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Quote of the Day || January 25, 2013

“It’s true my legislation limits magazines to ten rounds, and some say that might not be enough for self defense. That’s why I also make it a crime for a home invader to interfere with a home owner when they are changing magazines.”

– Sen. Dianne Feinstein

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Next up, you will need a gun camera like the military uses (to confirm kills) next; only in this case, it will be to confirm that you tried to reason with your home invader and understand his point of view, and maybe find out if he has a good reason to take your stuff (you’re too rich, you’re too white, the Man kept him from getting a job, he had ancestors that were opressed a couple hundred years ago by someone who looked a little like you, etc.), just like the Government does, and offer it to him in the name of “fairness” BEFORE you can even CONSIDER pulling the trigger.

    While he may want to rape your wife/daughter/son, you will also have to prove that you tried to understand if there was a reason for this as well, perhaps he’s Muslim and its a cultural norm because she was out without a male relative with that sexy face all hanging out there; perhaps because of unconcious discrimination on the part of the estabishment and insensitive cultural norms he was deprived of the chance to pass his genes (that are every bit as good as yours!) on to a really fine woman like you could; maybe your son “led him on” by wearing “skinny jeans” and he’s just responding to that…

    After you have done all this, you may now release your Government mandated trigger lock and – CLICK!

    Oh, yeah, the Government required that you store your ammo separate from the gun, like in a different locked box in another room, because your house is within 15.5 miles of a school. It doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s empty. The ammo was banned last Tuesday. Sorry.

    Oh, by the way, HE has a gun that he didn’t register and ammunition he stole from a policeman’s house, and don’t use no trigger locks or follow the “rules”. Know why?


    So, BANG! (meaty thumping sound). If you’re REAL lucky, you may just get to hear your daughter screaming in pain before death claims you.

    Make sure you commend Senator Feinstein and her Dear Leader Obama to the Lord once you get there. It won’t be long now…

      • Having survived a home invasion in 1981–four men–let me tell you–and Diane–that one has no idea what they would do until something happens. I heard some tailend of her saying she would blow away people who tried to kill her visiting her sick husband (I really didn’t hear it all). Yeah, sure, maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t. We are talking about real-life stuff here, not TV.l

  2. Since cars are also dangerous, no car may be driven 5280 feet near a school. No car over 1 ton may go within 1000 feet near a post office, mall, or highway.