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Live Stream || Obama Gun Control Event

It begins at 11:55 am Obama Standard Time. That is, probably late.

UPDATE: The event has concluded. Here’s a rerun.

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  1. About 60 minutes before it is to start is the best time to watch an Obama Live Stream. The blank screen is more substantive than Dear Leader ever is.

    1. Unfortunately I will pass on this event due to their exploitation of children. I know will get a good recap here.

      Will we have a display of “sniff” and “tears”?? Will Big MO attend?

      1. Staffers are peeling onions as I type this, Otis. They will be strategically placed accordingly. My sources tell me Moo will not attend since she is frantically baking arugula cookies for the children.

        1. Oh speaking of Mother Earth I always worry when she’s AWOL must
          be scouring designers for ugly sleeveless Inaugural gown and jewels. Golly we couldn’t be broke if she’s got money..unless it’s
          our money.

    1. I can’t watch and change the channel immediately. My kids didn’t buy it when I told them it was ok to cuss at the president.

  2. God he really thinks he’s a divine ruler. All I see is a weak petulant child and
    someone in so far over his head its frightening. We may be doomed.

  3. It’s really something to watch Obama demand tougher penalties for those who buy guns with the intent of selling them to criminals. Eric Holder, he of the front row, oversaw just such a program.

  4. So much for “Doctor/Patient Confidentiality” He’s looking to turn the finest health care system in the world into a giant informers network.

    1. Well if Obamacare wasn’t bad enough he’s further ruining healthcare
      for us what a guy. Nobody will have any privacy unless you’re Obama
      and we still don’t know about him do we?

        1. The privacy thing sailed when they called me from my Medicare HMO and asked me what day it was. If I hadn’t known, I am sure I would have been reported to the feds as ga-ga and ready for “further evaluation.” The new Medicare rules say everything is federal property. HIPAA is a GYPAA.

          1. I got a Happy Birthday email from Medicare it listed all the tests
            I’ve had done. Some were missing and some were wrong and
            sadly some I wasn’t aware they tested me for:(

    1. “Ruseel Se” = one of those Obama ‘trolls’ (paid-supported by the Obama campaign) who jump on Conservative/Anti-Obama websites and post ‘ignorant & obnoxious’ comments everytime Dear Leader Obama takes a giddy step to make the USA a neo-socialist H#ll-hole…

  5. Wow, I am shocked that Obama was on time today. Disgusting that he used those kids as props not only during his speech but also when he was signing the 23 executive orders. After he demanded we get tougher on people buying guns for criminals I wondered if we’d see photos of Eric Holder being arrested. But no, we did not.

    Interesting that he said “Weapons designed for war have no purpose in a movie theater.” Does that mean he supports ending violent movies too, along with the assault weapon ban?

    1. wow… I bet there was allot of exploding heads out in Hollywood over that comment :-)

      What would the president do it he didn;t have EO’s to use? At the rate he is going, the total amt used will equal or surpass the debt total..

      1. “Let me be clear. Violent movies or video games created by contributors to my campaign are NOT subject to these regulations. Such efforts are artistic in nature and address historical facts. My Administration feels strongly that our children need to be exposed to such art & history”

      2. I realize now when he said weapons designed for war, etc., was a statement he was making about the Aurora shooting. Still, Hollywood needs to stop glamorizing such extreme violence in all the movies.

    2. Maybe he should talk to Jamie Foxx;

      “After seeing the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained,” a number of moviegoers issued violent and racist tweets expressing a desire to kill white people, Twitchy reported Sunday.

      “Seeing Django reignited my desire to kill white people,” said “Flex.”

      The tweet had been deleted, but many more were available.

      “After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people,” another person said.

      “We need a modern dy django to kill some white people (sic),” tweeted another.

      “#IsItWrongIf u wanna kill all white for 30min after you see Django Unchained (sic),” added “Joey Logan.”

      “After watching Django all I want to do is eat baked beans and biscuits and shoot white people for money,” said “Rusty Nail.”

