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Yes, It Matters Whether Beyonce Sang the National Anthem

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today sought to extinguish controversy over whether Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at the Inauguration by going on the attack against reporters.

“What I know about this I know this I know, mostly know from what I’ve read and shockingly it has not all been consistent,” Carney said during today’s White House briefing.

Get a life, jerks.
Get a life, jerks.

“I’m glad you guys are focused on the important issues of the day here,” he said. “You know, as powerful as this office is, we don’t control the weather and as many issues as we deal with here, we still have to choose what we don’t deal with and this is one of those issues.”

My experience with the White House – any White House, but especially this one – is that when they start attacking reporters, that’s when they are really concerned about something.

I am sure the White House does not want President Obama’s glorious day to be mucked up by a cheap deception. And I don’t blame them.

Beyonce’s “performance” of the Star Spangled Banner was a stirring moment, a sublime, patriotic and powerfully delivered – at some point in time – coda to our nation’s most solemn and important national ritual.

Americans stood on the National Mall and at home with the hands resting on their hearts singing along, united for a moment in reverence for our nation and for a system of government that peacefully installs a leader every four years, and has for centuries.

If it turns out this moment was fraudulent, that what Americans were watching was a tape recording made by a vain star too preoccupied with other things to practice or too concerned with her image to allow for a possible mistake, then I think there are many who will be disappointed.

Our government obscures the truth too often. But in this case, Obama’s own remarks were a sincere statement of his liberal philosophy and a clear signal that he will govern from the Left.

That this may have been adulterated by mendacity should be of concern to him. And it’s an insult to all of us who proudly sang along.

70 thoughts on “Yes, It Matters Whether Beyonce Sang the National Anthem”

  1. Well her faux rendition of the anthem is one thing but at least her $1.8 million
    dollar emerald earrings were real. Hope MO doesn’t get any ideas. Time for
    MO’s big trip shortly.

  2. It isn’t the point that the song was prerecorded. Why lie about it? Why did they have to pretend it was a live performance? Why have the Marine Corps Band there pretending they were playing? Why all the theatrics of Beyonce ripping out her earphones at the song’s crescendo? Because they are the frauds we’ve always known them to be. As Hillary said, “What difference does it make…” – the low information voters have already moved on to Katie Couric’s interview with Manti Te’o.

    1. Why lie about it? words fail here.

      How depressing and awful for the messiah of the downtrodden to have his glorious day besmirched with the public’s laughter at a super-star songbird lip-syncing our National Anthem like a bar patron on karoke night, and his carefully coifed, dressed and coached wife ruin everything by allowing herself to be videotaped shoveling food while hunched over her dinner plate and then rolling her eyes at something said by SpeakerBoehnor.
      Ah, karma.

      1. The karma is great, srdem. Unfortunately, I don’t think those two grifters have a speck of humility between them. They’re confident the true believers will blindly defend their false virtue…

          1. I respectfully disagree Susan – the truth ain’t always pretty and can indeed be rather nasty. That said, simply, your opinion does not necessarily constitute the truth or a truth. Neither does mine.

            Enough said.

          2. They pretended it was a live performance.
            The Marine Corps Band and its conductor pretended they were performing.
            Beyonce removed her earphones at the song’s crescendo.
            Mooch was hunched over her plate, rolling her eyes, and shoveling down food like she hadn’t eaten in a week.

            That’s not opinion, that’s the truth.

          3. Oh Susan – my goodness woman… This is your direct quote I called you out on… mean, small, inaccurate, petty, etc – your opinion – not fact.

            “The karma is great, srdem. Unfortunately, I don’t think those two grifters have a speck of humility between them. They’re confident the true believers will blindly defend their false virtue…”

            I’ll move on.

          4. Nothing like a little reflection. True believers sure are a haughty bunch. Please do move on. Maybe you could go light the candles at the alter of your messiah bo, or pretend to be Scrooge McDuck and count your stock market and real estate earnings for the day…

          5. Gosh Susan – When I call you out or one of the others on this site, I may be direct, I may make an attempt at some humor, I may go a bit academic, and I may throw in specific questions / considerations / observations – especially on wild-ass “facts” that ain’t so..

            Your reaction? Name calling? Really? True believer? Messiah? Calling me out for doing well in a recovering economy? Geez..

            Let me be direct Susan – things are not perfect in American, they never have been, and never will be. That said, there are good things going on across our great nation – all brought about by millions of Americans hard working Americans. And even those of us who have suffered some setbacks, we are getting back on the horse and giving it another go – cuz that’s what we Americans do. We have a leader – you can give him some credit or you can say we are doing well in spite of his every effort. I do not care.

