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Is Liberalism Causing Gun Violence?

How about the self-righteous warriors leading the current anti-gun crusade ask themselves that one?

It is, approximately, the question raised by a brilliant article in National Review by Lee Habeeb titled, “The War Against Black Men.”

Habeeb makes the point that as horrific the shooting of the students in Newtown was, it’s nothing compared to the daily carnage and fear that is inflicted upon youths in our inner cities.

In Chicago, it’s Newtown every month. But the media haven’t converged on Chicago this month.

You don’t know the names of those kids and adults gunned down in Chicago this January, all by handguns . . . You don’t know the names of the other 530 young people, most of them minorities, who were killed in Chicago between 2008 and January 2012 either. You don’t know their names, and the national media haven’t parked their media trucks in Chicago, because the liberal narrative does not offer easy answers to the problems haunting Chicago.

You don’t know their names because the real racism that exists in the media is this: A young black male’s life is not worth reporting when it is taken by another black male.

You don’t know the names because the media don’t or can’t blame the deaths in Chicago on a weapon like the AR-15, or on the NRA.

You don’t know their names because the media aren’t interested in getting at the real cause of much of the senseless gun violence in America: fatherlessness.

The breakdown of the family is attributed by Habeeb, and most conservatives, to the liberal policies and attitudes of he 1960s. Since the Great Society programs of the 1960s, poverty has not declined, and illegitimate births have soared.

Yes, I said “illegitimate.” Lets bring the stigma back.

In the black community, out-of-wedlock births – there, a little more PC  – are at 75 percent. How can you possibly have an orderly society if kids don’t have fathers to look up to and teach them self-control?

Democrats, with their various social engineering innovations, largely run the cities where the black family has completely fallen apart.

Does Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg ever ask himself, as he outlaws large soft drinks, what the consequences are of eradicating personal responsibility from people’s lives and replacing it with dependency on geniuses such as himself?

Liberals are famous for decrying “band-aid” solutions, wanting to get at the root of the problem. But they’ll apply bandages in the case of gun violence, because they might have to confront themselves if they search down to the root.

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  1. Thank you for being brave enough to use the word “illegitimate” as it applies to children who have no father. It is time to bring the stigma back, and stop promoting unwed mothers as courageous.

  2. Bring it all back. Call things what they are…It’s not a gun problem its a crime problem. I’ve often said Johnson was the worst president of the 20th century. The Great Society experiment has not exactly created a great society. Combine that with racial bias in FHA loans in the 50’s (access to capital is a solid predictor to economic sucess) and presto, the concentration of poverty and decline in major metro areas. Billions if not trillions and all we have is a dismal pile of statistics. Sure many we’re helped, but at what cost?
    Again, if Obama is really concerned about depriving someone of their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness how does he explain the cycle of poverty for minority populations? Liberals will tell you we have a moral obligation to help and yes we do. But so do the recipients. It is too much to expect them to remain physically strong, mentally aawake, and morally straight?

  3. Why do Black men kill each other, why do Black men sing songs that denigrate women, why do Black people keep electing politicians who promise them everything and give them nothing? Who knows?

    We do know why the MSM and the political elite ignore the massacre of hundreds of Blacks in Chicago or Oakland because their governments are, and have been, ruled by Democrats for generations. No matter how the elites pretend that Blacks are equal to Whites in every manner, or the MSM would like us to believe that half of America is Black and the other half is White, neither is true and they prove it by ignoring the suffering of Black families who lose their loved ones to violence. If the Black man hasn’t been killed by the White man, it’s not news or worthy of mentioning.

    The Mayor of Chicago travels to DC to give his weight to controlling the weapons that White America can own or buy, while his Black constituents live in what has to be considered a killing zone of mayhem.

    The Black on Black murders aren’t the result of illegimate births, but because Black men are no longer needed in the family unit; the government provides women and their children with food, shelter, medical care and now cell phones. All that’s left for the Black man is to make himself valuable and attractive as a sex partner and that leads him to kill other men to eliminate any rivals.

    • My husband has been saying for decades that the role of the father has been taken over the government by providing food, medical care, housing,etc. for women. And the media denigrates men.

      Have you ever seen a commercial where a man makes a good choice when buying a product or taking care of kids? Or how the male heroes of our history are pushed aside to make way for females?

      We call it the feminization of American males.

      • Not to mention the ubiquitous soy, which is in almost everything we eat these days. Soy has been shown to cause adverse hormonal changes in men and boys, including breast development, low or non-existent sex drive etc.

        “The unassuming soybean has silently infiltrated the American diet as what might just be the perfect protein source: It’s cheap and vegetarian, and could even unclog our hearts. But there may be a hidden dark side to soy, one that has the power to undermine everything it means to be male.”

        Read more at Men’s Health:

    • Obama is an admirer of black men whose ‘music’ or, I should say lyrics, denigrates women. Jay-Z? rap ‘poets’ at the White House? Someone is going to call me racist, but I have never understood why white youth has co-opted black culture so much, the tattoos from the prison culture, rap, idolatry of athletes and entertainers with immoral life styles, and a cavalier attitude toward marriage and sexually transmitted disease. (Oh, and I have forgotten the most important thing: a lack of the work ethic and a sense of entitlement. Because all these things, they have been told, are cool? Stupid, stupid people being brought down to the lowest common denominator.

        • Kids emulate the dominant culture. The “Hip-Hop” culture as dominated because it’s message of total selfishness and zero responsiblity resonates with children, and adults are frightened both by it and the fact that they will be painted as “racist” if they say anything about any aspect of it – if they’re White. If they’re Black, however, they will be subjected to abuse ranging from being accused of “acting White” or “Ashy” to being called “Uncle Toms” or much, much worse.

