As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Sworn in as President

President Obama today was sworn in to serve for another four years as the 44th president of the United States.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office in the Blue Room of the White House. The president’s family and a small group of reporters were in attendance.

Obama took the oath on Michelle Obama’s family bible. The Robinson bible was held by the first lady.

The ceremony followed an appearance this morning by the Obamas at The Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington. The Rev. Ronald E. Braxton used the Obama campaign theme “Forward” as the theme of his sermon, which retold the story of Moses.

He urged Obama and others to not allow obstacles to interfere “Where forward is the only option.”

The preacher said: “I’m a witness that the God of Moses, with miraculous power, still moves on behalf of humankind,” adding “Forward was the only option.”

54 Responses to Obama Sworn in as President

  1. “Hallelujah” Forward – Obama Increased Debt $50,521 Per Household in First Term; More Than First 42 Presidents in 53 Terms Combined.

    Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred…….

    Their’s not to make reply,
    Their’s not to reason why,
    Their’s but to do and die.

  2. So is Barack being compared to Moses or God?
    Does Barack even know who Moses or God is?
    Does Barack even realize that it is Moses who lead the Jews out of Egypt and that Israel is God’s people?
    Does Barack even realize that part of the reason the USA has been so blessed is because we are (or were) friends to Israel?

    • That is an interesting point. Will Barack lead the Blacks out of the ghettos to the promised land of the Suburbs? They hope so, The word picture works, sort of.
      Lead to a job?
      Lead to homeownership?
      Lead to a good school for kids?
      Lead to safe neigborhoods?
      One hopes so, but hope defines there are stated goals preceeding the hope.
      With this man, he has achieved his hope and therefore his goal.
      I suspect no great change but the further cannibalization of our wealth, soveregnity, and morals.

  3. We have a lot of challenges in front of us – known and unknown. For the majority of American’s, we have the right guy, with the right tools, in the right place to make a positive difference. His will be done by the Grace of God.

    For those who don’t share this viewpoint, you can be part of the solution or be relegated to insignificance – a fringe group of wackos. Either way, you play a role. Your choice.

    Make it a great week.

    • Or–and there is another choice there, RT–we can remind people of the truth here. That is how we contribute to the solution, better thinking, more realism and less snideness. A certain number may embrace it. If Obama’s will is not done does that mean God doesn’t endorse his policies?

    • It’s funny, but Obama told Glen Greenwald at the beginning of his first term exactly the same thing you are telling us in your second paragraph. And you sound just like your boss: do it my way or don’t do anything.

      BTW, Obama had many challenges in his first term which he did not address, the biggest ones unemployment and the economy. Our challenge is apparently to go through another four years of the same old, same old Obama and hope that there is something to salvage in the end.

  4. Obama goes to church and now he’s Moses leading us to the Promised Land? Can’t wait to hear the speecifying at the public inauguration.

  5. Mao said ‘forward was the only option’ during the Cultural Revolution…

    (Cultural Revolution = society wide chaos. Obama’s ‘second term’ = ???)

  6. Apparently, Obama said something like, “I did it.” I wish one of us had been there to say, “You didn’t do it. Someone else did it.” Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to the Narcissist-in-Chief.

  7. I will certainly wish this family well, and a safe journey into the second term. But it doesn’t mean I’ll agree with them and how they want to run MY life, or spend MY money over the next 4 years. Therefore, I’ll whine :D

  8. after the ceremony, Obama took Roberts aside and said “By the way, John, thanks for that assist on Obamacare. I was cracking up when I read your decision! ‘yeah, sure, it’s a tax. whatever!’ I owe ya one.”

    a note from our attorneys: this is not a real quote

  9. The unemployment rate is the same as when Barack took office; debt has exploded to 16.5 trillion dollars; the government is spending over a trillion dollars a year more than it takes in; Al-Qaeda is energized; our country is deeply divided and at war with itself; health care costs have skyrocketed; the borders are wide open; welfare rolls and food stamp usage have exploded; taxes have increased for all Americans and the government wants to tax us even more; the Second Ammendment is under attack; the Constitution, in which Barack Obama swore on a bible to uphold, is under unrelenting attack.

    Bin Laden is dead; GM is alive (yuk yuk); abortion is lauded; condoms are free (uh huh); Michelle has bangs.

    Abraham Lincoln and MLK? Are effing kiddin’ me!?

    *2008 – 2016 with a Barry Bonds asterick.

    Congratulations for nothing.