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Long Term Unemployment at Highest Level Since WWII

Long term unemployment under President Obama is at the highest level since at least the end of World War II, threatening to create a permanent underclass of workers who will find it difficult or impossible to obtain jobs in the future. What’s more, Obama’s insistence on repeatedly extending long term unemployment benefits may be fueling the unemployment problem.

According to data recently released by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, the average duration of unemployment is now at about 40 weeks, double the previous highest level of about 20 weeks that prevailed during the last three recessions.

long term unemployment

A separate paper released by the Boston Federal Reserve paints a pernicious picture of the problem: Employers seem to be throwing out the resumes of the long-term unemployed and only hiring those who have been without a job for less than six months. Meanwhile, with the guarantee of benefits rolling in, the long term jobless might not be looking aggressively enough for work, the paper states.

This suggests those who just had their unemployment benefits renewed for another year under this month’s fiscal cliff deal may need the benefits renewed again next year. And since the failure to get jobs is related solely to the length of unemployment – age, education and worker type do not seem to be a factor – Obama’s ambitious plans for funding worker training programs may have little effect.

Since 2008, Congress has voted to extend unemployment benefits ten times at a cost of more than $500 billion. The latest extension raised federal spending by $30 billion.

H/T to Doug Ross @ Journal and Matthew O’Brien at The Atlantic.

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204 thoughts on “Long Term Unemployment at Highest Level Since WWII”

  1. Obama seems to always find a way to address the economy. Thanks all you wet headed Obamabots for thrusting this inept community organizer on us.

    Obama, emm,emm,emm

    Yes we can.

    America is too stupid to continue.

  2. Biggest problem we have is media. They hide stories that hurt Dems and over report ones that hurt the GOP. They also lie. I remember reading a Bloomberg News article one day where the FIAT CEO said he will make Jeeps in China. Romney jumped all over it. Media called him a liar.

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  6. All 23 million of us job less workers are all waiting for those Algae Growing jobs to come in play. Those solar panel jobs went to China, way too far to commute , and those wind mill jobs are in Europe, but who wants to work in that depressed hell hole.
    Oh how smart, create a major poverty pool in America, take the guns away and you figure you the big man can be a Ruler, well guess again.
    We shall never bow to a King.

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  8. Yep, and it is going to get longer. Hope all you dim-witted wet-pantiel liberals who put this moron back in office enjoy standing in the unemployment and food stamp lines.

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  11. Meanwhile, while this REAL crisis that will effect all these “innocent poor little children”. Our government is going after theatrical gun legislation.

    They won’t have to be worried about being a gun violence victim they will just starve or freeze to death with little hope of the “American Dream”.

  12. I am glad that this came out after the election. During the election we were bombarded with stories of how good the economy was.
    After all, We had to re-elect President Obama no matter what the cost!

  13. Yup, all part of the Obama agenda: Continue to create dependency in exchange for the sheeples’ votes to perpetuate our slouching towards the Gamorrah of tyranny. As Sonny and Cher sang years ago, folks, “And The Beat Goes On…”

  14. When the loser in the Oval Office continues to give people free handouts, called unemoyement, why should people look for a job??? I was on hnemployement once, and I moved to another part of the country to get a job. I did what I had to, not drink off of the teat of America for. 2+ years.

    I was embarresed to take money. I guess the free loaders think differently.

  15. Does anyone here really believe the democrats and obama want jobs? They are best served by a lower class unemployed dependent voting block.

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      1. It will never happen. Too many Dems that won’t vote to impeach. Too many Repubs that have no idea what a spine is. Too many “fat cats” sitting in luxury who have no intention of throwing away their power and the good life for us peons.

  17. It should be common knowledge that if you stifle the high earner employer/business owner with more taxes, regulations, such as forcing obamacare on the employer, they will layoff, shut down, go part time and move out. Certainly not a climate for growth and increased employment.

    It’s going to get worse.
    The gimme generation herd will not understand.
    A credit to our school systems socialist 50 year agenda has gained a strong position.
    God help us.

  18. Perhaps they could give a tax break to companies which hire the long term unemployed.
    Otherwise time to start programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps which they had during the depression for those who could not find work due to no jobs or work being available.
    These people need work and should be provided some type of employment, especially on an interim basis until the economy picks up. Hopefully it will at some point.

    1. Companies already get tax breaks for hiring long term unemployed, military veterans, disabled veterans or their spouses and it is not working. Sorry to break the news to you, but this is the new economy and those on the back end of the echo boomers that are long term unemployed will live their lives out in poverty, because help is not coming and they already cut their social security if they happen to live long enough to see retirement. Obama is more concerned with taking care of the illegals, foreign interests, insurance companies, and spying on everybody than the American citizens he is suppose to represent. That’s why he wants every body disarmed. It has nothing to do with the children of Sandy Hook as children go to bed hungry or live in shelters all across America.

  19. But creating a permanent underclass of jobless people is just what Obama wants to do. He needs more and more people dependent on Big Brother, because that means more and more voters for the Democrat party.

  20. “Obama’s insistence on repeatedly extending long term unemployment benefits may be fueling the unemployment problem. Or the long term jobless might not be looking aggressively enough for work”

    I wish the media would stop making these types of statements, because it is totally untrue. How about the fact that he keeps extending unemployment, so that corporations don’t feel so guilty about kicking people to the curb to improve their bottom line so they can send their profits overseas and avoid paying U.S. taxes. Or how the stupid taxpayers bailed out banks and likes of GM so they could turn around, lay people off and/or build 11 plants in China. These statement represents more of the truth, and I read the terms of the fiscal deal – did you?

  21. The solution is not in training workers. The problem is in the changing means of production. The production is more automated and, hence, more efficient. It needs less and less workers, it uses more and more robots, and computers. But the pool of consumers shrinks, thus reducing the need in production. Following Karl Marx, updated, the production means and the the production relationships are in conflict. The conflict can be resolved by changing production relationships: further reduction of work time, creation and expansion of new services (arts and entertainment, sports, continuous education, preventive medicine, …). In other words, the production relationships and means f production must change to accommodate almost all people in the active and productive life.

  22. The fundamental deception is that all the jobs claimed as added in the past year or two are nothing like the jobs that were lost.

    When you’re counting 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . ., a job at Burger King counts the same as a job as a teacher and a job in a call center counts the same as a job as a middle management employee.

    But when you’re counting real economic gain there has been just a fraction of the gains implied by counting numbers of jobs instead of the value of the jobs.

    There’s more to write about, but just starting with an understanding of this reality can put a person on the right path.

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  25. I don’t blame the regime….they are doing as expected. The blame goes to the repulsicans…..for losing the easiest to win Presidential race in history. They’ve made losing an art.

  26. Well it explains WHY Obama’s so obsessed with guns. Distraction from the economy. I read that people are much more concerned about that than guns.

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