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Obama Grassroots Group Using Newtown to Raise Money

Organizing for Action, the newly formed “grassroots” group that will help President Obama try to promote and pass his agenda, today sent out a fundraising and membership-building email that cites the Newtown massacre as a reason to “pull together” behind the president.

The email, which was sent out under Vice President Joe Biden’s name and is signed by him, includes a link to a page on the Organizing for Action website that asks people to provide their email address. The page has a separate link that takes viewers to another area of the website where they can donate.

In the message, Biden talks about Obama’s gun control agenda, and then he tugs at the heart strings:

Right now, President Obama is counting on you.

Each one of us needs to speak up and demand action. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big city or a small town like Newtown, Connecticut. When our fellow Americans are victims of senseless violence, we all pull together as one American family.

Let’s get this done, folks.

Whether the action we take saves one life or 1,000, it matters.

Thank you,


Organizing for Action was created this month out of the Obama 2012 campaign and is believed to possess an email list more than 20 million strong and include thousands of activists.

243 thoughts on “Obama Grassroots Group Using Newtown to Raise Money”

    1. I have been wandering the same thing. All this talk about protecting the children and then I decided to look up the statistics for abortion and I was disgusted. 97% of abortions are done for convenience, 2% for medical reasons, and 1% for rape. I understand rape and medical abortions, performed at an early stage, but then again it isn’t that baby’s fault. 97% for convenience….time to step up and take responsibility for your actions. I also understand here is a lot of foster children that need homes, and you think having an abortion is fixing the problem? It is not a fix . To take a tragedy and use it for political gain, or to push an agenda is just wrong and immoral. I think our country needs to get back to the way it use to be.

      1. Newtown was a PSYOPS event used to try and sell the public on these anti-gun laws. Learn the truth about what’s really going on in Washington with the Coup that was staged by unelected officials with the 2008 thrown election. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history and Obama media blackout.

    2. Liberals have no problems with the killing of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each year, but ask the death penalty for some slug that rapes and murders a child and listen to them scream and yell about how that is “cruel and unusual punishment”. Figure that one out.

      1. It never takes long for a specific “news story” to progress on a Right Wing Blog…

        Gun Control
        Massive Conspiracy


        1. Thanks Thor! I’ll add that to the list…

          Gun Control
          Massive Conspiracy
          Name Calling

          Added to the list ***Name Calling *** Anyone who may have a different read / hold a alternate viewpoint is subject to a small array of mean-spirited name calling, to include TROLL.

          1. RT demonstrates psychological projection, one of the facets of the mental disorder called liberalisim. It’s in Saul Alynsky’s left wing handbook.
            Thank you for the demonstration RT.

            Bury the left.

          2. Good one atheist con! Thank you for dropping by!

            I hate to blow on your candle of enlightenment (Really RT? No, not not really)… It is you, my friend, who have provided the best demonstration of an ideology.

            Oh, love the closing parting shot – “bury the left”… Wonder in history where this has happened before… Hmmmm… Oh, frequently… Hmmmm… By whom pray-tell… Hmmmm…

            Oh, oh, oh!!! Raise hand. I know! I know! Go ahead RT: It wasn’t the left burying the left!


            Suddenly, I do not feel as safe as I once did. Where’s my MP5… Oh, don’t own one… Hmmmm… Dilemma…

            Takeaway for the day – “A dilemma precedes the onset of cognitive dissonance”. ~ RT

          3. RT, how about you enlighten us with the types of worthy ‘news stories’ trending on sites like Daily Kos, Huff Post, or the ever interesting ThinkProgress?? Hell that last one even makes it easy for us with a banner at the top of the page: “TRENDING: Guns, Gun Violence Prevention, Barack Obama, Gun Control, National Rifle Association”

            Guess we ‘blog’ about similar things, except when you try flushing over there you might not make it out alive without a snorkel, some hip boots and a Wet Vac..

          4. @txj – never been there. I’ll hang out at one and let you know. Are they mean? I hope not. I expect snotty, arrogant, pithy…

            Thanks for not calling me a name. This is a great exchange.

