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Top Obama Aide: U.S. System Not Worthy of Obama

This has been around for a couple of days, but I wanted to make sure you saw it.

One of President Obama’s top advisers suggested to the Washington Post the other day that neither Republicans nor the American political system are “worthy” of Obama’s political agenda.

“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important,” said White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer . “What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”

Checks and balances are a cruel thing when you are trying to do great things that Republicans couldn’t possibly understand, I know. But because of those idiots who founded our country, that’s the system we got, Dan.

People should understand that Pfeiffer is not just the West Wing Minister of Propaganda. He’s a smart political veteran who is one of a small handful of aides deeply trusted by the president. If he thinks this way, you can be sure the attitude is pervasive and extends straight to the top.

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105 thoughts on “Top Obama Aide: U.S. System Not Worthy of Obama”

  1. It would be one thing if Obama were a truly high level thinker that had ideas that both conformed to our Constitution and were exceptionally brilliant. But the truth is his ideas (or someone’s) are jaded and proven to fail. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that. What a group of liberal eggheads he has around him.

  2. Now would that have been page one above the fold in every newspaper in the
    world had it been attributed to anyone except Obama? The next four years are very dangerous at least for those of us who think ‘those idiots who founded our country’ got it right?

    1. Hitler said every great leader tyrant has to create one single devil to direct all his venom and hatred toward. Preezy Revenge made that devil out to be Romney during the 2012 campaign; it will be the Republicans now. His drones move in one mind-numbed, kool aid drinking collective. All Republicans are evil because their messiah is telling them so. That’s why the establishment is caving left and right. They’re trying to shake us conservatives off as the crazy fringe in an effort to appease the revenge monster. Gutless wonders…

        1. The only crazies are the useful idiots who believe their fellow Americans and our system of government (Constitutional Republic) is not worthy of this cultist demagogue…

          1. The Founding Fathers gave us this Constitutional beauty and this
            America we love will survive. This country won’t be undone by a
            very small man with delusions of well whatever he’s delusional
            about on any day.

          2. This thread was priceless. Moving to the news, how did the market do today? How does our housing inventory look? What about the Israel election? 12 seat shift – building consensus and coalitions will be difficult, but they always get it done…

            I know, we are recovering “regardless” of our President… Thank goodness Americans have the….snap… sorry, back to reality… There are good things going on – just look. Heck, take credit for it… Regardless, quit kicking the dog… Occasionally, someone that is actually on the fence and independent may come on this Blog. You’ll scare them away and too the left, I mean enemy…

            Help the cause!

          3. Remember RT,this stuff your high school teacher has told you is nothing but garbage ! You will come to understand this one day. But right now, why dont ya kick back, go to the mall like the rest of your buds who stand around grabbing their crotch..or go back to your “grand theft auto” game your addicted to.
            Just put down the mouse, back away slowly, and let the adults take it from here.

  3. I hear there may be a job opening in Venezuela….soon!

    This reminds me of a day in Feb. 2008 when the MOOCH, Oprah, Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver all showed up at Pauley Pavillion at UCLA for an Obama rally. I was curious – so I walked over to the campus. Didn’t know anything about the wife, but I will never forget her snotty, supercillious attitude when she declared that (paraphrasing) if we didn’t vote for her husband, we would ‘never get another chance’…they were ‘never going to go through this again’. I absolutely couldn’t believe my ears – that this was actually the wife of a Presidential candidate. Her arrogance was beyond belief. They must all see something that is invisible to the human eye.

    1. Well, I’ll give him credit where credit is due, he is a perpetual campaigner, he has perfected it, and he and his minions know just about all there is to know regarding vote fraud.

  4. When this was first published, the conservatives were astonished; finally, something we can all agree with. I felt bad that I’m so clueless.
    As a measure of atonement for my failing to see the greatness in MrObama, let me be the first to donate to buy a one-way ticket to the country that he and his supporters think is worthy of their residence and guidance.

    1. I hear Kenya is more deserving of his presence. I think African Air flies non stop to Nairobi on a 747. I wonder how much a first class ticket would cost?

      1. With the Supremes finally scheduled to hear his eligibility infractions in the next two weeks, he just might get a one-way ticket on Con-Air to Kenya. Then again, this is the same “Conservative” Supreme Court that just magically rewrote his mandate and *poof* changed it into a tax. So, probably not much to see there ..

  5. As usual, in the true Alinsky fashion, the truth is actually 180 degrees opposite of the left’s blather: Barack Obama is not worthy of even being called an American, let alone the president.

  6. oh no! America, we’ve done it again, we’ve gone and disappointed the president. how DOES he put up with us? he deserves a way better country than us.

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  8. yeah, then GTHO of American and take your freedom-stealing idealogies with you! We treasure our freedom and that is why we will not tolerate ANYONE tampering with or trying to take away our liberties! Especially the Second Amendment!

  9. This does not surprise me. Of course the arrogant one that we have for a leader would love to not have checks and balances. And, calling our founders idiots goes to show what we are going to have to deal with. We are going to have to get tough and stop pussy footing around with this admin. I am trusting that our congress will dig in their heels and not let us down. We are counting on them. I have never felt so scared in all of my life, concerning the wellfare of our country. I had to get away from Fox News and tv entirely because I could not stand to hear about the swearing in. I did not watch any of it. God help us get through 4 more years.

    1. Betty – I am sorry you are scared. Our system is not flawed, but our elected folks need to figure it out and compromise. Compromise is not a dirty word, it is the result of collaboration and give and take.

      The Republicans need to get a clue. If they continue to dig their collective heels in and refuse to budge, they’ll get thrown out on their ear.

