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Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses on Benghazi

Secretary of State Clinton Wednesday failed to provide a full explanation of why an immediate military response wasn’t ordered to try to rescue besieged members of the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

Maybe that’s because it’s inexplicable. But White House Dossier has done some investigative journalism and uncovered the top ten reasons why Hillary didn’t ensure that a military response from one of the nearby U.S. bases was immediately begun.

1. She wanted to see if we could first find a diplomatic solution.

2. Ouija Board wasn’t moving fast enough.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z were using the Situation Room.

4. Tummy ache had already begun.

5. United Nations hadn’t gotten back to her on whether intervention was compliant with international law.

6. Libyans said, “We got this.”

7. Decided George Washington had warned against foreign entanglements.

8. Since it was Bush’s fault, Bush should be the one doing something about it.

9. Tried to call military base in Italy but kept getting the damn answering machine.

10. Never could have imagined anyone would attack American interests on anniversary 9/11.


Are there any that you have heard of through your own investigative work?

43 Responses to Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses on Benghazi

  1. She experienced a slight concussion after having smacking her head for not having that V8, thus diminishing her ability to remember bits and pieces.

  2. some others I heard:

    11. Sent a scathing telegram to Quadafi to put an end to the assault.
    12. Was too busy coaching Chelsea for her next appearance on Dateline.
    13. She was setting up the tables and chairs for the Obama Fundraiser the next morning in Vegas.
    14. She was out putting in for a permit on an AR-15 before Cuomo took it away.
    15. It was a Tuesday. She’s watching NCIS trying to get ideas on how to run the State Dept.

  3. She was on the phone with Ben Affleck requesting permission to use “ARGO” as background should the killing of the ambassador, two Navy SEALs and one other individual become an issue. After all, what difference does it really make anyway she said.

  4. I don’t have anything snarky, just a question about her qualifications for the State Dept job these past few years. Has she done anything involving diplomacy ? Seems she’s been more on the cocktail circuit on her world travels rather broker peaceful solutions in the hot pockets of the world.

    No CEO would ever use the excuse “I didn’t know” and keep his job. Security cables from Stevens (AN AMBASSADOR !) should not only been put on her desk, but shoved in her face.

    I hope this investigation isn’t over. It will only get worse under SOS Kerry. Ugh.

    • Let me answer your only question. Yes.

      On the “statements / observations”… (a) cocktail circuit – Wrong, but I get why you would write that. Broker peaceful solution in hotspots and all. This administration has been doing non of that. Perhaps Romney would have been a better choice, you know, Russia and the cold war.,, (b) CEO – Wrong, and hah – too funny… Clueless. (c) Security Cables – Good point. I am with you. (d) Kerry – It may get worse. It may not. Who knows. Since you are so “absolute” on the point, do you do weather? Sidebar – You must be making bank shorting the market since our President took office since he sucks and all…. ;)

  5. Needed a laugh after spending the good part of the past week O/A with the flu.
    First order of business today is checking out WHD and see what shenanigans happened in D.C. while I was sick.
    Pretty sure I won’t feel better after knowing, but what the hell.

  6. We watched yesterday as Congress closed ranks with the WhiteHouse to silence any attempt to find the truth of why Bengazi was a scene of American cowardice and tragedy.
    Those who fought and those who died were the tragedy, and those who watched, but did nothing, were the cowards afraid to allow the truth that radical Muslims can and will kill Americans whenever they choose, because it would belie MrObama’s statements that al Quada is “on the run”. .

    MrsClinton’s top excuse:
    I will lie about the story of Bengazi and it’s aftermath because I need MrObama’s support in my quest to become the next Democrat POTUS..

    • The mutual Hillary butt-kissing session might be the first time I’ve ever seen any real bipartisanship in the Senate. If only the four Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi received the same lofty words and rhetoric from these cowardly beltway bureaucrats. Sadly, yesterday will probably be the last we hear about the events surrounding the butcher in Benghazi.

  7. Had recently watched “The Dark Knight Rises” and was afraid that Bane might have been leading the attack and that he would come after her if got involved.

  8. “Secretary of State Clinton Wednesday failed to provide a full explanation of why an immediate military response wasn’t ordered to try to rescue besieged members of the U.S. mission in Benghazi.”

    Why no explanation?