          5. “Oh, love the closing parting shot – “bury the left”… Wonder in history where this has happened before… Hmmmm… Oh, frequently… Hmmmm… By whom pray-tell… Hmmmm…”

            The fall of The Soviet Union, 1991, credit in large part to Ronald Reagan, RT. Glad I could point that out for you. There are more examples….really. Lots more.

            Calling someone a “TROLL” is not “name calling” when it applies to a person’s actions, RT. Look it up, as pertains to a person leaving snarky, antagonistic reponses to folks in chat threads. Seems as though someone blew out your “candle of enlightenment” as well.

          6. @Ironhyde – Yikes – Lol – too funny. Providing a Troll with one of many definitions for a Troll… Hah, a sense of humor!!!

            Of course, I know what a Troll is. And, regardless of ones actions, it is still a label. Not to lose you, but it is all about intent, motive, and context. BTW, I did not say I disagreed about the label being accurate or not… That said, it is my list. So, I am keeping it… Name Calling is on there… The list may grow…

            Too bad you missed the irony of my reference to historical context on the “Bury the Left” close from ole atheist… I’ll leave it be. It may dawn on you later.


            PS – Thanks for the education on the Soviet Union. I had, like, you know like, just totally forgot about the Soviet Union – you know, the Cold War and all.. Bury the Left… Hmmmm… There is a connection. I will find it. Need candle of enlightenment. Come here candle. Wait. Match, must find a match. What? Oh, thanks Ironhyde. I’ll light the candle of enlightenment later. Need to acquire fire extinguisher first. Oh, and Rachel Maddow is on. Must get out incense and prayer rug…

          7. Blush… Can I kid back with you? OK.

            You know JT. When you bow, you are actually bending over… You may want to think twice about that. Just sayin’…

    1. Shameless when you are referring to people, say, Obama or Biden; shameful when you are referring to their actions. Either one works.

    2. Heavens to Betsy! Asking for email addresses! Tell me it ain’t so!

      Wait folks, that’s not all – referring to an event to advance a change? Not CHANGE! Holy Mackerel! The shame to cite any historical event, good or bad. This is UNPRECEDENTED…


      1. You mean a left wing reactionary, agenda-driven response to a historical event… as of two months ago?
        RT are you off your meds again…?

        liberalisim is a mental disorder

      2. @ atheist conservative – I am agenda-driven. You called me out! I react to my environment, um, like duh. Right again! I consider the context of historical events. No! Darn… You are right again! You are on it! 3 for 3!

        Ut oh… Oh, no… Geez, you could not leave well enough alone. A name call followed by a closing phrase devoid of truth, meaning, or relevance. Darn…

        Listen. Batting 3 out of 5 will get you a starting position in Baseball. But here, it represents 60%, a D-. And, sadly, it allows me to focus on your lame comments rather than be afforded the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation.


        1. You want no meaningful discussion, my friend, just the ejaculation of a snot-laden response to those you deem to be your inferiors mentally. Sad.

          1. Did you watch the movie “Office Space” JT? If not, do so. Good movie. If you have watched it, remember the game the one guy wanted to develop? Jumping to Conclusions?

            My friend – that is what you are doing here. Want to talk? Want to have a conversation? Pick a subject and let’s go.

            If you have been reading my posts on some of these threads, some have content worth a peek. Most are just responding to folks who write back – often mean, small-minded, offensive labels, and what not. The funny thing, I could be sitting next to you in the office or at the bar and having a conversation with you – and you would never know it was me. You might even like me. And, I am hot! Not really, but you know what Mae West said…

            ~ RT

          2. I read your posts. I do not know if you are a troll.
            I have not seen the movie “Office Space.” I rarely watch movies. It is my small and inconsequential protest against the hypocrisy of Hollywood.
            I do believe you are urging people to exercise “critical thinking.”
            My question for you and others on this thread:
            Why does no one point out that the shooter at Sandy Hook was not the gun owner? How will additional registration/background checks/mental health assessments requirements address the this type of circumstance?

      3. And today Emily’s List (the liberal group that kept pushing for the election of Democratic women to fight the evil GOP men) sent out an email asking people to sign on to say “Thank you” to Hillary Clinton — just in case their previous email castigating the GOP for being complicit in “violence against women”, and the DCCC email yesterday (also to thank Hillary) didn’t harvest enough email addresses.