          Any attempt to stigmatize any aspect of this, even something as simple as not having exposed underwear in public, is immediately ridiculed in the media or labled racist hate speech. People with jobs in the public eye, be they schoolteachers or politicians, are well aware of this, and therefore do not speak to any of it to keep their own jobs.

          If you target enfocement efforts at specific parts of this “culture”, even something as simple as loud radio ordinances, simply because most of the violators are Black, you end up with a “disparate impact” which is accepected as prima facie evidence of legislative racism; this, then, not only overturns the law, but allows lawsuits against governments and individuals.

          Never mind that some laws, such as those concerning affirmative action, are in fact racist; it’s against White people, and therefore just part of the whole “fairness” thing. You know, someone who looked a little like YOU once was mean to someone who was kinda the same color as ME, therefore YOU owe ME something for it.

          That’s President Revenge’s philosophy, in starkest terms. He and his wife have made careers out of it.

          Any time you hear about White culture, however, this is equated with the Klan or with Nazis or some other reviled group. White people apparently are not considered officially to have ever had any achievements as a race other than oppression of other races that they can never be forgiven for.

          The fact that other races have, and in parts of the world still do, actively supported slavery and every other form of racial oppression up to and including genocide is never mentioned.

          I once heard a White schoolchild tell a joke, if such it was, that went something like this;

          “A Black man stood up and said “BLACK POWER”, and everyone cheered.

          A Latino man stood up and said “LATINO POWER”, and everyone applauded.

          A homosexual man stood up and said “GAY POWER”, and got a standing ovation.

          A White man stood up and said “WHITE POWER”, and was hated and beaten to death.”

          The kids know what “culture” is on top. Between the fact it’s the only “culture” that they are allowed to express and the fact that it appeals STRONGLY to their basest instincts, it is in no wise surprising that “our lovely middle class white kids all of a sudden want to be black ghetto rats”, as ImNoDhimmi suggests.

          The rot is systemic. Liberalism has, indeed, destroyed entire generations of children. What do we “ban” to fix THAT, and do you think the President will issue an executive order to do so?


          Yep, that’s what I thought.

  4. And so this weekend the sports media will celebrate Ray Lewis as a great football player and a great sports story . And nowhere will we here about the 6 children by 4 mothers . And nowhere will we here about his obstruction of justice plea in an unsolved murder . But he is one helluva a “player” .

  5. Keith – the “values” of the left (greed, selfishness, and envy) don’t allow for self-introspection of what “works” and what does not “work.” All data, formulations, hypotheses, and anecdotes only REINFORCE what the left already believes. They don’t ask questions of their own ideology because they are convinced of the evil core of yours. Of course the author brings up a good point – the problem is that the “open-minded” left would never consider taking that question (or any other) seriously.

  6. Where was bho’s dad? Hmmmmmm…..what does that make him? Illegitimate is too kind of a word for teh one. He is such a waste of skin, sun and air.

  7. The absence of fathers is a symptom, not a cause.

    The causes here are the stupid prohibition laws we still have – laws that create more crime than they “solve”. Large amounts of minority males are in prison because of these laws. We’ve made them the scapegoat for societies ills while creating a system that becomes self-reinforcing (here’s where the absence of fathers hurts).

    I’ve seen DOJ reports that suggest that 80+% of crime is gang-related. You want to make a difference in gun violence, look there. And remember the answer isn’t in more laws, it’s in less.

  8. The entire liberal mentality is that people cannot be trusted. They can’t be trusted to put on a condom or take their birth control, they can’t be trusted to watch their diet and exercise, or in Micheal (soda jerk) Bloomberg’s case – they can’t be trusted to limit sodas or how much painkiller to take, and they can’t be trusted with a firearm.

    They look at all of us as being children, ergo we must have someone tell us how to live, think, act, etc. The problem with this type of thinking is that when you expect little from people you will get little from them. Anyone who has a child knows that if you do not push your kid, whether it is academically, in areas of responsibility, what have you, the child is going to give you as little as possible in return.

    The best teachers I ever had were the ones that pushed and demanded the best from me. These were the ones for whom I performed best, and got the best grades. The ones that automatically wrote me off at the beginning of the semester (I was a bit of a clown in school, and had a rep for that – hard to believe, I know) were the ones that got the littlest achievement from me. Why should I have bothered if they didn’t care enough to push?

    Conservatives want people to succeed, but they want that success to come by individual effort, not because of a hand out. There in lies the basic difference. We Conservatives (I use the capital “C” to denote those that truly hold to conservative ideology) want people to be successful, but for that success to through effort.

    To use a term POTUS et al are so quick to use, the “stakeholders” to success are those persons willing to put in the effort. There are no other stakeholders, other than one’s self when it comes to personal success. That success cannot and should not be measured in dollars, but rather in the individuals ability to take care of themselves and those they are responsible for.

    The old adage about giving a man a fish comes to mind. Liberals want to take the easy way out, and hand out fishes. Conservatives want to do the hard work, teaching how to fish, and if you have ever tried to teach a six year old how to fish, you know it ain’t easy.

  9. This reminds me of that book by Bill Cosby, where he writes that black males have the highest school drop out rate, that people need to stop being victims and take accountability for their actions, etc.

    The more the govt provides, the less people have to do. If they don’t have to work, they have less self worth, and so on. The break down of families and Hollywood culture of no morals is taking a toll on our society.