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  9. Sorry, I wish I could find something funny about this national disgrace. Surely even the most dedicated leftist is realizing that AQ is not only not “decimated” as per the Campaigner-In-Chief, but metastasizing at an alarming rate? And “going forward,” we have four more years (minimum) of this bogus POTUS?!

    I simply cannot bear it.

    • @Wesley – All Liberals believe their own lies? Thinking… Oh! Very true!

      I now “get it” about “them” – those nasty little commie loving progressive liberals!

      Thank you for sharing! I have, seen the light! The ENEMY has been clearly illuminated and our course of action for the next four years is clear.

      I am inspired.

  10. Not really funny to laugh about a situation that lead to at least four deaths. Maybe it’s better to make jokes about less serious concerns. As my students say, “Too soon to joke about the Holocaust.”

    • mer –

      As one of the few Jewish kids in my neighborhood, I endured Holocaust jokes back in the ’60s. The main reason they have been banished, to an extent, is due to the history revisionist that have been trying to take hold of the world.

      Global warming deniers are now being cast as on par with Holocaust deniers, and therefore the Holocaust has again, and rightfully, become a taboo topic to joke about.

      That won’t stop the revisionist such as Ahmadinejad and his insane ilk from down playing what the Nazis did. Nor will history and truth stop the likes of Hillary and Obama from rewriting their own histories to better fit their own agendas.

  11. Hillary and Obama both misunderstood where the attack was going on. When they were told “Benghazi” they heard it as “Ben Gazi” and thought it was in Israel. They figured they would let the Israelis take care of the problem, and if anything went wrong they could blame Netanyahu.

    • Maybe she thought it was the name of a new Hollywood movie production. After all, she referenced some movie I never heard of – “Argo” – when describing embassy protection to Congress. Wouldn’t doubt she consults with Ben Affleck on military intelligence missions.

    • omg, I don’t think I could handle reading an entire Milbank column. (I can still see him in that ridiculous Elmer Fudd hat he put on to diss Dick Cheney with.) can you summarize? or let me guess: Hillary was masterful, and Republicans are making a fuss about nothing.

      did you catch the ladies on “The View”? they were positively orgasmic about Hillary’s performance.

  12. The reality is that Hilldog needed to bow out of this quick so as not to hurt her chances in 2016.

    Dems and libs being what they are, they are trying to run as much damage control as they can so as to sweep this neatly aside so that they don’t have to talk about it later. After all, Barry has an economy to destroy and only 4 more years to do it.

    • Derek – Spot on. I have seen the playbook the Dems use. It was written by Thomas Jefferson. And, we know, he borrowed heavily from writing left behind by the Legislative Assemblies 2000 years earlier in Rome…

      A version of this playbook, a more sophisticated one, is used on Wall Street.

    • Thank you for the link, Otis. Great article.

      “To answer Secretary Clinton, it does make a difference. It matters enormously for the American public to know whether or not their president and members of his administration are on top of a crisis and telling them the truth.”

  13. I forwarded this Ramirez cartoon of Hillary on the tombstone of one of the 4 dead in Benghazi with no comment. And this is what she shot back to me — in a flash — and there is outrage that Obama and Clinton miss.

    I had a Holocaust survivor speak to my classes and somebody asked her about hunting down the Nazis who would now be old men. She very bluntly said that her father and her grandfather did NOT get to die of old age in their own beds… so why should the Nazis now. The manner of death for our people in Benghazi does matter– they did not get to age gracefully , to see children grow up, and then one day to die of old age themselves. It does matter that none of them was killed in the midst of a roaring battle with other Americans at their side ( as requested ). The died pleading for help that never came. It does matter that the Commander in Chief went to bed to get his beauty sleep for the campaign trip to Vegas the next day. It does matter that Hillary probably hugged her bottle of Jack Daniels and rolled over in her bed. What a POS — she and he.

  14. also a bit off topic, but I just thought of something the spineless Republicans could have said in response to Hillary’s silly “what difference does it make?” tantrum:

    “Then you’ve changed your mind since the 1970s, Madame Secretary. ‘Truth vs. lies’ seemed to make a LOT of difference to you when you were a young lawyer trying to impeach Richard Nixon over Watergate, didn’t it?”

    (since I thought of this several days after the event, I guess that could fall under Charles Krauthammer’s definition of “the wit of the staircase”)