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Obama Approval Rating Remains Low

President Obama remains stuck with historically low approval ratings, a potentially severe handicap that could hamper his ability to pass his second term agenda.

Despite recent reports ballyhooing a rise in Obama’s approval numbers, which according to Gallup had ¬†edged up to 58 percent in December, Obama is back to a bare majority, with only 52 percent giving him the thumbs up in both Gallup and Pew Center surveys.

The polling shows Obama essentially got no bounce from his Inauguration, with his approval rating having been at about 51 percent before giving a speech widely held to be a partisan recitation of liberal principles.

Fifty two percent is exactly where George W. Bush was at the start of his second term. But unlike Obama, Bush had won the presidency by a sliver and was embroiled in an unpopular war. Bush’s signature second term initiative, Social Security reform, was a dismal failure.

Bill Clinton, who had some significant legislative successes – particularly on the budget – in the first year of his second term, was at 60 percent approval post-Inauguration Day 1997. Clinton’s average approval rating for his second term was 61 percent.

Obama is well off the highs he recorded after his first Inauguration, when his approval was close to 70 percent. Still, Obama’s current level is an improvement over numbers that had been stuck around the mid-40s for much of 2012.

18 thoughts on “Obama Approval Rating Remains Low”

  1. Well, this isn’t being reported. It must not be true.Everyone loves Obama. And Michelle. ANd her haircut.

    I’m going -today – to get mine done exactly like her’s.

        1. Good one, William. Maybe the wighat is calling Bob Dylan…

          “I sat with my high-heeled sneakers on
          Waiting to play tennis in the noonday sun
          I had my white shorts rolled up past my waist
          And my wig-hat was falling in my face
          But they wouldn’t let me on the tennis court.” ~ Bob Dylan, “I Shall Be Free – No. 10”

  2. Gotta love it, Keith, especially when the media talks about “mandates” and how Obama will be more confrontational because he has Republicans on the run.

    The president has always had an overly inflated opinion of himself, and the media continues to provide a stiff tailwind.

    1. What bugs me about that is they Obama and staff (and some republicans) talks as if his re-election was a de facto public endorsement of whatever zany idea floats into his head.

      The public voted for their ” team”. FOr “not Romney”. They voted for lies and propaganda. Most people couldn’t voice his actual campaign ideas anyway.

      But now he’s “ruling’ based on some BS mandate he claims to have?

      I don’t think so.

  3. If he continues to attempt to cram gun control down our throats his approval will drop below 50% and stay there. He had as much of a mandate as ‘W’ did at the start of his 2nd term and you saw what happened to SS reform!.

    I like what Clint Eastwood said about gun control:
    ” if there’s a gun in the vicinity, I want to control it!”

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  5. Yup, he didn’t get the bouncy thingy from the Inauguration they had hoped for (no big surprise by allot of us).

    Now I see Mr.O and SOS will be doing a 60 Minutes CBS interview. We need to drum up some hard hitting questions for the 2. Keith, future posting?? This looks like major damage control. Not like I watch CBS anyway.

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    1. yup, go back to Keith’s post on Jan 22nd, according to White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer we’re not. I’m sure the polls were conducted in metro areas also.

  7. DiFi’s gun control exempts federal officials. Obamacare exempts federal employees. Pattern? Not only are the Obamocrats sheeples, they must be death, dumb and blind sheeples.

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  9. Obama is using the gun control issue as a side issue with our economy. Main stream media does not cover anything but this. They don’t realize that our unemployment is up and GNP is down 2.2%. This guy has no idea what he is doing and our country economically is going to suffer for years and years to come. It is a dictatorship of people who do not understand the economy and Obama has done a great job of offering government solutions but we the tax payers get holding the bag. Anybody that works for a living is going to be screwed by the democrats. They will tax and spend until there is nothing left in the checking account. Why don’t people that go to work every morning realize how this charasmatic guy is going to destroy our economy and no hope for a future of our kids that are graduating from college. People need to go to Econ. class I and you will realize how they are destroying our economy. It is sad but charisma and dictatorships brought down many a government. It is happening right before our eyes and Americans are not stopping this. You are to blame.

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