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, January 28, 2013”

  1. “If I had a son I’d think hard about him playing football but, basketball now that’s a sport I can say would be good for a little bro BO….”

      1. here’s the exact quote for ya:

        Mike Greenberg ‏@Espngreeny
        The President says if he had a son he’d think long & hard about him playing football. He’s not alone. Long term, the sport is in trouble.
        Tony Boselli ‏@TonyBoselli
        @Espngreeny interesting, I do have boys and I am thinking long & hard about them getting near politics. No problem them playing football.

        Bravo Tony.. bravo! :-)

        1. Football, while physically risky, does provide the opportunity to develop team player skills…something bho could definitely use. I don’t see many politicians who are genuinely concerned about the team. They are in it for themselves.

    1. This football comment had to be about soccer (futball) since most violence occurs between fans of foreign soccer clubs. Therefore His Most Arrogance needs to clarify his statement.

  2. Judge Andrew Napolitano commented on Special Report last week that Obama was a micromanager, not a delegater. Sure would like to know when this “managing” happens. When is the last time he had a Cabinet meeting – not including the photo op one?

    1. When I heard the Judge say this, I immediately thought of the schedule I see daily on this site. It’s hard to imagine BO putting any effort into anything other than basketball, golf, schmoozing with celebs, smoking.

  3. The fact that Dear Leader has such a full plate on the first day of the week is an inspiration to me. The man is working himself into a health crisis just for us. And do we Subjects recognize this and give him praise? No….sadly we complain….(sigh)

  4. Since Obama is now a sefl-professed Skeet shooter no doubt of extraordinary skill, when will he have the 2012 12 gauge champion over to the White House…

    1. A witty friend suggested that if a guest at CampDavid wanted to skeet shoot, a SecretService agent holds the gun and the President gets to yell “pull”.

  5. Wouldn’t doubt his lackeys just make stuff up to put on his public schedule. He’s a first class phony, except for the photo ops with sports teams – those schmooze sessions are the real deal. He had no public events on his Friday schedule, yet read an article that mentioned he met with a group of Hispanic legislators to plot their next assault on our liberty – amnesty for new Democrat voters (aka illegal aliens). Guess lying about his daily activities is par for the course with this fraud.

      1. …and the “WH press corps” is always on top of Obama’s ‘daily schedule’! demanding to know what Obama does all day!


    1. So… if Obama + Hilliary are best ‘buds’ after that 60 Minutes propaganda segment (Obama bought off the Clintons with that interview) where does that leave Obama’s ‘endorsement’ for Biden for 2016?

  6. I have to wonder, what time does BHO start his day as he has his daily briefing at 10:30am — I would think that this would be no later than 7am or even 7:30am….

    1. He doesn’t need to do anything. He knows what he wants to do but those damn Republicans are too worried about Fox News to get it done or there are too worried about NRA money to do any real legislation.

      He on the other hand owes allegiance to no one. BTW, didn’t half of the Miami Heat campaign for him this year…………..hmm

  7. Barry is amazing. Just when I think I can feel no more contempt for him, he entertains another freaking sports team while the world is going up in flames around him.

    1. Your mention of the world going up in flames reminds me of a movie I watched this weekend – “Quo Vadis”. Amazing how many traits Preezy Revenge and Nero share. Dreaming of a utopian Rome, Nero burned the city down in order to rebuild it in his image. When the mob started looking for who to blame for the resulting carnage, Nero pointed the finger at the Christians. Guess we should be happy that the Praetorian guards haven’t fed us to the lions…yet.

  8. Still reeling from that audacious celebratory love fest on 60 Miinutes last night. How low can we as a nation go when the most corrupt regime in modern history is allowed to go on national TV and give each other high-fves? The gods must be crazy!

    1. And tell jokes about how things go screwy.
      Let’s just make sure we tell people that the only thing that makes is that screw ups don’t happen again…however, let’s make sure we don’t actually know why the screw ups happen.

  9. Forgot to ask – Did they bring in to the East Room a Basketball hoop so Mr.O and the boys can shoot some ball?? Could take up the whole afternoon then a nap.

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