      In all, Twitchy posted 13 tweets expressing a racist desire to murder white people.

      “If you’re worried about gun violence in the movie, just stop! Remember, this film received a stamp of approval from anti-gun fanatic Michael Moore,” the Twitchy staff added.”

    1. I remeber the “background check” I went thru to join the US Navy as a useless Seaman. Since then, my ‘life’ has gone to H#ll… and I will never have a chance to work at the NSA, CIA or State Dept.
      YET!?! a guy like “Barack Hussein Obama” is allowed to attend the best colleges & law schools in the America, and NEVER went thru a “background check” to be a State Congressman -OR- US Senator -OR- “US President”…
      This make sense?

  6. Are We ‘allowed to ask’ where those children/Obama props came from…?

    (Why did their parents allow them to be up there with Dear Leader Obama…?)

        1. It’s the Honey Boo Boo culture. Can’t imagine how those parents could exploit their children, who are too young to know better. We live in a very self-obsessed society nowadays.

  7. Patient: Hey Doc, I’ve got this lump on my chest what could it be?
    Doc:(As he removes his ACA approved medical chart to review what questions he can and can not ask he reads the first.) Do you own any guns?

    1. as your being brought into the ER from a accident (lets say, car accident), the ER Doc has to stop while blood is pouring out of you and asks – Do you own any guns?? Are they safely locked up?? Any safes? I need to remind you, you must answer z questions! or I can not treat you!

      (am waiting for that one.. can not treat you because you will not answer the questions, or sign a form about them)

  8. The arrogant little twerp arrives late after being bossed around by Mooch the Beard and Valjar the Slumlord.

    Yeah… That Barry will show everyone who wears the pants…..Hahahaha

  9. So my Dr. can ask me if I own a gun? Can they ask the kids if the parents own guns? Then who do they report it to? Will people be sent to the Gulag if they are not truthful?
    Why stop at guns? How about knives,box cutters,etc.. What about porn? At this rate watching porn will be blamed on sexual assaults and that will be banned.
    I hate guns,will never own one,but I am sick by the overreach that our government has now imposed on us.
    BTW,Keith did you mean to put “fun” control in the President’s schedule?

    1. They won’t send us to a gulag right off the bat. First of all they will start freezing our bank accounts. Obamacare gives the IRS access to all our financial information, so that is how they will start enforcing tyranny.

    1. I didn’t listen — docs ask if you own a gun? Then what? Does the phrase, “none of your beeswax” work anymore? I still use it. I leave things blank on those stupid clipboards all the time…if I don’t feel like it, I don’t write it.

        1. My doctor has asked me that for the past couple of years on the information sheet before my annual. I think it was to do with potential family violence and depression, but you can bet I will not answer next Monday.

  10. Beware the powers hidden in Obamacare! I am disgusted by the arrogance and power grab of this man.

    Now let’s see what he is going to do to help free those American hostages who were taken by the decimated AlQuaeda in Algeria. Probably nothing because there were other nationalities and American leads from behind. Way behind. Obama leaves a dead Ambassador and Americans in Benghazi and dishonors them with a cover up. He does nothing about dead border agents and dead Mexicans and dishonors them by cover ups and keeping the lawless AG Holder in office and unaccountable. He continues to aid and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt .And now he preys on tragedy and uses children to grab guns from American citizens. And soon he will be joined by the likes of Kerry and Hagel and Brennan. What a mess.

    Even Carter looks good now — at least he recognized a God other than himself.

  11. i tweeted him and asked if he wanted to save just 1 child why does he allow the murder of thousands with abortion and another asking about the 300 plus killed by fast and furious, and he spam blocked me immediately, had me suspended and several other conservatives from contact and scrubbed the tweets. show he white house transparency huh…
    Screw him, i hope there is a full on insurrection since he is pushing the country that way and they hang the lot of em from lamp posts like Il Duce..

    and his little dog too

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