As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Sunday, January 20, 2013

9:05 am || Participates in a wreath laying ceremony; Arlington National Cemetery
11:55 am || Official swearing-in ceremony at which he takes the oath of office; Blue Room
8:45 pm || Delivers remarks at an Inaugural reception; National Building Museum

All times Eastern

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Sunday, January 20, 2013

  1. If there is any type of tremor or earthquake in the DC area today, it is from every military personnel buried at Arlington turning over in their graves.

    The thought of Obama even stepping foot on that hallowed ground makes me skin crawl. There have been more US military deaths in Afghanistan since Obama became POTUS, than in the eight years that Bush was POTUS. He has no moral authority to be leading the military, nor does he have any respect for the military. They, along with any other group he deems politically expedient, are nothing more than props for his ego.

  2. How depressing for those of us who hoped for a change in attitude, direction and a sincere movement to address our national problems. We had hoped to be done with Obamacare, to have a President who means to correct our financial slide and to have a FirstCouple that honored God, Country and Family before all else.
    But, most of my countrymen who voted wanted something else, wanted to believe that MrObama was the right man to lead our country.

    No, I won’t be watching the hoopla tomorrow.

  3. Well, what do you know? The Obamas attended church today before his private swearing in at the WH. Not the Episcopalian church across from the residence where they take a very occasional photo-op but the oldest AA church in DC where the pastor preached a sermon on the Obamian theme of “Forward”. It sounds as if he actually worked it into the ground, and it sounds like a Black Liberation church like Wright’s. Obama wants to resurrect slavery which no longer exists so he can play Lincoln all over again.

    And speaking of religion, is anyone else one offended by the inaugural posters and Newsweek cover portraying Our Dear Leader as the Second Coming of Christ? I myself am a None in the sense that I believe in God but belong to no particular denomination, but this is disgusting to me. It seems as if the liberals are deliberately trashing the cherished faith of millions of good Americans and rubbing their noses in it.