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Carney: Obama’s Speech not Liberal

Because, don’t you see? We are all liberals now. And the others are “absolutists.”

From today’s briefing:

CARNEY: I would reject the idea that this was an “ism” speech.  This was in fact the opposite of that . . .

And I hardly think that pursuit of equal rights, pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform, pursuit of sensible policies that deal with climate change and enhance our energy independence are ideological.  The only “ism” that was a part of that speech was his rejection of absolutism . . .

Q    Not on behalf of liberalism or progressivism?

CARNEY:  Of course not.  It’s on behalf of ideas that represent who we are as Americans.  I mean, if you’re suggesting that it’s — I would reject the idea that pursuit of equal rights is a Democratic-only pursuit.  Or pursuit of energy legislation that enhances our independence, increases our production of domestic forms of energy and addresses climate change is only a province of liberalism or the Democratic Party.  I think — I would hope — I know that Republicans would reject that, too.

So this is his vision for how we can move together forward.

There is no serious analyst on either side of the aisle who doesn’t think Obama’s inaugural address was a summons to the barricades for liberals.

I’m not sure which is the truth here, or which would be more frightening: that the White House is trying to convince Americans that unadulterated liberalism is merely nonpartisan “American” values, or that the White House actually believes that unadulterated liberalism is merely nonpartisan “American” values.

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  1. As to your last paragraph,we are screwed either way. I guess Carney knows better than every other political pundit out there. Every liberal I know is cheering about how excited they are about his blatent move to the left.I really don’t know how these mouthpieces look at themeselves everyday in the mirror.

  2. Sometimes I think the WH let’s these little gems out like the one from Pheiffer
    just to get the great unwashed citizens of America all worked up they must
    find it terribly amusing. Well as one of the great unwashed we are paying very
    close attention and are not amused not a bit.

  3. “The only “ism” that was a part of that speech was his rejection of absolutism…”

    If that isn’t a hoot. Preezy Revenge has a lot more than absolutism in his little bag of Alinsky tricks. He’s got some kind of “ism” in mind for us and it isn’t constitutionalism. If he was a man of virtue, he would be honest with the American people about his intentions. Instead he keeps the flying monkeys in the press and this little twerp carney barker selling the useful idiots “The Big Lie”.

  4. Sadly, too many Americans do not know that bho is continuing toward socialism and power concentrated in the fed. gov’t because they are do not have even a fundamental understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our USA, for many years, is becoming an oliarchy – run by the few in real power and the activists Judges and an AG who will not enforce the laws passed by the representatives of We the People! How?

    First, (before he ever became POTUS) bho has successfully divided America the past five years brelentlessly fanning the fires of class warfare and racism, created economic chaos and uncertainty in Americans’ ability to buy and sell and provide for their families and themselves, declared we are no longer a Christian nation, and supported the war against Judeo-Christian values and principles which are the basis for our once strong civil society.

    Without a clearly defined moral compass guiding judicial and personal choices, responses, decisions, and without personal responsibility – without the belief in a Supreme Being to Whom all are responsible – then freedom and liberty are endangered. Why? Because, the gov’t, or whoever takes charge – a leader or a dictator – can decide who has rights and special privileges and who – at any stage of life and health, or in any situation – is worthy of rights of speech, press, worship, and pursuit of happiness.

    bho claims to care about the Middle Class, but in his definition the classes will be: Elites in power, the poor, the very poor, and the unworthy of life! jb

  5. I was at the bookstore today looking at Jonah Goldberg’s book (Liberal Fascism) and Mark Steyn’s book (After America). Both were listed in the “far right” section. If Jonah Goldberg qualifies as a right wing nutcase, then the political center of America has shifted dramatically. So, yes, Keith, I guess most people are liberals now – not me. Not now, not ever.

    • Did the bookstore have a “far left” section, Rod? That would probably be where “Dreams from My Father” would be located. That or the “fiction” section.

      • Where I live (Oregon), all of Obama’s books and other far left bloviations are listed under “Religion” – the fiction section is saved for the Bible ;>

  6. Regarding your last paragraph, I believe the WH thinks most folks think as it does and those few who don’t are surely WAY, WAY out of touch.

    When the WH shuts down the Internet (remember he gave himself the power to do so) because of some imagined crisis and the free exchange of differing ideas have ceased, then we know we have passed the point of no return.

  7. I wouldn’t watch or listen, but of what I’ve read so far that quote from Neville Chamberlain takes the cake. “Peace in our time”! Which one of his genius speech writers came up with that? Still, I hope it’s not an ominous jinx.

    I’m thrilled that Netanyahu won re-election. The arrogance of that no-account Obama saying that Netanyahu did not know what was good for his country! This totally inexperienced amateur daring to criticize a real war hero and seasoned leader.

  8. Liberal, Kansas January 20, 2013;
    The residents must be proud of their city named as such. Don’t be surprised if the city leaders change the name to Progressive, KS. to follow with the future of this country.

  9. Why doesn’t the Arrogant One name a black man or woman as his press secretary? Maybe it’s because they wouldn’t lie for him. Carney and Gibbs are just a couple of hacks who feel the need to look important.

  10. “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” Even when this administration says what they mean, they deny it. Since the MSM lets them get away with obfuscation, it’s now a fully ingrained habit.