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White House Posts Videos of Kids Talking Gun Control

Well, they took a new low and made it lower. Kids pleading for gun control. Maybe President Obama will take this show on the road.

H/T to Breitbart News.

45 thoughts on “White House Posts Videos of Kids Talking Gun Control”

  1. I’m sure these children all wrote these letters from the bottom of their hearts, with no parental help, editing, etc……I’m also interested in purchasing a bridge in Brooklyn.

    1. Remember a while back there was a class of kids who supposedly wrote a song praising Barry, and later it was revealed that the teacher wrote the lyrics? Same thing here.

  2. Let’s take this into a different direction…

    Let’s say a Pro-Life President did the same thing and had children read their own letters about Partial-birth abortion.

    The difference is…children (under 18) actually have partial-birth abortions performed on them.

    1. Progressive Obamocrat parents that’s who. With the campaign organization now becoming active as a non profit advocacy group there is no longer a democrat party. I’m calling them Obamacrats until they officially re-brand themselves.

      1. Call child protective services I think it’s obscene for anyone to exploit
        children. But the Obama’s have used their girls when it suits them and
        scream when someone else does. Welcome to the hypocracy that is
        the Obama reich.

  3. ” Infowars ” website has a great selection of photos titled ” Other tyrants using children “. Worth checking out.
    Dear Leader is in great company.

    1. “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ~ Adolf Hitler

  4. The President uses his kids, as well as other kids, for political expediency and then complains when his opponents (NRA) do the same thing. Once again, the rules are for thee, not for me.

  5. Reminds me of the Hitler Youth and the pictures of Castro with the children.
    Obama is shameless. He said we have an “obligation” to try if “it saves jult one life” yet as a state Senator he voted against comforting a botched abortion baby.
    As a state Senator he voted PRESENT to increase sentences for school shooters.

    The man is a fraud and a liar.

  6. Of course, many children were frightened by the SandyHook massacre when a bad man entered a school and shot dead children just like them. Parents everywhere were frightened, too.
    The President and his people are masters of the misdirect, the public relations spin and the big lie, so this theatre of children expressing their fear isn’t surprising. What is surprising is the President spending so much time and risking so much political coin on something that even his most loyal supporters wouldn’t touch with the 10ft pole.
    If addressing the problems of Social Security and Medicare are the ‘third rail’ of politics, then the Second Amendment has to be the low hanging power line that looks inviting but is likely a fatal grab.

  7. It’s the same kids that were sitting there….sigh. Youi know what–not to conflate–but all this crud about Armstrong–I wish people could see that the president has been lying his head off for years…both of these people are taking up too much of the public’s time, namely mine.

    1. As MrArmstrong’s scandal about lying about doping unfolded, it was a big yawn until it was revealed that the USPS, yes our Post Office, gave him $32million dollars for his endorsement. The same USPS that can’t pay it’s bills, wants to limit deliveries to the citizens, gave a bike-rider millions for nothing.

      1. The Armstrong thing was a big nothingburger to me bec I had done a story on Floyd Landis a long time ago and everyone knew Armstrong had been doing it. I never got why backing Armstrong made people buy stamps anyhow.

  8. Disgusting the lengths the left will go to steal our liberties. This is child abuse of the highest order – using children to try to shame us into surrendering our weapons. Don’t doubt each one of these children have been so indoctrinated by the state, they would have no conscience about ratting out their parents or family members who stray from the party line.

    Time to fight fire with fire conservatives. Where are the videos of the children whose parents have been displaced by the economic terrorism imposed on them by the left? We all believe using children in this way is repugnant, but it may be one of the few ways left to fight them.

    1. Well this is one of the consequences of tinkering with the Constitution
      when you are not doing it for any reason other than self-interest. Nothing good will come of this Obama experiment.

  9. Brace yourselves! Obama has formed a 501 (c) (4) non-profit, ‘Organizing for Action’ to push his agenda for the next 4 years – an unprecedented move for a sitting president! The children will be pawns as he begins to line his own pockets. as well as those of his ‘Organizing for America’ team, with $$$ from issues such as gun control. He is brazenly shameless!

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