        This is a permanent and constant campaign to keep Democrats in power. This is NOT an even playing field.

      4. RT is on the payroll of Organizing for Action. He is practicing Rules for Radicals to a T. Yes RT, I have read it, and even if you haven’t you are still practicing it. That’s what happens when you follow the flock. Saul and Barry will be proud of you.

      Remember Arizona at the memorial service in that Auditorium where every empty chair had an Obama slogan t- shirt draped over it for all the attendees to wear. Despicable !!!!

    1. zeiler – why do you feel inclined to mention Bush? I mean, what a hard working guy he was, doing the best he could. Not sure I get the connection.

  1. Evil people committed crimes and millions of law-abiding gun owners get punished, and you feel that we need to infringe our 2nd Amendment????
    Until the EVIL is removed from the hearts of man… will be the day guns are not needed in this world!

    Love your Country! Love your countrymen! God Bless America!

    1. Amen Michael Santos! Now, go read the 2nd Amendment.

      Me, I am trying to convince the Government to allow me to put the finishing touches on my HBMDS – you know, a Home Based Missile Defense System. So far, my calls to the Pentagon for some support have gone unanswered, but I bet I am now on “the list”…

      I am 100% sure they’ll stop at nothing (meaning whoever “they” are)!!!

      (INVOKE 3 degrees of “Hitler” separation rule)

      RT – you do not get it! We are one step away from Obama being a dictator like Hitler.

      RT – read some history books and get informed! It, whatever it is, has happened before!

      RT – Quit trolling and being provocative trying to advance your support for progressive agenda. This Blog is about bashing anyone and everything that have come within 100 miles of an Obama family member, and you just pester us by either being flippant when we want to behave badly or you call us out when we are arbitrary, capricious, or otherwise in absence of fact or reason. Take leave RT!

      My goodness folks, what’s next, that Michelle took one of the flower arrangements from a dinner party and put it on her end table at “home” – at tax payer expense? Come on.

      Let’s discuss some real issues that have some meaning / substance.

      1. Ignore Senor Troll… RT is one of the paid for D-Bags whose job it is to sow discontent…

        Best way to kill a troll is to ignore it.

      2. Hi Thor – Yikes!

        (a) I already added name calling to the list, but you just called me another – D-Bag. That is offensive.

        (b) Calling me “Senor” Troll may be telling or not, but I’ll just leave it there. I do speak more than one language, but I am not fluent in Spanish..

        (c) Fail at your own advice. Do ignore me. You have responded to me three times with mean-spirited and or vulgar language. Knock it off.

        1. RT is a paid or unpaid organizing for Omerica, troll operative

          RT, people do, in fact see through your disinformation and distraction techniques. Did you not know?
          Uh oh, the people are waking up to their nation being taken over by leftist democrat communist organizers.
          What will happen when you and your left wing ilk are identified as an enemy of the state?

          1. (a) mean – ignore

            (b) feel free to cite specifics on the disinformation. I can not control what one ultimately derives from reading any post, mine include… I can only hope some form of enlightenment…

            (c) communist organizers… no response to this statement. None warranted…

            (d) “What will happen when you and your left wing ilk are identified as an enemy of the state?” – ANSWER: The first to go are academics, free thinkers, scapegoats du jour, and anyone in a position to vie for a piece of the pie. Begs the question. Who will be seeking the “left wing ilk” out? There is an historical answer. For starters, begin with volume 1 of Will and Arial Durant – The Story of Civilization..

      3. RT,
        Yes let’s discuss some real issues like our $1.2 trillion dollar plus deficits, our soon to be bankrupt entitlement programs and state pension systems or the fact the Senate has not even proposed a budget in 4 years. Please discuss RT how Obama is going to even reduce the deficit $1 when he has promised not to touch Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and plans a massive spending binge on “investments and stimulus programs.
        While we are at it, please discuss RT why arming the Muslim Brotherhood with the most advanced weaponry is a wise and thoughtful idea.
        Please discuss RT why Obama is so financially irresponsible and unserious. On the most important issues (deficits, debt, economy, foreign policy) facing our country Obama is a pathetic joke who has no idea what he is doing.
        Or in the absence of any serious and non-delusional discussion on those issues, STFU and go away.