            What I do care to do is call you out whenever you post something that is materially incorrect – and I decide to invest the time. I do not know what your specific problem is, but I can see the result the ensuing ailment in your posts. I want to say I feel sorry for you, but I won’t. It would be disingenuous of me and would only provide you more fodder to be mean spirited – something at which you already excel.


      2. Boy, this is news… Karma? Why not.

        How about stocks trading at highs, depleting housing inventory, getting our troops home, inflation at good level, trending unemployment rate, etc., etc… Karma – some of this administrations work along with all of the hard work of Americans everywhere are making a positive difference. You can argue, bitch, rant, name call, complain, ignore reality, say it ain’t so, say it “would have been better” if McCain / Romney had won, or whatever.

        At the end of the day, we make choices. You are choosing to talk (rant?) about lip sinking and the first lady eating dinner. Yikes…

        Ya know, to paraphrase / modify a quote from the 60’s, President Obama could walk across the Potomac and you would spout off that he “can’t swim”…

        1. Lighten up a bit; you have to admit that having a world-famous, award winning entertainer pretend to sing on national TV is golden irony or farce or something. She’s standing there mouthing nothing and the orchestra is playing nothing, and we were all fooled until the truth emerged.
          .Add to the fun on the same day, our FirstLady, adorned in designer duds, glamoured to the max, shoveling food into her pie hole like a starving waif, and rolling her eyes like a spoiled teenager at something the Speaker of the House said. .

          Let’s all wait and see if SNL finds any of this a basis for a new skit.

          1. Mooch leaning over taking her face to the plate…such grace! LOL

            And her big old elbow smack on the table!, At least she wasn’t laughing and banging the table this time. She has done that, too.

            Tacky O.

          2. Embarrassing. Makes one think that Beyonce’s voice isn’t good enough to sing the Star Spangled Banner without a studio of sweetening and spinning behind her and making her sound better than she does.

          3. OK – I get your point. The difference between having fun with something and getting it wrong is when “the line” is crossed – and instead of laugh with someone, we laugh at someone – and at their expense. Or worse, we manufacture the “misdeed” and attempt the same result. Come on – simple golden rule somewhere in the equation.

            As for the “truth” on the music and Marine Orchestra. Let’s see. Millions of people around, some right there “listening”, a zillion reporters around groping for a story-line, some that would sell compromising pictures of a their Mother if they could garner a front page byline, and we think this is a big deal?

            Slow news day for sure. I get the humor on one level. I miss it when it gets like this. Remember when 43 threw up while overseas at a dinner function and the Libs had a bunch of fun? It was not funny. Not funny at all. It only became a tad funny when the President was good enough to do a bit of self-deprecating humor about it.

            Call me old fashioned…

      3. Oh look – it’s the envious, jealous lady from Lynn’s. Tsk, tsk, the truth will out.

        It was refreshing to read the real reason why you hate the Obama’s. Now if only the rest of the Obama bashers will be as honest

    2. You beat me to this. Well said. What difference indeed…

      One heads up: You can’t even be convicted of murder, plea bargain, pay hush money and NOT get your day in the national spotlight. So get ready to have a felon lionized between now and the Super Bowl…ray lewis. Lower case intended.

    3. yes–the ripping out of the earphones–that’s what did it for me. it was meant to look live, and it wasn’t.

      sort of like how Obama was meant to look moderate, and wasn’t.

      btw, as I’ve said before, I will never forgive Beyonce for her “Take that, Mittches” tweet after the election was called for Obama. she can wear all the demure dresses and pretty earrings she wants; she has no class.

  3. “I’m glad you guys are focused on the important issues of the day here,”

    Correct, Jay. Let’s get to debating same sex marriage and global warming…

  4. Even if she had sung it live, I’d like to make a protest. I am sick and tired of the national anthem being screamed rather than sung. Sometimes it is not recognizable, and I won’t add anything because I would be accused of being you-know-what. How refreshing it was during the last World Series when servicemen and servicewomen sang The Star Spangled Banner in the traditional manner.

    1. I so agree. It’s not a ditty for self-important performers to add their own spin or notes, it’s a solemn reminder that our countrymen had to fight for our freedom from tryranny.

    2. Traditional manner. I’ll have a spot of tea with my biscuit. I think the music dies in 1978 too…

      @ Julie – at least you get it off your chest and do not mince words. 98% of this particular Blog is petty BS – your post and my response included. But, you are at least authentic and state your opinion.

      Off to check the market… What? Up again!

