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Obama Schedule || Friday, January 25, 2013

No public schedule

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Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

16 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, January 25, 2013

  1. Give him a break…he’s had to do some hard partying in the last few days, and even spent time in church twice this week. Plus, it’s too cold to be playing golf this weekend.

  2. What does “no public schedule” mean? Will he sleep in? Will he get out of his pajamas? Will he be working at his desk? Will he talk to anyone (outside of his family)? Who plans his schedule? Do people call and try to make an appointment with him and he says, “Sorry, no public schedule today.” Or, does this mean that details of how he plans to spend his day will purposefully not be shared with the public? It’s all pretty confusing but #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake anyway.

  3. And the beat goes on… An observation… Most all full timers here cite the President as being incompetent – pursuing all the wrong policies. If that were true, wouldn’t you be glad he isn’t doing anything today? Why bitch? Embrace the moment….

    Oh, sorry. What? Oh… You just like to complain…. Where’s the salt…. My meatloaf is dry… Sucking the life out of anyone who gets near….

    • You probably haven’t heard, but MrKoffler had to cut us full-timers down to less than 30 words because of the Obamacare mandates, so we’re basically part-timers, now.

      Or full-time part-timers, or vice versa or whatever the new normal is called now.

    • Well, while many do prefer that he does nothing, that is really a naive assumption. His policy, his will goes forward while he watches ESPN, golfs, and vacations.

      We all know that he merely checks boxes on a sheet, directing his staff to do his will . OR , even worse, Valarie Jarrett has free reign.

      So, no. I get no satisfaction from the knowledge that he does nothing. It just pisses me off, because he is living like an emperor, ruining our country, peddling lies and propaganda. He is a hypocrite unlike we’ve seen in office for a long time.

      He could had least do us the favor of LOOKING BUSY.

      • As long as he’s on the public payroll he needs to do something to earn his keep. He could at least clean the terlets, walk the dog or polish the silverware since but he has little desire to do anything but loaf and watch movies. Why else would they need a projectionist on duty 24/7?

        • Exactly my thoughts. His “leadership” leaves much to be desired. Apparently, you can just sit on your ass, attend a few parties, and make bank.

          Can’t wait to see him on “Cribs.”

  4. right back to the same old lazy no good piece of crap he was for the last 4 years as far as my guns never will have to pry them from my dead hands you communist obozo