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WH Dossier Hit by the Plague


I’ve come down with this flu that’s going around and need to take a litte downtime. There are, shall we say, abdominal features to the illness. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow morning. My apologies, as I know there are lots of things to talk about.

Best wishes to all,


59 thoughts on “WH Dossier Hit by the Plague”

  1. So… the “Obama WH” got to you Mr. Koffler after posting all your Comments about Obama when it comes to the ‘Fiscal Cliff/Economy’ and ‘Gun Control’…
    I PRAY & HOPE your “flu” is nothing like that ‘issue’ (Obama vs. Syria ‘chemical weapons’ use, which the Obama WH will not admit too) going on now…

  2. Since Keith is out, what did everyone think of the Gun Show? I had five main thoughts:
    1) I thought they were surprisingly soft given the rhetoric that had been coming from his side. Especially that there was no proposal for registration.
    2) Additional officers for schools? Wasn’t LaPierre roundly criticized for this very suggestion?
    3) While I support increased efforts to keep the mentally ill from acquiring firearms, there were a few too many references to addressing violence from a “health care” perspective. Maybe that’s the angle they plan on using to get rid of them.
    4) My doctor can ask about my firearms, but he better be ready to hear me tell him to shove it. He doesn’t ask about how much rat poison I’ve bought lately.
    5) If a mass shooting happens in New York despite their new laws, want to bet that’s used as a reason to adopt them nationwide? (P.S.: I purchased a Benelli M4 in New York a few years back when stationed there. Now, the very thing I purchased there is illegal there. But I’ll never, ever go back to that state so it doesn’t matter.)

    1. 1. He didn’t have the votes and no, the whole country was not in favor of new gun controls. They overestimated their position and underestimated the power of law-abiding American’s ability to draw a red line.
      2. Of course he was ridiculed. He was not supposed to say that because the President was supposed to give the Lefties/unions an opportunity to enrich their treasuries with new hires.
      3. Health care is a code word for ratting out someone who’s angry at someone else so they report the supposed nutcase and have his firearms confiscated. That should include almost everyone who comments here and owns firearms.
      4. What doctor? Your dentist, your shrink, the one who sucks the blood from your veins, the oncologist, the dermatologist, etc? If they do anything at all, it will be to add that question to your “check in” form. So, lie.

      1. Any doctor. Anyone who inquires as to my ownership will be told to shove it unless it’s a close personal friend. I brag on my Benelli (it is just too sweet not to), but otherwise there’s no need for anyone to know what I have.

        1. My doctor told me that Obamacare requires a patient “social” history be included in our medical records. So when you are asked anything personal, be prepared for it to be in your records for anyone (except you or your loved ones) to have access to.

          Because of this, I do not tell my doctor anything that I don’t mind anyone finding out.

      2. what I foresee is this will all be entered into a database, and failure to answer will be flagged. So you go onto a list, and the next thing you know is you get a visit from the Obamacare Police for failure to answer a “required” question. However, if a visit is made, I do hope they have a warrant if they think they will search my home. Wondering if that is also included somewhere in a EO.. they don’t need a warrant.

        This new info addition into a shared database is going to be a very dangerous thing if used in the wrong way. I can see some good things from it, but that is another story.

        Where the heck is ACLU in all this??

        1. Part of Obamacare is the creation and integration of a national healthcare database. Innocuous questions such as “Do you have a firearm” are already being included on intake forms for people on Medicaid (at least in my state). People do not understand that answering questions such as the firearm question goes beyond what the doctor/patient relationship requires.

          With Obama’s new executive orders regarding doctor/patient confidentiality, the opportunity for HHS and DHS to review your medical files has just cracked open. Given the Obama machine’s ability to data mine as efficiently as it does, how long before the administration starts to hire the same organization to data mine all the medical records being accumulated?

    2. Need to keep what’s left of my sanity, so refused to participate in his agitprop. Rush had a great explanation of the difference between the left and conservatives and how each views their fellow Americans. The statists have to control us because they don’t believe in our inherent goodness or our ability to make the right judgment. It’s all about power and control over our lives. Resist Tyranny.

  3. Keith – are you sure the “abdominal features” of the illness are not abominable issues after listening to His Arrogance this morning? Even with the sound off, he is worse every day. Seriously, get well soon – we need you. O/T – where is Granny Jan? We need her back also.

  4. If you’re ill, you most likely won’t be checking the posts. However, us the BRAY diet…you’ll be better faster.


    Amazing how quickly those “abdominal features to the illness” go away.

    Best wishes,
    Miss Ginger

  5. Get well soon.

    Rest assured knowing that you have done such a wonderful job with your blog that it continues on even while you are indisposed!

  6. “Thursday’s Obama Schedule”

    10:00am = Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing on who’s calling him a “socialist” and putting their name on a secret enemies list.
    11:00am = Presidential Nap
    12:30pm = Lunch with Biden, MsJarrett, Secret Mole at the FBI
    01:45pm = Presidential Nap
    04:00pm = Review Tivo recording of Judge Judy
    05:00pm = ESPN Sports Recap
    06:00 to 09:00pm = Personal phone calls to find someone willing to play cards with him.

  7. I hope by the time you read this you are all better!
    and I feel your pain. a few suggestions:
    -people will tell you to drink those Gatorade type drinks to replenish your fluids, and that’s fine, but I always feel like having a big icy glass of Canada Dry Gingerale with a teensy bit of Angostura bitters. great for the tummy.
    -my other favorite thing to drink is Mexican Coke, which comes in glass bottles and is made with real cane sugar, not the poly-woly-hydrogenated-fructose-whatever that our US Cokes are.
    -and my third suggestion for that type of stomach ailment is now legal in two states, and for medical purposes in many more.

  8. Take care of yourself, Keith, and get well soon. And disinfect everything you touch and keep away from loved ones till you’re better!

  9. Given your daily exposure to toxins, this may be Otrauma… rather than the flu. The symptoms are similar. I’ve heard there may be a cure as soon as 2016, but in the meantime you might have to go through life… Otraumatized. It’s never too soon to apply for disability benefits, just in case.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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