      1. A significant amount of that 98% is mostly likely due to your decision to come back to visit and sprinkle a few petty comments here and there. Surely bigger, more worthy blog challenges await you elsewhere.

      2. Hi gracemc – Long time. I see you still love me enough to drop in for a drive by shooting to help a fellow brooding soul… The irony is not lost on me. I try to be substantive in most posts – but sometimes I may come up short.


        1. Funny – me snarky… Wonder what is rubbing off on me… Reading these posts…. Nah… Let me check around the computer here…

          Oh wait… My… What’s this smudge… Let me get a towel… I promise I was only on MSNBC for a quick second… I usually hang out on the Heritage Foundation Website… Maybe I need to learn to flush my browser cache… ;)

      3. ooh, you’re off to check the market! you must be important! way more important than the 98% of us idiots who can only write petty BS on blogs.

      4. If 98% of this blog is, as you believe, “petty BS”, why do you waste your valuable time posting here? Your supercilious remarks are boring.

    1. hey, as Hillary would say, “what’s the difference at this point?” truth, lies, potato, potahto…

      and we could’ve had President Romney right now. I weep when I think of it.

  5. I stayed home Monday just because I couldn’t bear the thought of being around the bosses on inauguration day. when I came in Tuesday, before this big new broke, I commented to my co-workers that I really enjoyed Beyonce’s performance. figures it was fake. if I hear Mrs. Evers lipsynched too, I’ll be devastated.

      1. LOL Star! I just wrote the same thing above, didn’t see your comment.

        yup, it’s all the same to these people. remember, this is the generation who were taught postmodernism in college, where “meaning” is an artificial construct that YOU make based on your cultural background. truth is overrated, I guess.

  6. If they were going to fake it, at least they could have used Marian Anderson’s rendition of “America”. That woman was a true civil rights pioneer, with a beautiful voice to boot. For a living singer to fake singing the National Anthem tells me she was scared to even try.

    1. you know, I can’t agree with you there. that’s what makes it all so weird, because Beyonce is not talentless, she’s got an excellent voice and she’s a great entertainer. she should be. her parents started training her for it when she was a kid.

      and I also like different versions of the anthem. I’m old enough to remember the kerfuffle that Jose Feliciano got into in Detroit in 1968, when he did a gorgeous rendition of the national anthem at the World Series and was booed for it. hear it for yourself; I think it’s beautiful:

  7. Did Obama and Roberts lip sync the oath of office? That would be the certain way to avoid the problems they had last time.

    Our national anthem is not singer friendly. That is well known. So, there are errors whenever someone sings the Star Spangled Banner. In a way, that’s part of its charm. It’s a model for America. We don’t always get the words right but, we keep singing anyway.

  8. You didn’t sing that! That sad little multi-platinum, grammy award winning thing shouldn’t be expected to sing all by herself! Why not have a bevy of sound engineers to fix the pitch and quality and give her have plenty of do-overs? It’s the Obama way.

    Heaven forbid she had to face that microphone and huge crowd of people relying on only her talent and preparation.

  9. This is my first time visiting your blog. Are we to believe you will REALLY hold all White House occupants accountable? Have you spoken out when the Bush Whitehouse lied and attacked journalists to drag us into a false war? Remember who they treated Helen Thomas? Or are you a Conservative who let Bush pass the Patriot Act, lie to us about WMDs, claimed we wil lbe greeted as liberators and ran up 3.7TRILLION Dollars in true war costs for two wars he bungled? Will you be there in the future when War mongers rush us into war?

  10. “Iraqi oil revenues will pay for the war in 6 months”, Remember the propaganda when the US army brought down the Saddam statue but all our liberal and conservative media claimed it was a “spontaneous expression of joy” by Iraqis? turns out there were a few hundred Iraqis but the statue was pulled down by the US army which gathered people for a photo op in class communist style and brought the statue down. No WMDs? Did you hold the White House accountable for the lies about Yellow cake from Niger? I am a bit curious.

  11. As a Brit. i would like to know. Why is the American National Anthem not just sung straight instead of the “over the top” rearranging as I hear the song being sung for the past several years. Whilst at school we sang this song as just another in the school song book together with the Welsh National Anthem and none of us realised they were if fact national anthems. Both are quite pleasant pieces of music in their own way and I find the renditions I hear performed at various high profile American functions far inferior to hearing the people present singing the music as a straightforward song without all the strange embellishments. Is there a reason for these strange distortions of a good old song about national pride where the show bizz has destroyed the honesty of the song for the American people or am I wrong and this is what the average American wants?

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