In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:55 am || Unveils gun control proposals

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  1. Thanks to all the lefties who are screaming for gun control, Americans are becoming the most citizen -armed nation in the world.

    Next week Phoenix will have a gun show that lasts for two days. Arizona has the most liberal gun laws as any state. Open carry, concealed carry, stand your ground, we have it all. It’s not unusual to see a man with a gun & holster walking around town, bikers have a special sling on their motorcycles to hold their long guns, pink hand guns for the feminine shooters, and we still have real cowboys and real Indians..

    1. srdem, did you see that there was a gun show in Mesa this past weekend? Sales were so brisk that some vendors sold out of ammo Saturday morning.

    2. Srdem65, sounds like an interesting state. Real cowboys and indians, oh, I would love to visit. What about the population ? White, hispanic or something else ? Young, middle aged, seniors? Is it a state people move to ? I think I have read that the crime rate is low.
      I saw the beautiful,shimmering mountains from a distance when we went to Las Vegas.

      1. How nice of you to ask.
        Non-hispanic whites – 55%
        Hispanics – 25%
        Blacks – 6%
        Others including American Indians make up the rest.

        Northern Arizona’s higher elevation means snow in the winter and a more temperate summer than the lower elevations of the middle of the state and lower areas. For instance, the city I live in is 1,200 above sea level, but Flagstaff to the north has a mean elevation of 5,500 ft.
        Yes we have men who ride horses while herding cattle, and many Indian reservations, but mostly it’s a modern state, where much of the construction is new.

        The total population is about 6.5 million, so we’re pretty spread out over the whole state.

        Our constant battle with the federal government to curtail illegal aliens from crossing our borders comes down to this: about 8 million illegal aliens passed through our state of 6 million residents. They would stop in the big cities and use our ‘free’ medical care and other services and we were overwhelmed by it. Not all illegals were honest hard-working people, some were vicious criminals escaping punishment in their own country.
        Arizona is not anti-Hispanic by any means, they are part of the Arizona heritage and our neighbors.

        1. Thank you for the interesting reply, sounds like a very nice state in spite of the problems with illegals. I realize what a big country the US is, 6,5 million in this state alone ? My little country has around 10 million but we have a lot of land. One of the biggest countries in that aspect in Europe, a lot of forests and wilderness especially in the north.

  2. bought 10 weapons in the last month and thousands of rounds of ammo thanks to obozo we will never give our guns up we have the right to bear arms against domestic enemies like Obozo

  3. Does anyone remember Prohibition?!! Ban something and it becomes more desired to own!! And then it will be obtained illegally!! Ugh!!!

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