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White House Using Inauguration to Build Email List

The White House today is using the inauguration of the president to build its own email list, which it uses to press for Obama’s agenda and bash Republicans.

Heading to the White House website today, a viewer is presented with a glorious photo of the Capitol decked out for the inauguration. But overlaying the main page is a splash page that reads:

Help Make History

The next four years hold incredible promise for the United States, and President Obama is committed to working with everyone to move our country forward.

That means you, too.

A box appears where the viewer can put their email address. The submission button says Join Us. You can ignore it by pressing continue, but you can’t go to the page until you do one or the other.

The inauguration is normally held to be a patriotic moment for all Americans in which the president reaches out to the defeated opposition to unite the country. That the White House would use the event to pad its email list suggests President Obama is planning to show a hard, partisan edge right from the beginning of his new administration.

16 Responses to White House Using Inauguration to Build Email List

  1. This is no different than Safeway supermarket or BestBuy electronics inviting people to their Facebook page or to sign up with their personal e-mails to get “special” offers. It’s just a little off-putting when the product being sold is a person, especially the POTUS.

    Politically, it’s the smart move. The Dems will have a database to reach out to potential voters without having to spend a dime on postage, printing or even pizza for volunteers.

  2. Nixon kept lists. If old “Tricky Dick” were POTUS today, he would be using all kinds of media to collect info on citizens. Same holds true for J. Edgar. Seems that those who think they are above the law, or are the law, need to have lists on everyone that questions the law.

    Anyone that is not an Obot should be praying for the Republic today. FDR said that we “have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” However, FDR never met this president.

  3. Would love to see the OBOT channels re-play the Hopey-Changey Inaugural speech from four years ago, and then offer up a plausible excuse as to why this guy was re-elected. The critics are going to have a field day with today’s ‘speech’.

  4. Not only showing a hard partisan edge but also moving even farther to the left.

    Hopefully, Americans will wise up when they see his policies fail in the next two years, in time to save the House and maybe recapture the Senate.