As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || January 16, 2013

Obama to issue wide-ranging gun proposals . . . Associated Press
Critics wary of executive action . . . Fox News
Obama gun plan may be DOA in the House . . . Politico
U.S. weighs aid for France in Mali . . . Washington Post
Obama inauguration App collecting info . . . Politico
WH ups petition signature response threshold . . . Politico
Gun edicts put personal liberty under fire . . . Charles Hurt
Obama to use pro-DC statehood license plates . . . Washington Post

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 16, 2013

  1. Instead of allowing the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico to become a state, why don’t we ask the folks in one of the properous Canadian provinces if they’d like to join us.

    How about we let the French fight their own battles without our help for once.

    So, because the 25,000 signatures were too easy to put together, the WhiteHouse upped it to 100,000, as if they would act upon anything promoted by this lame public relations sham.

    If the President and his minions have any sense of the future, he should only propose that Congress take up the issues of gun control and not issue any E.O’s from the Oval Office. The mood of the country is getting ugly.

    • It will be interesting how they will reply when a very sensitive issue does hit 100,000 signatures. Of course they will then softball the answer and move the signature target higher. They created a monster with this program, unfortunately they also can change the rules at a whim when it’s not to their liking. Maybe we should make a petition to lower it back to 25,000?

  2. Why oh why do we even have a WH press corps? They pull a salary from their organizations for NOTHING — it’s like welfare for journalists. They ask inane paragraph questions and get pladitudinous essay length answers back. They have lost their way. I’d rather have high school newspapers cover the WH.

    • Some of the press corps actually do some great reporting (Keith here is one of them). The problem is the current administration almost refuses to deal with them unless it’s for their own good. Example – WH Press conferences are almost non existent. The press pool is excluded from most functions. The “official” WH photographer has exclusive access to anything involving the president, including release of photo’s. You see Mr. O hitting all the major newies, talk shows, etc. When was the last time he sat down with an indie newspaper reporter?. His press office controls questions asked by the press, it’s been proven time and time again. Softball at it’s finest. And I dare any pool reporters to ever cross the WH Press office. But it’s hard to even do that when they get maybe 10 min to launch 7 rehearsed questions.

      I know we all know this, and it’s sad that our 4th estate has gone from a “For Sale” sign to “Sold!” media outlet.