      Would that be a bad outcome in the short term (next 4 years or so)? Dunno. Long term. No one really knows, but I like it when they fight and then compromise. So did our founding fathers… Same in business. Spirited debate on choices is a good thing – then move forward.

      1. Our founding fathers did not compromise when it came to protecting the rights of the individual against tyrannical government. Tyranny is what we are being offered by today’s democrats and RINO repubics. The elite political ruling class in both parties must be what is ejected from OUR government. They no longer serve us. They think that we are there to serve them, as they greedily serve themselves. They all deserve a date with the curb. They do NOT uphold their oaths of office. They betray us.

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  11. Gay and Lesbian retribution for every slam they ever took and every Football Coach who gave them the business—this is their revenge and their chance to bait people—call it bullying the bullies in their eyes—it’s a shame it is an activism based upon scorned hatred—perhaps if we had let them get married in the Chapel this would not be the Rocky Horror Picture Reality Show—but I kinda doubt it

    1. I suspect there are a good many gays who despise Barry as much as we do. There are far more important issues than same-sex marriage, and even gays can see that!

  12. If they feel are founding fathers where idiots maybe they should take their extreme smarts and move to China where when someone disagrees with them they can just imprison them for the crime of not kissing their butts

    1. Thaat is where Obammy wants to take us. Anyone that disagrees with him goes to prison or a fema camp.Hence, it is absolutely necessary that he trash our second amendment rights or he can’t get what he wants.

      1. “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order.” – Adolf Hitler, April 11, 1942, quoted in Hitlers Tischegesprache Im Fuhrerhauptquartier 1941-1942.

  13. However combinations or Associations of the above description may now & then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People, & to usurp for themselves the reins of Government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion. – George Washington

  14. even the simplest, most narrow-minded opinion allows alternative interpretations/perspectives. That you would assume such a superior position/perspective is numbing.I’m not sure you can be helped; knowing everything and ignoring challenges set’s you up for a humiliating, totally avoidable exposure.

  15. Mark Levin mentioned the article and your website on his show this evening!
    I’m not sure the country will last for the next four years, unfortunately.

  16. The recent budget compromise created another $48 in spending for every dollar raised in taxes. Sure it avoided gridlock and recessionary cuts but did nothing to address our run away debt. The fiscal cliff cannot be avoided but only pushed further down the road. Our ever increasing debt financed economy is unsustainable and inevitably will lead to a bigger and more destructive collapse. Congress must choose to either limit spending and take blame for a recession or let Obama continue to increase debt financing of the economy until it destroys the country. I personally believe that government spending can be cut without sacrificing the economy only if offset by policies that create thriving businesses. For example we have extensive energy reserves that should be developed for export and thereby create jobs to pump up the economy. Otherwise I see no alternative but to allow the Obama administration to have free reign so that they receive full responsibility for the dollar collapse that follows. The Democrats have offered no legislative solutions but only political demagoguery and criticisms. I say give them enough rope and they will hang themselves and discredit their policies in the process
    .And with consumer debt at all-time highs and savings at dangerous lows, the federal unfunded debt and liabilities amounting to more than $86 trillion are growing 21 times faster than the economy…
    This can only mean one thing: The government has only assured that the next financial crisis is going to be worse — much worse.

    it was Ludwig von Mises who warned, “True, governments can reduce the rate of interest in the short run. They can issue additional paper money. They can open the way to credit expansion by the banks. They can thus create an artificial boom and the appearance of prosperity. But such a boom is bound to collapse soon or late and to bring about a depression.”
    Unfortunately, very few heeded these warnings…
    And because of long-running policies like I described above, we created a debt “prosperity.” And now we’re walking across a bridge that’s finally beginning to crumble beneath us.
    All around you are signs that this “false prosperity” is beginning to wear thin.
    For example, today it is estimated that four out of 10 Americans have less than $500 to their names.
    And one out of three Americans doesn’t even have a savings account.
    The unnerving truth is that most Americans have barely enough to get by with one missed paycheck. It’s why more than 46 million Americans are on food stamps today.
    And also why food stamp growth is 75 times greater than job creation, according to statistics provided by the Senate Budget Committee.

  17. I agree! The US is not worthy. Maybe he could go be President of the South Pole or a bucket of warm spit or something. . . .anything. Please, for the Love of GOD, let him go be president to something MUCH MORE DESERVING of his “leadership”

  18. leave the second ammednment alone and o not try to take our guns either,we holds these rights to be sacried,so leave the hard working tax payers alone.

  19. Americans are waiting for Obama to try to trash the constitution one more time. Everyone I know is fed up with the lawless behavior exhibited by this WH, our duly elected representatives need to call for impeachment if he starts another war without congressional approvel.Our constitution was put in place to protect us from people like the person residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  20. Rush Limbaugh said this is exactly how to get rid of obummer: flatter him by saying the us is not worthy of his magnificence until hew simply gets bored and goes away! LOL

  21. Not to sound embarrassed but he might be right. If we can’t bring the Grand old party together, & with one unchallenged voice then we will be no match for Obamas slick organized team of lusts, back stabbers & tiny little devils. We need to get our s%#@ together before they really do year us apart.

  22. it would be a lot different if BO were actually doing things that are in line with the Constitution. But what he is doing and promoting is a complete 180 on the Constitution itself. Our founding fathers would be ashamed at how this country has turned out. I am ashamed of how this country has turned out because the media is BO’s little pet and will never speak bad of him.

  23. The US system is not worthy of The Lightbringer? I agree. Why doesn’t he pack up his stuff and go someplace where he’ll be more appreciated. Such as Kenya. Or Venezuela; they’ll be needing a new dEar Leader shortly.

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