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Photo || Obamas Review the Inaugural Parade

Obamas review parade

H/T to Jared Keller and one of our favorite readers, Star.

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  1. I’m reminded of Mrs. O’s “all this for a damn flag” comment. I can understand the kids texting and all, they are after all, kids. However, POTUS and his wife should have been paying attention to what was going on.

    I’m sure they will be paying attention to the big screen TV during the Super Bowl. That should be one helluva party this year, what with no campaign or media image to have to worry about.

  2. I thought Mrs. O told us that her children were not allowed cell phones, social media, etc. Guess that was a lie too from the most incredible mother on the planet.

  3. The Obamas = no class.
    Just look at “Barack Hussein Obama” (his hidden ‘life-back ground’) & his Wife; “Michelle Lavaughn Robison” who have no Respect for the history of the US…

    • This actually brings me distress. Her lack of manners and grace in her position is inexcusable. The fact that she isn’t teaching her daughters how to behave and carry themselves is sad. She’s doing them a disservice.
      I know they’re young, but they never look happy to be where they are or aware of the importance of a smile. And, since children learn a lot by observing I’m left to believe her daughters haven’t observed a lot of warmth and happiness. Growing up in a fishbowl can’t be pleasant. Maybe he should have waited until they were older to subject them to life in the WH.
      Then again, he was thinking of his country and its need for fundamental change. (she said with tongue in cheek)

  4. Are these some new kind of super-secure electronic devices that will protect the Wee Obama’s from any offensive hacking or nefarious stalkers?
    Who are they texting/tweeting, have they all been vetted by the SecretService?

    It seems they showed as much interest in the parade as the 285 million Americans who didn’t watch it either.

  5. What a great example of a loving, caring, attentive family at church services. Mooch could be passed out bending over like that and none of them would notice. Read not too long ago that these grifters eclipsed the Huxtables as black marriage role models. The cult of personality is going strong.

  6. Class, integrity, respect for others, honesty, patriotism, etc. are but a few of the things they lack. If you notice Joe Biden is also on his cell. This is what happens when you have a family that has not ever had to work for anything.
    That’s America’s current leadership — and this is the family a magazine is taking the Huxtable’s place as an iconic family? Mr Huxtable would have had some kids on real restrictions. As goes the president , so goes the nation — those paying attention are being ignored or denigrated..

  7. Sad that the first family can’t even pay attention to each other or their surroundings. Do they actually converse with each other or do they text each other instead?

  8. His main Secret Service agent is having a laugh with the blond female agent next to him…not paying attention.

    Michelle O’s wig reveals a white-colored scalp in the part. I suppose that’s all that was available.

    Other than that business as usual.

  9. In fairness, folks, they’re not the only ones who are way too obsessed with their phones and allowing their children to be, too. At Christmas, a whole passel of my cousin-in-law’s really delightfully-behaved children were playing with iPhones together instead of the sort of games and activities our generations would have done at a similar family gathering. They weren’t snotty about it, and were socializing, too; but still, it makes me sad to see so many spend so much time interacting with a screen, when there are people nearby.

    I will say, though, that although I understand many people are used to having their phones at all times to take photos and “memorialize” every moment, one would have hoped that, as the main participants in SUCH a historic set of events, they could have left the phones home this once. After all, there are plenty of other people taking photos; and it wouldn’t hurt any of them to give their full attention to the moment. A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to put together that historic day.