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Obama Attacked by Republican Fly

A fly dispatched by the Republican National Committee made its way into the State Room of the White House today and harassed President Obama, who was announcing the nominations of Mary Jo White to be SEC Chair and Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Boehner, it would appear, has finally gotten smart and begun using tough tactics Obama can understand.

Well, at least, the fly seemed to rattle Obama a lot more than Boehner does.

And while we’re on this topic, it’s 26 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington. Where exactly did this fly come from?

30 thoughts on “Obama Attacked by Republican Fly”

    1. HEHEHE … no wonder this occurence occured: Obama is in a room. And in the room is a fly. The fly — the little guy! — landed on Obama’s eye. Oh my!

    2. “Lord of the Flies” – Julie Brueckheimer

      “Beelzebub, or Baalzebûb, the Philistine god of Accaron (Ekron), scarcely 25 miles west of Jerusalem, whose oracle King Ochozias (Ahaziah) attempted to consult in his last illness, IV (II) Kings, i, 2. It is only as an oracle that the god is known to us; no other mention of him occurs in the Old Testament. The name is commonly translated “the lord of the flies”, and the god is supposed to be so called either because as a sun god he brings the flies, though the Ba’al was probably not a sun god, or more likely because he is invoked to drive away the flies from the sacrifice…”


  1. It’s not actually a fly. It’s a miniature spy drone developed by the KochBros secretive military think-tank located in Taos, NewMexico. The sales brochure that was sent to all of the readers of this blog described it as “…a breakthrough in politcal surveilance sure to irritate your political opponents…..”
    It looks really good flying around the President’s head, but it’s too expensive for my means. Apparently, someone with deep pockets and access to the White House has placed the spy drone there.

    1. Ahem…srdem. There are a few kool-aid drinkers who post here. They didn’t get the brochure on the KochBros super-duper secret fly drone for obvious reasons. The pilot must have turned off the cloaking device in order to test our powers of observation. Was looking at the horsefly model but couldn’t afford it either. Hopefully we get to see the videos!

      1. Dang it. I forget that we’re not all friends here. Thanks for the heads-up.
        I made it all up. It’s not true. I misspoke. Like I would know the KochBros or anyone like that. Taos, New Mexico? that’s where are the artsy-fartsy types go to paint and weave ponchos.

    2. I’m still confused about this. The Koch Brothers? I thought Rush Limbaugh was the leader of the Republican Party? Or was it Sean Hannity? The KKK? Fundamentalist Chrisitans? Grover Norquist? Sarah Palin? “TEAtots”, whatever THAT is?

      Our Democrat freinds have cited all these and more, and I didn’t get my evil Republican newsletter this month, so which is it???

      1. cincy – Don’t you know by now not to question anything from the Dem party/supporters. They have appropriated significant time and money to conclude all the above listed (and more) are applicable terms. Dog whistles are sounding at your racist attempt to dare question sound judgement.

  2. Exodus 8:21 “If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies; even the ground will be covered with them.”

    1. pianogirl88,
      Thanks for the Biblical reference, I should have paid more attention in Bible class, perhaps its not to late.
      One can only hope , or pray

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