As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || January 22, 2013

“Dammit, is there nothing else on? Tagg, hand me the remote!”

– Mitt Romney

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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24 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 22, 2013

    • Yeah, Rod, I bet you didn’t, but I suspect you had a peek… ;) Closet Liberal voyeur you!…lol…

      I got to watch / listen to some of it. I saw the massive crowds yelling, waving, smiling, crying – enjoying the moment with typical American heartfelt pride. I heard the 18 minute speech chalked full of inspiration and a vision to unite Americans from all walks of life.

      Yeppers, just the run-of-the-mill day where “real Americans” like you with “special insights” are saddened / sickened by the socialist dictator falsely elected President… Rather, the enlightened far right spend their day dissecting the days events and focus on the important stuff – like making fun of our First Lady’s hair or choice of belt. So much to be concerned about…

      Ole Mitt? Why, he is still smarting from the whooping, but he’ll do fine. You know, he is a closet centrist in reality… Maybe he’ll give it another go in 2016! I hope so!

      • C’mon, RT, give it a rest. We get it, you don’t like any of our opinions or give credence to our beliefs.
        Learn to accept that our system of government allows for dissenting voices and opinions without sneering at those who think differently than you do.
        Sarcasm and ridicule won’t change anyone’s mind.

        • @ srdem65 – Ah come on 65! No need to come to the aid of ole Rod. But since you chose to comment. Here is my reply.

          a) Give it a rest: I did – from election day to today. Not a peep from me. And, I’ll go away in a day or so.

          b) Re: Beliefs / Opinions: Not so, and casting a wide net to snare me just does not work. I agree on some basis with much of what is written by many folks here. Just cuz I occasionally hop in a pull some ones pants down does not make me a bad guy… I mean, this lot casts more rocks than, well, let me leave that alone… Geez, do you READ some of what is posted here? If you do, don’t tell me your skin does not crawl and occasionally you want to reach out set them straight or at least call BS…. I mean really. Someone ought to start a new Blog just picking the best of the best from here and posting it… It would be a hoot if it were not so depressing… Same goes to the far left when they get into a feeding frenzy… At least most of those folks are more interested in the process of intellectual masturbation…

          c) Re: Dissenting voices within our system of government: Please 65. I am way older than you “might” think. Your lecture ought to place the same standard across the board. I mean, if ya did not notice, I am the minority here. And, I do not expect to change any minds here. I mean, take Sadie below… Poor thing. I may as well go to bed. Got to get up early to cash my Social Security check, sell some food stamps on the corner so I can buy beer, and come on home to tune in Rachel and Chris… Wait… I watch Fox 1/2 the time…

          Speaking of Fox News, those poor folks have had a tough couple months, no? Watching them on Election night, I have to admit, was fun in a not so nice way… I am not proud. But, the entertainment quotient was just too high to write it off…

      • RT, the phrase is “chock-full” not “chalked full”, as in “The speech was chock-full of references to pie-in-the-sky ideals such as climate change and equal rights for gays, but not a word about our soaring debt and deficit and the very real threat of terrorism that still exists in many parts of the world.” And “whooping” is a sound, usually associated wtih celebratory joy when not being attributed to the bird, the whooping crane.

  1. The quote has to be bogus; the only time MrRomney said the word “dammit” was when he replied to the question of how to prevent the river from flooding.

  2. It was impossible to escape the hoopla even over here. I saw a bit of this and a bit of that while I switched from our news to CNN to BBC to Euronews to Russia Today to……
    Well, underneath all those pompous words is the grim reality of the staggering USdebt of more than 16 trillion dollars and the fact that more than 128 million Americans are on government programs ( including 46 millions on food stamps ). He went on about the future of the children, how about stop building up a mountain of debt for them to deal with ?
    By the way, thank you for your excellent analysis of the speech, Keith. I just listened to some of it but I am confident that you got the gist of it. I found it so disturbing that the CNN reporters ( including Wolf Blitzer ) go along with the odd, peculiar personality cult that surrounds this President. Personality cults are a thing for the more uncivilized countries. Or for the entertainment industry.

      • I guess it´s because of them this cult exists. The PRmachine created it, the media enforces it and these people drink it up. A lot of them around in Washington DC yesterday……Bread and circus.
        I also noticed that the First lady, with all her talk about race, tried a new “white” hairdo, Anna Wintour-style. Why not an Afro ?

  3. It was easy for our family to miss the bread and circuses surrounding the coronation of the cult of personality. We lost our 13-year-old Irish Setter, Molly, after a long struggle with cancer yesterday. We spend the last few days saying our goodbyes and spending time with our beautiful old girl. Didn’t miss reading or hearing about the outrageous behaviors of the frauds, or interacting with their useful idiots one single bit…