        1. OK TimW – I’m in.

          Pick the issue – any issue you cited in your diatribe or select another one. I don’t care. I’ll respond – in detail.

          Before you begin, read what you just wrote, you started out well with legitimate questions and then drifted off course… No use to have this exercise, if you start the process with “Obama is a pathetic joke who has no idea what he is doing… Save that for your closing arguments…

          Go ahead – Start by (a) defining a problem as you see it, (b) cite your reasoning why you believe it is an issue, and (c) what will happen if the issue is not addressed. Lastly (d), if our president is going about it, i.e., “the issue” the wrong way, state the proper courses of action as you see it. Feel free to contrast historical precedents or weave in economic journals that support your positions. You can stop there or close as desired.

          Thanks in advance for sharing.

        2. You should ask RT about False Flags too….but of course, RT doesn’t believe in conspiracies! You see conspiracies are just historical facts after a time…Watergate. Operation Northwoods. Gulf of Tonkin. No conspiracies here.

      4. “Let’s discuss some real issues that have some meaning / substance”.

        …which you have not done at any point throughout any thread on this blog. Boring.

  2. The deaths at Sandy Hook, as remorseful as they are to so many people far beyond the victims’ circle of families and friends, represent .00000008% of the population of the United States. To enact any law based upon this one event is nothing more than knee-jerk reaction and an overt attempt to continue to push an anti-gun agenda. High-information, gun-owning, law-abiding citizens will not stand idly by and allow this to happen.

    1. Wake up people, Sandy Hook did not happen! Listen to the police scanner and view the actors like that idiot who claimed to find kids at the end of his driveway! Don’t be fooled by the government! Investigate for yourself and you will understand.

          1. Starting with how FAST the B.O. crew “Sprang” into action on this gun issue. It’s almost like they had this entire scenario all planned out & were waiting for the next massacre. (Sarcasm) After all, in the last 30 yrs., sooner or later someone, usually unbalanced, is going to go ballastic in a public place ( usually) & start shooting. There’s no reason to assume it won’t happen time after time. But THIS time is the catalyst? Why? Nickel Mines children actually shocked me far more than this, having lived among Amish for many yrs.

            Mass shootings are a fact of life.No one even wants to think about it, but we ALL know its’ true. We even have added a term into our lexicon when someone gets very upset-they “go postal.” Guns? Well, for 200 yrs. we had them & didn’t have this kind of desecration of our freedoms. So COULD the problem be with our society now? Gratituous violence in movies, T.V. & video games? Lack of family values? Children having children? Personal responsibility? An Educational System that actually was held to a high standard for educating those who will follow us?

            Much to think about! Much to consider!

      1. You should mention False Flags too….but of course, no one believes in conspiracies! You see conspiracies are just historical facts after a time…Watergate. Operation Northwoods. Gulf of Tonkin. No conspiracies here. And many others.

        Why does America have so many “events” while no other country does? Just a big coincidence?

      2. I agree. The acting with whoever was involved was terrible. As 911 and 7/7, it was associated with Drills. The 911 people are making a mistake at not showing more how 911 is related.

        Shock Doctrine is what it’s about….never let a good crisis go to waste? But what if there are no Crises…well the government MAKES them.

  3. Hasn’t it been determined (but NOT reported) that all such shootings have been perpetrated by NON NRA members…..but by democrat progressives or sons thereof?

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  5. Your are just so un respectalbe for using this shooting to support your agenda of dis arming America THE ONES THAT DIDNT DO IT,you in washington are so far out of thouch with the real world that you only have one agenda !!Being America down and making us a thrid world conntry !!! Shame on you all that support this type of Government,you should resign and go to some other part of the world that want to run by DICTATORS we dont want you HERE. You took a OATH to up hold the CONSTITUTION and by what I see you should be impeached every one of you!!!! for you have nothing incommon with our CONSTITUTION other than the big payday you get.

  6. Not that the beltway cocktail club will listen, but Mark Levin said Boehner should bring Feinstein’s bill up for a vote immediately. No amendments, just a straight up or down vote. Get the votes of these slimy politicians on record as soon as possible. That would nip their fundraising efforts in the bud and let us get back to more important things on Preezy Revenge’s agenda like gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens.

