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Obama Takes Michelle Out for Her Birthday

President Obama tonight took Michelle out for dinner with friends in Washington for her 49th birthday, which is today.

From the White House pool report:

Motorcade left the White House at 6:48 p.m. and arrived at 6:58 at Cafe Milano in Georgetown, where POTUS and FLOTUS entered through a white tent out of sight of your pooler.

On the way out of the White House, pool also could not see the first couple but did get a glimpse of first dog Bo who was out being walked on the South lawn and sat to watch as the motorcade passed by.

Cafe Milano is an upscale, eternally trendy spot in Washington’s eternally trendy Georgetown. Main courses can get up above $40.

20 Responses to Obama Takes Michelle Out for Her Birthday

  1. Ordinary men take “mom” out to dinner on her birthday so that she isn’t in the kitchen preparing her own birthday dinner, but we can assume that MrsO doesn’t prepare any meals in the WhiteHouse, ever. Which makes the big production excursions curious; why go at all to a retail restaurant when the finest chefs are in your own home?

    The FirstCouple and their friends have to feel awkward and conspicuous with all the security and citizen gawkers at what should be a private celebration. The English Royals don’t eat at retail establishments, nor do other heads of state who also enjoy the benefits of fine dining at their residences, so the Obamas are the exceptions.
    It must be the thrill of watching ordinary citizens being refused access to a street so that the Obamas can pass by unobstructed, or the thought of other diners having their night out ruined by security agents who demand current ID and the right to search for weapons or cameras or whatever they feel like looking for that makes dining out so attractive.

    Maybe they could bring home a bone for Bo, the dog and leftovers for the children who didn’t get to enjoy Mom’s birthday dinner..

    • Birthday celebrations in my family are family events: dad, mom, and kids together enjoying a special meal and ice cream and cake, all singing Happy Birthday, followed by opening presents.

      Does the first family doing anything as a family?

    • My guess is they take great pleasure in causing chaos and interruption in the lives of those of us who they believe are their lessers, srdem. Agree with MarjoJimbo that birthday celebrations are usually family affairs. The Obamas are certainly no typical American family though.

      • A doggy bag for the dog? That would be a first! LOL. Remember the old joke–a woman asks for a doggy bag and her kid, sitting there, blurts–“Mom! Are we getting a dog?”

  2. I almost feel sorry for Mrs. O, ALMOST.

    Whatever happened to a spouse spending the time to make a romantic dinner at home, showing their love and admiration for the other? It seems as though Obama has an inability to be warm even to his spouse. Some of the best dinners I have ever shared with any of my spouses have been ones that I had taken the time to prepare for them to show them my love.

    Obama’s treatment of his wife is much like his treatment of the voter. Let’s “BUY” their love via dinners (more food stamps), accessories (more cell phones), vacations (more unemployment benefits), etc. It is heart breaking to look at this couple and realize that the only way love is shown is by purchasing it. There once was a term for when a man purchased love from a woman, prostitution.

  3. Well at least we know where Michelle is she’s been missing since Christmas.
    Big news she’s got a new hair style. So I guess she was too busy to go to
    Newtown but found time for the new look. Sadly I’m a cynic this was another
    of he Obama’s photo op dates nothing more.

  4. I can only imagine how her milestone “50th” will be celebrated. A big Hollywood guest list bash at the WH ? Rock stars singing to her while her friends swoon her ?

    As I recall, BO spent his 50th alone in Chicago at some “fundraising” birthday parties. This will not do for MO. :)

    • I go OUT to dinner with my husband for EVERY birthday.
      So what’s the big deal??
      You are all jealous republicans…
      PS happy B-Day Mrs. O

      • granted their meal may have been around $200.00 but the security cost around 100K . Couldn’t have done this while in Hawaii??. Think weekday traffic time downtown DC. A regular mess with everyone scrambling to get home. Now rerouted for the motorcade and then the street lock down. Was nice of us to pay for all this.

        Did you get all the added extras and inconvenience the public Denise when you celebrated your birthday?

        • Not only that, the SS closes streets two hours before the Obamas ride down them. That puts the street closures right in the middle of rush hour. People have been known to spend up to 11 hours at a time in DC area traffic due to Obama’s travels around the town. To close down the capitol city just to go out to dinner is a bit much. Why can’t they go to a hotel with a restaurant that has a helipad on the roof, that way they can take a helicopter and not tie up the roads.