As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Inauguration – January 21, 2013

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  1. Thanks for the linky, but I won’t be watching. I’ve seen lots of Presidents being sworn to duty, walking down the street like a Roman general after the war was won, and then without any hesitation do whatever the heck they can get away with.
    Dem-Repub, doesn’t make any difference anymore; they lie to get elected, hope to get to the lame duck years’ and then unload all of their special plans and projects that they forgot to mention during the campaign.

  2. In my paper over here I read that the coronation is sponsored by AT&T, BankofAmerica, Coca Cola, FedEx, Microsoft, among others ( source: Presidential Inaugural Committee ). Strange indeed. This toxic mix of money and governing, isn´t there another word for it ….

    • I haven’t read it yet, but there is a post on National Review Online titled the Swedenization of Obama. How far behind the times is that? Would that we were Swedeniizing the US right now.

        • Star, I have noticed a more sober and guarded attitude towards Obama over here. Many are curious about his attitude to the enormous deficit. What are his plans to turn this around because there MUST be a plan or ???? Raise the debt limit, oh no !!!??

      • Interesting Julie. I think Obama is heading towards the society we had in the seventies ( high taxes, ever expanding government and welfaresector, strong unions and a private sector that staggered under the burdens of regulations, taxes and costs). The Palme years were in my opinion disastrous, well, he was so controversial that he was shot to death 1986 and the murder is still not solved. Since then Sweden has slowly turned in another direction. Yes, we are still a welfare society with all its pros and cons but the focus is on making it easier for the private sector, deregulation, reforming the taxsystem to reward working and selfsupporting and so on. We even got rid of inheritance taxes as it was considered harmful I don´t think the European welfare model suits a heterogenous country like the US. That model doesn´t even suit the unruly south European countries hence the trouble in the Eurozone. Also, the great idea behind the US Constitution is individual freedom and the individual pursuit of happiness.

  3. A free phone, a bag of free groceries and a weekly government stipend is all it took for America to lose it’s freedom.
    Today is sorta like a reverse coup d’etat, instead of the people seizing government, government has seized the people.
    Well done Comrades!
    Now everyone, in unison, HAIL DEAR LEADER!

  4. I caught a glimpse. Barack Obama makes a big show of going to church two times in a row and that woman who gave the invocation says “one nation indivisible” — no mention of God. This may be Barack Obama’s vision of America but it is not mine. And I no respect for any President who would condone leaving God out of our nation.

  5. Today President Obama reminds us of what it is to be an American. We tolerate those with differences of opinion and seek to move forward. It is time to move forward together with hope not dreams.

      • Why the talk of revenge, the name-calling (obstructionists), the insults (blocking things that help children and old people), sending Colin Powell out to hint at a “dark vein” in the Republican party, etc.

    • I agree with you but perhaps from a different perspective: Obama and the progressives are antithetical to what it means to be an American. He is an agitator in chief. He does not respect a different opinion and many of his followers confuse the visceral reaction of anyone who disagrees as progress.
      At its heart, your comment reminds me of the 30 second commercial where you feel good but have no recall of what the product is. Obama is a masterful marketer /salesman and so many are yet to find there is no such thing as magic beans.

    • Really? INTRANSIGENT? I disagree, of course. I can not think of any one person that can be fully described in one word. Partially described? Sure. Take Hitler. Does “evil” get it all done? Nope… How about Romney. Does “rich” get it done? Of course not.

      On some levels, we all fit this crime – or quality… I note, when “it” is for “the right cause”, we wear this “type of approach” like a badge of honor – though we use different terms to describe our behavior – like focused, resolved, resolute, etc… So, perspective plays a role, as does content, context, subject, and situation. I digress…

      Would it be better if our President were the opposite? Hmmm, like maybe, obedient, subordinate, tractable, pliable, submissive, yielding, ingratiating, lowly, malleable, meek, etc… Yeah, the list is a long one. And, funny, I seem to recall some of these words used to describe him too… Situational…

      So, what you are really saying is, um, wait, you aren’t saying anything, really… Just venting maybe? A lot of that going on today…lol…

      Maybe you like word games? If so, great. Pick some words to “sum up” this list:

      Eric Cantor (Va.)
      Kevin McCarthy (Calif.)
      Paul Ryan (Wis.)
      Pete Sessions (Texas)
      Jim DeMint (S.C.)
      Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)
      John Boehner (R-Ohio)

      Thankfully for you all, I am pretty much going to go dark after today. :)

  6. Look, I am all about the slogans (I create them for part of my living) but what does FORWARD mean–we have work to do BACKWARD to chip away at past mistakes–this is not all about inventing new things and sending everyone to 4-yr-college (which is usually 5-year). Some of the new things aren’t so great–I hate getting two word texts in response to my emails–and thinking the person is going to smack a truck sending it. When I see tweets on newscasts, I want to cry. Let’s pause, regroup, clean up our act.

  7. Da Mooch is getting her favorite food today. First course in a 3,000 calorie luncheon is lobster tails in a clam chowder sauce.

  8. President Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents!
    So very proud of him. The comments from the other side are so foolish, un-educated and have no substance. Proud to be in the majority!

    • Enjoy it while you can, because it is a very slim majority. Best you move on to your friends, and party with all the free stuff around you that bought this slim majority.

      • Why wait. Consider this. Since 2009 under the reign of Obama.

        There are 2.1 million more Americans NOT in the workforce.
        A gallon of gas is up 79%
        The Federal debt is up 55%
        Food stamp recipients are up 46%
        Americans in poverty are up 23%
        Insurance premiums are up 17%

  9. Watching CBS’ coverage on your site, Keith.

    Amazing how the media (at least CBS) can hardly contain themselves with the coverage of their savior.

    I don’t recall Bush’s inaugurations, but I’d be surprised if coverage was anything more than dry and strictly fact-based.