    1. That’s exactly what Boehner should do, but will he? The more time he gives them, the more they can propagandize. Look at what’s happened with the delay of Clinton testifying on Benghazi: it came to a point where she could get away with saying, “What difference does it make now?”

      Plus, this gun fight will be made into a big distraction from the spending fight.

      1. Boehner do the right thing? I’m starting to think the GOP needs a
        woman who is really strong to shake things up at least one with some chutzpah.

          1. My choice would be Rep. Louie Gohmert. The guy is a fearless conservative. He goes beyond the Republican talking points and gives us the truth about what is going on in the House. Michele Bachmann voted to keep Boehner as speaker. That doesn’t sit right with me.

      2. This is an interesting sub thread!

        Agreed that the GOP have lost their way.

        Agree that more women serving AND leading the GOP would help them develop a more in tune “collective worldview”, if you can use the expression like that…

        Agree that the GOP “right base” are considering eating their young to advance a radical agenda – a necessary step in the evolutionary political process – far left or far right.

        How do we do it? Details!

  7. Raising money by a left wing political organization using deceased children as their rational is just plain disgusting. Their tragic deaths have nothing to do with controlling the ownership of firearms. I believe the courts will agree with the unconstitutionality of this craziness.

      1. Nor has anyone seen any eveidence of scholorship from either Haavard or U of Chicago. I find it amazing that anyone can consider this guy some genius intellectual when he has produced absolutly nothing in his entire 10 years at U of Chicago. Not one flipping paper!

        1. Affirmative action from Kindergarten to the part-time lectureship at the University of Chicago (and let’s not call it a tenured professorship as the O’Bots do.)

          1. Even Obama’s official resume states that he was a guest lecturer and then advanced to senior lecturer. Basically, he had a part time job for ten years.

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  9. Hey,
    Swimming pools kill more children than firearms. Why is no one talking about This serious threat to the youth of America. Suck it Biden. All of idiots are really obvious and your arguements don’t hold water. You want em…. Come and get em.

        1. Good one JT! I

          Shhhh and keep my IQ at 50? No way, if I do that I raise the Bar for everyone!

          Kidding… Sorry, you just left that hanging… I take it back. Lots of smart folks on this site.

  10. Why do police departments, body guards and the secret service use the weapons Feinstein wants banned? Their job is to protect, but funny… they seem to think they need large capacity magazines and “Assault Weapons” to do so……

    1. Yes Sir, when the population has no weapons the government has absolute authority which corrupts absolutely.
      Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot all enacted weapon bans to the public before they carried out atrocities against them with minimal resistance.

  11. No one can trust any man that would sink this low to advance their personal agenda. After everything he has done I can olny hope that the only people that will be protecting him in the future are members of the Prison Guards Union.

  12. Why is it that the libs think it’s ok to kill a baby before it’s born but then want to ban guns so it won’t be killed afterward. What is the magical moment/age to a lib that a child becomes worth saving? Surely not right after birth, because Obama is okay with letting newborns die alone in a closet. It’s shameful and disgusting that they keep dancing on the graves of dead children to promote their political agenda.

  13. what about all the unborn baby’s you let clinics kill every year? what about all the whiskey sales that kill people with cars and domestic violance? what about all of the money you send over seas and they use it to buy wepons with that can kill us off ? you people in office thees days are pure retards i personaly dont know how you even got past high school you sure didnt take the time to study history or ecinomics.

  14. Google “Obama school security funding lapse” and read the Washington Guardian article…Obama’s “budget savings” let those kids die. The MSM is too cowardly to report it, and the Messiah’s lapdog followers dare not bring shame upon their Master.

  15. Hashash-Obama Earthquake Theory: An Earthquake (Timing, Location and Magnitude) is inversely proportional to the Ebb-Tide, wherever; 1. Ebb-Tide is the causes of Effects of Moon’s Gravity and Tidal acceleration. 2. Earthquake is the causes by the Illinois Compact Matter, an compressed masses galactic object apply force acceleration on the Plate tectonics, Volcanic system, Mountain and Oceanic trench.
    Read details:

  16. If the Officials are EXEMPT from Gun Control, then everyone is EXEMPT. The Government shall not make any rules that do not apply to themselves.

    1. That is an excellent point, but the Constitution is ignored. Look at Obamacare: government officials will keep their own plan. Why doesn’t anyone take them to court for the exceptions/exemptions they give themselves?

    1. Sooo, We the people that stand by the US Constitution are right wing nut jobs. Then why is it that the shooters from Columbine , Ft. Hood the Oregon mall, and Newtown were all registered Democrats and progressive liberals. Columbine shooters were not old enough to vote but their parents too, were Registered Democrat progressive liberals.

    2. Osterman – Dude, help the cause. This type of response crap does not come from anyone with a clue on this subject – liberal or conservative.. Something is amiss..

      Wait, you may be a right-winger posing as a clueless lefty! Hah!

      You have been outed!

  17. what about the lives it will cost because someone does not have a weapon to defend themselves or needs that 11th shot because there are 6 attackers not 5

  18. Evil Newtown shooter destroys children. Evil Obama destroys our unalienable right of self-defense. Flys don’t land on him by accident.

    The Pied Piper Devil leading all of the stupid, greedy and corrupt electorate over the cliff to our death. It appears that the nation will have to be destroyed in order to be reborn. Hopefully all will not perish in the process.

  19. Keith:

    (At least on my computer) your email link is a page of unreadable code.

    Also: Some of the emails linked via the DONATE button to a different page than you got:, with a picture of Obama addressing a huge audience. The main page is overlaid with a panel saying:
    “President Obama still needs your support. Make a donation to the Obama Victory Fund today”. Then select an amount ($15, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, other amount).

    The balance of the page is donation and regulatory information, including guidelines for donations to the Obama Victory Fund 2012.

  20. The FBI reports that 1.5 million crimes, including murder and rape, are prevented each year just by brandishing a gun. How many more murders will there be if they take all the guns away from lawful owners?

    In Australia and elsewhere, taking the guns from lawful owners resulted in more murders, not less, because the criminals have all the guns. This proves that brandishing or using a gun, if necessary, deters more murders than cops and jail sentences.

    1. @ Jim:

      Fact Check:

      95% False. The 5% that may be correct is cherry picking a “piece of data” and connecting it in some obtuse way.

      Response: Every time you take a breath, Jim, a kitten dies somewhere in the world.

      100% True

  21. Just when you thought that this administration could not sink any lower they pull this stunt. Its proof positive that they don’t give a s–t about what happened at Northtown. The media minions helped by making this a platform for Obama to “peddle the flesh”. In this case 26 humans in CT..

  22. What about all the children you are in favor of aborting? Guess that doesn’t count as killing. Love their double standard!!! But, never the less, if the Republicans were call despicable for commenting on the killing of our Americans in Benghazi…explain to me how this is different!

  23. POTUS and VPOTUS next will make Google, Face Book, Twitter to ask if you own a gun. If you say yes your accounts are blocked eternally.
    They already own the Broadcast Media next the Social Media which will equal a complete abolishing of the US Constitution.
    Dems count on every crisis to advance world Marxist Socialism called the Progressive Movement.

  24. This is called “mass punishment.” Is the government going to punish the masses for the crimes of a few? And since it will make no difference in the end, is it not political BS?

    What will make a difference is if the “sissies” in the USA will not be cowards, but buy guns, learn how to use them effectively and safety, and this will deter or even prevent future such tragedies.

    Look what happened after 9-11. Before that event, people sat passively in their seats and obeyed hijackers. But since then, everyone is ready to attack the attackers, and indeed there are numerous news reports of such resistance to would-be attackers in the last 10-11 years.. Now the terrorists are too afraid of failure to attempt more hijackings.

    In summary, packing “heat” deters crime and could have stopped or even prevented some of the recent gun violence.

  25. Where is the feedback over Hollywood and Video Games? The boy in TX had just watched the Movie, “Halloween.” He thought is was cool that so many were killed and it seemed to be a fun thing to do. He wanted to mimick the Movie. The people are still high on the Gun Issue, when they should be looking at the Instrutions from Video Games and the Movies. Someone has taught the young people how to do these things.

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